So…let’s talk about this Suede thing. (how are we really going to wear this trend?)



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I see an outfit like this, on a gal that knows how to put together one hell of an outfit (definitely my spirit animal – or…how I would dress if I were without kids and had an unlimited budget. ha ha), and I think YES. Yesssss, but oh. so. much. no. I can’t wear this. One, pregnant. Two, I’m a mom running around after two kiddos that don’t stop for mini skirt adjustments and cleavage checks. (jerks)

Still. I click through images of gals rocking their suede minis, casually strolling…with not one child to run after…and I sigh. Just a bit. NOT that any one of us can’t rock out a mini skirt. Totally can. In fact, I implore any of you that can pull it off to DO EEET.  I, personally, am just at a time in my life where it’s not exactly a realistic option (ya know, bump and stuff).

That said, I’m thinking about some other ways to incorporate the trend into outfits this Fall, so I clicked around and found some fun ideas…

Some Different Suede Options Out There:


1. Opt for a Shift Dress – this is definitely more do-able for me while pregnant and it really just seems more comfortable than a skirt (I always have to adjust skirts constantly, especially short ones. Anyone else with me?! Maybe it’s a #tallgirlproblem). A suede dress gives off this 70’s vibe. Ultra-cool, not too short…maybe a little short, if you’re tall, but with over the knee boots you’re golden. I can see a cozy long cardigan with it too…mmm hmmmm.

2. Strap on a Belt – the suede trend can be throw into an outfit in little ways, too. A touch here, a touch there can make an outfit go BOOM. This boho belt with tassels on Etsy makes me think of peasant dresses, chunky cardigans and tunics.

3. Grab a bag – I mean, easy…yeh? It adds something unique to an outfit very simply. If there’s fringe too…well, helloooo. A t-shirt, jeans and a bag like that? You need nada else.

 4. Earrings – Nickel + Suede, peeps. Do you have a pair already? The coolest. Also, they’re comfortable to wear and they come in all different colors and styles. Check it, yo…because this is a big yes for busy moms that don’t like to fuss with jewelry (uh. me).

5. Throw on a Jacket – …because it can finish an outfit like nothing else. The moto jacket from F21 (above) is fan-tas-tic. It’s $69, for you ladies on a budget. If you have a little extra chedda to spend, I am crushing hard on this ASOS biker jacket.

6. Boot-up – oh, sheesh. I thought I was totally cool without over the knee boots, but UGH. They look so good. They pair well with dresses, skirts, leggings (mama likey) and even really skinny jeans. I saw this pin the other day and it pretty much sealed the deal for me (I think..aahhh). Honeeeeey, Christmas is basically almost here. 😉

How They’re Being Worn:



Cute, fresh…very Fall.

Also, SEE. The shorts with the over the knee boots!! How can one not succumb to the power of the OTK? How??

So. I may be giving this suede trend a try in the near future and it may involve a non-maternity shift…and I maaaaaay share it all. Maybe. Don’t get too excited. The dress does have to fit over the baby bump first for this to be a successful attempt. [[insert cracking-up emoji]]

Cheers, Cams


  1. Just bought this outfit (tan skirt and white sweater) from Express ( and OK black suede boots from H&M for $50 (no longer available). What are your thoughts on a suede skirt with suede boots? Looks great in the Express photo, but is it too much suede? Love this post! Couldn’t come at a better time. Photos at the end are great – love the shorts with OTK boots and an over-sized sweater – definitely going to give this a try. This mama of two kids is going to wear her suede skirt – oh, watch me, watch me *ha*

  2. Wanted to recommend the ALDO Phily Black Suede boots I just got on Zappos. Totally affordable for OTK boots and very cute. I’m only 5’5″ but these did not look overwhelming or silly on me. Thanks for the tips on wearing my new purchase!

  3. I would love to see more suede ideas! I’m hunting a suede bag that is a color (like green or orange?) and has fringe, but not fringe like “yee haw,” frings like, “Oh, that’s cool, but I’m still going to take her seriously at this business meeting.” And if it could fit my laptop AND have a little extra room for diapers so I don’t have to carry a separate diaper bag…

  4. I actually just got, this very week, four earrings from Nickel and Suede…. I’m in love! They are so comfortable and I love the textures. I would love to incorporate some more suede into my daily wear, but it’s spring here in Australia, and suede says to me “Autumn/winter”, cozy wear, layers etc. I’ll have to think about it. 🙂

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