So My Love Affair With Marc Jacobs Goes WAY Beyond This Sweater (Sponsored Post)




What do you do when Nordstrom asks you to take a peek at the Marc by Marc Jacobs line?   Well.  If you’re a 90’s girl like me, your heart-rate speeds up, you stutter out something incoherent (thankfully, Nordstrom is fluent in SWOON) and in your excitement you promptly forget your pants.




HA!  Just kidding.  I am actually wearing pants.




I mean OK but really I am.




Here we go!  A hem has been sighted, dead ahead.



Whatever.  Pants are over-rated, anyway (Mike vehemently agrees).  So let’s move past the may-or-may-not-be-invisible-pants-situation and get down to business.  To the SERIOUS STUFF.  And by that, of course, I mean shoes.




On the topic of Marc Jacobs shoes, I have a firm opinion:  They are crazy fabulous.  You can have your Manolos or Choos….I’ll stick with my Marc Jacobs.

This company, year after year, manages to make shoes and boots that are interesting.  They’re SO interesting and unique that they never go out of style – because they were never part of a “trend” to begin with!  I have an old (OLD) pair of Marc Jacobs pumps (actually, you can see them here, first pic) that I’ve been wearing since 2001.   Pointy-toe pumps have come in and out, patterned heels have come in and out, stilettos, chunky heels, kitten heels and flats have all made appearances….and yet my Marc Jacobs pumps garner a ton of compliments each time I wear them, regardless of year or current trend.

That’s staying power.



These Marc Jacobs boots are my latest love affair.  I’m sick of heels I can’t walk in; these are a refreshing change.  Besides being totally unique and comfortable, they look so badass.  And who doesn’t need a little more badass in their life?




Psst!  I finally figured out the secret to wearing ankle boots with bare legs:  black Smartwool socks.   They help solve that big-boot-skinny-leg problem AND make the whole thing so much more comfortable.




Now I could talk ad nauseam about how much I love all of Marc Jacobs’ accessories (and, of course, my sweater which you may be sick of by now.  It’s still in almost-daily rotation with no end in sight, so I promise nothing after this)….but let me just suffice to say that the whole line of Marc Jacobs nylon totes/backpacks/bags can be easily cleaned.

In Shana-speak, that means I wash them. In the washing machine.  #BAM #momTOETOUCH












sweater: Marc by Marc Jacobs James Sweater (sold out!  But the Marc by Marc Jacobs Walley Smock Sweater is similar – I’d style it the same way)

shorts: old…similar to these Volcom cutoffs

boots: Marc Jacobs Ankle Boots  (with black smartwool socks)

bag: Marc Jacobs Mini Domo Arigato backpack

sunglasses: Marc Jacobs Retro Sunglasses in crystal & red

hat:  Echo baseball hat with pom-pom (also love this black baseball hat with faux-leather brim)


Here are a few of my other favorites from the Marc by Marc Jacobs line:






A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  I couldn’t have been more thrilled to work on this piece.  As always, all thoughts, product choices, and opinions on pants or otherwise are my own.

photo credits:  my husband (thanks, Baby)




  1. I have been debating whether to buy that nylon tote for the past two years, but can never decide on color. Also, solid vs. print? My style is a lot more preppy/classic, but with a teensy twist of boho/edgy. Any thoughts?

    • UGH. I’m going to be no help. I own two – one in mouse gray, and one in an old boho-paisley that came out a few years ago. I wear the mouse gray one more often, perhaps, but I do love the printed one in the summer. It’s my beach bag, actually.

    • They are really comfy. I mean…they’re not running shoes with an insanely cushy bottom, but they are very comfortable. And I’m pretty picky about this. (Wool socks are a huge bonus.)

    • I either spot-clean or hand wash. The only time I dry clean it is….well, never so far. But *maybe* once a year? Maybe? The key for me is to use one of those mesh sweater bags in the washing machine (or a big bowl of water). Then wring it out with a towel.

  2. Agreed – the boots are amazing but I.just.can’t.that.price.ouch But Nordie’s is coming to Canada soon…. maybe, just maybe, a size 5 will show up on sale one day 🙂 I can dream can’t I?!?

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