Sooooo….Kate Spade Called. (Sponsored Post)




Kate Spade reached out and asked if I’d take a look at their Fall line.

I did what any self-respecting fashion blogger would do:  happy danced around the living room, moonwalked into the kitchen, then ran outside for a toe touch.




Ok, maybe half a toe touch.  (They’re harder than I remember.)

But I couldn’t have been more thrilled to work with Kate Spade.  I’m a longtime fan, and and I love how the designs always seem to incorporate a slightly quirky element.  I know we’ve talked before about interesting basics, and Kate Spade pieces are the definition of interesting.  It’s totally my speed.






To prep for this collab, I actually went into a Kate Spade store and tried everything on.  Like really, seriously, almost everything they had.  I was curious, you know?  The Kate Spade price point is higher than what I typically cover (at least for clothing – the shoes and bags are pretty much right on), so I just wanted to feel things, you know?  Rub my hands up and down, try on a bunch of different sizes.  (Salespeople love that.)

My top picks – hands down – are the puffer coat and the leopard dress.  Especially the puffer.  You may recall my obsession with puffer coats…or perhaps, just my obsession with WARMTH in general (call me crazy), but this is the first time I’ve actually felt stylish in a puffer.  Usually they look like some sort of compromise has been made (it has).  “Well….that puffer’s cute….for when it’s -50 or something.”   Or – my fav – Mike’s comment last winter: “Don’t worry about it Babe – doesn’t everyone look fat in a puffer?”


But to answer his question:  NOT ANYMORE.







coat: Kate Spade Funnel Neck Puffer Coat (size XXS)

dress: Kate Spade Autumn Leopard Flared Dress (size 2)

boots: Kate Spade Sabina Boots

bag: Kate Spade Lola Ave Plaid

sunnies: Ray-bans





Now for the dress.  Let’s discuss THIS DRESS.





One of the reviewers on complained that this dress was “too heavy”.  It’s funny, but my first thought upon reading that comment was, “Heavy?  YESSSSS.”  This is not some flimsy little polyester number.  The material is similar to ponte, but drapes better.  So the result is a dress that is stretchy – you can move in it, pick up kids, etc. – and it’s thick enough to smooth over any lumps and bumps.   The quality of this dress – and the comfort –  blew me away.




I love the back zip (and this little plaid bag).



Mismatched prints and tough-girl boots keep the whole thing from feeling too serious, too ‘done’.  It almost feels….punk? (snort) Maybe a little?  I can dream, anyway.




Well….until I completely de-punk it with stripes.




sweater: Kate Spade Aura Sweater (size S)

dress: Kate Spade Autumn Leopard Flared Dress (size 2)

boots: Kate Spade Sabina Boots

bag: Kate Spade Lola Ave Plaid

sunnies: Ray-bans


These little fit-and-flare dresses are easy to warm up by throwing a cute sweater on top, or… guessed it….a turtleneck underneath.  You will be seeing this dress again soon, WITH TURTLENECK.  #sexyturtleneck? #stilltryingtomakethisathing

The pieces I’m wearing above are my very favs.  But there were a ton of other really great options – I’ve included more below, as well as any sizing/styling notes.  (If you are reading in a reader, you may need to click over to the real site to see.)





All pics were taken by my hubs (Mike), at Falls Bridge in Philadelphia (a pretty epic place for family pics if you ask me).






A huge thank you to Kate Spade for sponsoring this post.  I had a blast working on this piece (hope you can tell!).  As always, all thoughts, opinions, product choices and puffer-coat fanaticism are my own.


  1. ok I think I know this answer but I need for real confirmation so I can die my face off for real….when these brands ask you to do colabs, do they gift you whatever you want? Like totes for free? Because I may die and come back in my next life as a fashion blogger.

    • Could you even imagine?! Like what are we doing wrong with our lives, why haven’t we become fashion bloggers and raked in all the freebies?

      • Yeah….it’s kinda glamorous at times. But most of the time it’s just me spending hours hunched over my computer with no makeup, bad hair and a serious lack of human contact, you know? And in terms of the collabs, each one is different, but yeah. Typically there is some sort of free product. You know, FOR TESTING PURPOSES. 🙂

        • OMG!!!!!!!!!! I had to get those boots!!! Came in today…I’m going to sleep in them…AMAZING! now the dress is next……OMG! So could that be worn with “fancy pants”?????

  2. UM that puffer is amazeballs. I have been mostly avoiding the puffer because I never feel it is cold enough to actually invest in the really good ones (vince has one that I like too but it is EXPENSIVE). But the bow on this has me putting this on my wish list. Love.

  3. I enjoyed this so much, if only for shopping fantasies (Kate Spade is not in my near future…) — very cool stuff! Also, I have to second that your hair looks FABULOUS!

  4. SUPER … now I’m in love with a $698 puffer! 😉 I have a weakness for bows (my husband’s name is Beau) and I live in the frozen tundra (maybe exaggerating just a bit) but omg, I need that coat!

  5. I bought my dream coat Kate Spade (camel swing coat with brown faux fur collar) at Nordies during their designer sale last November. Even then still it was $700 (“hi, sweetheart, can I buy something crazy expensive that I am totally in love with?”), but I cannot imagine a coat that makes me feel more “me.” I cannot wait until it gets cold enough to wear it here in VA. That dress is a dream! More Kate Spade Reviews!!!

  6. Ooooh, hair cut is indeed fabulous. You know, I always want to love Kate Spade because the quality is amazing, but I’ve found that it just is not my jam at all. Like I was gifted a KS bag, wore it a few times, and took it to a consignment store. I know, who does that right?! You look great though!

  7. *sigh* When I win the lottery, Kate Spade will be one of my first stops. Everything she makes (especially accessories!) makes me smile. Love this post and everything in it! (the coat! *swoon*)

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