Snowboot Review: Pairs From Sorel, Ugg, Hunter & More


Happy winter, everyone! In the words of Irving Berlin, what is Christmas with no snow?? I love the wintertime and the holidays, but that means we need the right gear so we can enjoy the chilly temperatures.

When the TME team talked about which topics we wanted to cover, I naturally volunteered to cover snow boots since I live in Colorado, where I can test them out in the snow on my daily dog walks. Plus, I’ve been looking to replace the Sorel Joan Explorer Cozy boots I bought last year that aren’t working well for me. I picked up favorite brands like Uggs and Sorels and also tried out pairs from TimberlandHunter, and Cougar. I was able to test these all out, and I’ve reviewed them in-depth for you. We have winners, people! 

Editor’s Pick: Ugg Adirondack Meridian Boot
Best Boot for Cozy Toes & Looking Cute: Ugg Classic Short Zip Boot
Best Boot for Daily Errands & Dog Walks: Timberland Moriah Boots
Most Functional & Aesthetic: Sorel Kinetic Impact Boots
Best Budget Boot: Cougar Ignite Boot
Least Favorite: Hunter Ignite Tall Boot 

1. Ugg Adirondack Meridian Boot

Snowboot review for women. Ugg Adirondack.

I was skeptical that these Ugg boots would be worth the price. I can admit when I’m wrong! These are the lightest, most well-thought-out snow boots I’ve ever put on my feet. Not only is the inside warm and cozy (a Ugg signature feature), but the Vibram soles on these keep the boots from feeling like you’re dragging around bricks. Simply put, these are my favorite boots.

2. Ugg Classic Short Zip Boot

Snowboot review for women. Ugg classic short zip boot

I somehow missed the Ugg craze in the 2000s. I’ve happily purchased Ugg dupes from other brands and scoffed at the idea of paying for real Uggs. Whoops. Again, I can admit it when I’m wrong. The quality of the shearling lining was just beyond, and I can see why people go nuts for Uggs now. Plus, the orange detailing on this particular pair is so cute.

3. Timberland Moriah Boots

Timberland Moriah boot review

I love the neutral, crunchy, and retro aesthetic of these Timberland boots. The easy pull-on/pull-off factor is huge for me since every time my dogs see their leashes, they basically lose their minds and pull me out the front door. The bottom of the boot is like a duck boot – totally waterproof – and the shaft of the boot is traditional puffy, nylon snow boot material. A classic.

4. Sorel Kinetic Impact Boots

Sorel kinetic boot review

These are super cool looking – I just love the funky soles of these boots. I actually have and love the Sorel Kinetic Impact sandals, and I wore them all summer. These Sorel boots are super solid in terms of functionality. The soles have great traction, and the material on the shaft of the boot is waterproof and cozy. I love the special detail of a drawstring at the opening of the boot shaft that you can draw closed to keep rain and snow off your delicate little feet.

5. Cougar Ignite Boot

The Cougar boots were my budget boot pick for the review, and these definitely will keep your feet dry. If you live in a rainy area (yes, Seattle, I’m talking to you!), these might be a great pick. There is a lining to the boot as well, and it will help keep feet warm. However, I felt like the boot was too stiff for me personally, especially if I’m planning to actually wear them for a longer time or distance.

6. Hunter Ignite Tall Boot 

Hunter makes amazing, classic rain boots, so when I saw they also made snow boots, I was curious. Plus, these were the tallest boots in my review, and I wanted to see if I liked a taller boot (I know I prefer a midcalf boot, at the very least, since I do like to play in deep snow). The aesthetic of these boots is really cool, but there were a couple of downsides. First, my calf was just a little too wide for the boots to wrap and close properly (not surprising – I do typically wear a wide calf boot). Second, I felt like there was too much room and air in the toe box. This is a big no-no for snow boots because it allows your toes to get cold. So, in the end, these boots were not for me.

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Hope you enjoyed the video, leave us a comment below with any questions (or DM me on Instagram), and I wish you the happiest of snow seasons!