Baby Bells, Slim Boot….Call ‘Em What You Want….It’s Bootcut For the Weekend


2013-08-03 18.13.06

For a while, sitting upright in a chair was insanely uncomfortable.  So we got in the habit of packing the car with some food (and creatively disguised booze), throwing in our trusty mat, and heading out to find a cool park.

It's really hard to beat Drexel Park.  Right?

2013-08-03 17.58.36

R is obsessed with paper airplanes so that's what we do.  Over and over and over again.  

I can stand, I can walk (it turns out I can't quite throw yet), and then when I'm tired, I can lie down.  Sometimes I even get a snuggle. 

2013-08-03 19.00.04

As the nights are getting cooler, I turn to jeans.  But on this particular night, I wasn't in the mood for skinny jeans or anything fussy or fancy when I came across this old pair.

2013-08-03 18.21.06

(wearing: shirt - sized up to M….old Serfontaine jeans….boots)


It turns out that my quest to find a perfectly broken in pair of skinny jeans in this exact shade of faded blue…is nothing more than my attempt to replace these old favorites.  Which I bought almost ten years ago now.  Ten!  And I'm still looking for their skinny-jean twin.  That realization boggles my mind.  (AKA…I am old.)

2013-08-03 18.20.24

Maybe, for the moment, I don't care.  Maybe the slim, barely-there boot and it's cut-off hem is exactly right what I want right now.  Maybe this old pair is perfect.   

I might be alone in this…but I don't think so.  Shopbop and Piperlime both have a killer selection of updated bootcut.  They go by new names now, and are slimmer than in the past:  skinny flare jeans, mini bells, baby boots…whatever the name, it's bootcut denim.  Just sleeker and even more flattering.


Hudson Baby BootAG Slim Bootcut (or these) | Mother Runway Skinny Flare (or in light wash) | Rag and Bone Slim Bootcut 


I suspect us short gals can probably approximate a "baby boot" by simply hemming (or cutting) a well-fitting pair to size.  We tend to chop off the widest part of the bootcut anyway.

Mamas, where do you stand on bootcut denim?  I'm not ditching my skinnies – uh, ever – but it might be nice to add the slim bootcut into rotation.


ps.  Our favorite paper airplane book (and we've tested many) is the Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes.  Amazing.


  1. Belinda, I suspect it’s a trick of the light + filters. Those pics were taken at the end of the night when the light was fading…so when I applied the same filters, that’s what I ended up with. Makes me want a slightly metallic tee, though. 🙂

  2. If you say it’s okay, then bring on the bootcuts! Just wanted to say that I really appreciate your blog and all that you do. I returned to work this month after the birth of my second child and after 3 years of a shopping hiatus. Now that my body is returning, I am going on a shopping spree, and with your help, I know what to buy! Bought my first pair of skinny jeans last weekend. I KNOW. mwah!

  3. Before pregnancy, no matter what weight, I was an hourglass. Skinnies were NEVER my best look, nor all of the slouchy tops that look so perfect on you. But AFTER pregnancy (and my kid is two now) I’m somewhere between an apple (damn my protruding belly) and, unfortunately, a V (I haven’t breastfed for a year but I still feel like my boobs make me look like a linebacker). So skinnies are DEFINITELY not my best look. So I am THRILLED to see that bootcuts are “back in fashion” (because to be honest I never gave ’em up).

  4. I love boot cut. I still don’t think skinnies are flattering on me. Too much thigh….which is not what I like to focus on. I wear them but only like them with flats and riding boots for the practicalness. But with heals… Always want a boot cut. I guess I didn’t know they were out of style…cause I never stopped wearing them. (: He he he. And Lucky still sold them.

  5. I hear you on all counts, sister! After five years of pregnancy and nursing I completely missed the fact that bootcuts were over until Ms. S showed me the light. And I’m a Lucky girl with too much thigh. BUTTTT, their Sweet and Straight (the super stretch version that they sell at the outlet for sure, don’t know about in store?) look like skinnies on my body and are actually really flattering. Just a thought… (But I’m totally busting out some Lucky boots for fall now!:))

  6. Shana, didn’t you recently equate bootcut jeans with “mom jeans”? Ever since that post, I’ve been shying away from them because I don’t want to be that mom in frumpy denim and a fanny pack. I like bootcut jeans (and flares even more) because they are so much more flattering on me than skinnies.

  7. I never stopped wearing bootcut. I never even realized they were out of style until you mentioned that they were coming back. And I consider myself pretty stylish. So…. either I’m an idiot or they are still cool in VA. Either way, hooray for bootcut!

  8. Love it. Looks great. Also, way to still fit in jeans that are 10 years old. I want to not like you right now 🙂
    On another (unrelated) note — just got a J.Crew catalogue today and I’m flipping through and notice that they describe a pair of leather pants as being a steal when you consider CPW (which they dutifully asterisk and define as Cost Per Wear). And I’m all, “That Jenna better be paying Shana for this.” I’m pretty sure you invented that acronym.

  9. I never did jump onto the skinny trend because I’m bottom heavy but all out of proportion in the ankle so I get nice calves and sausage thighs. My bootcut jeans never left the rotation!

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