Sooooo….High Tops? For Moms?


Mamas, have you noticed the whole high-top sneaker trend?  It seems to be growing.  I had peripherally noticed it a while back, but didn't really…  Until I was totally charmed by Refinery 29's feature of Elettra Wiedemann:

Screen Shot 2012-05-02 at 7.31.43 PM

Those are some serious shoes (Monika Chiang sneakers, to be precise).  But paired with black skinnies and a silky blouse…they're cute.  Like…really, really cute, without veering into puppies and kittens cute.  Sleek-cute.

For the first time, uh, EVER, I found myself coveting a pair of serious high-tops. But, you know, not seriously.  Cause…I mean…well…look at 'em!  Seriously?

I just couldn't commit the cash to such a big, dark, sneaker.  At the time, I could think of exactly ONE way those babies would look amazing…and Elettra's wearing it.   

But high-tops continued to pop up on my radar….and Mamas, I actually own a pair (sort of).  Converse high-tops – they count, right?  I typically wear them under something (last seen under my printed Paige skinny jeans)…but buoyed by Elettra's outfit, I resolved to not just wear them, but to show-off the actual High-Top.

But first, my high-top sneaker inspiration board:

(photo credits, clockwise from top left: Vanessa Jackman, Tracy Wang for Refinery 29, Scott Schumann for Stockholm Street Style, Vanessa Jackman, Vanessa Jackman, 

And then me:

Like Elettra….Sort of

This first outfit was directly inspired by Elettra.  Since my converse high-tops are so light, dark skinnies made my legs look cut-off.  So I went with a lighter color skinny and a fake(!) silky top (OldNavyThankYouVeryMuch).

(wearing: Old Navy blouse – also cute, Current/Elliott slouchy skinnies, Coach belt, Converse high-tops, Salt Hathaway sunnies, Cake Lingerie Cookies-n-cream nursing bra which you can see…hunh.)

With an Over-sized White Shirt

I really like the juxtaposition of a real shirt (blouse, button-down, etc.) with high-tops, instead of a t-shirt.  It helps, I think, with the keeping the look from being teenagery.  And you know me and my cut-off denim obsession. 

(wearing: J.Crew shirt – similar, Gap Maternity jeans as cut-offs, Converse high-tops)

There's a problem with these high-tops, however.  The side view isn't so bad.  But check out the front:


See the problem?  They cut my legs off straight across at the thinnest part of the ankle, making my legs look a little stumpier than normal. I'm tempted to cut the top of the tongue on a diagonal or something to help with this problem.  Or cut a rounded tongue?  Perhaps that would help?  Would love some advice from you wise DIYers….

With Crops Done…Right?  Hopefully?

There's something about the proportions on Gwyneth Paltrow's take (inspiration board, bottom right) that I really like.  However, I didn't love my baggy boyfriend jeans with this shoe.  So I tried my cropped JBrand's.

 (wearing: Stylemint Pacific tee, JBrand cropped denim – similar, Converse high-tops)

Kinda fun, no?  And really just a t-shirt & jeans outfit.  Which is totally my speed.


What say you, Mamas?  High-tops…yes?  

And I know I can't be the only Converse-high-top-wearing-Mama…I'd love to know how you're wearing yours!  



ps.  There's more high-top inspiration on our Sneakers Pinterest board….


  1. Thank you thank you for posting this! Ok, so I totally bought these high top Bensimons a month ago
    They are sold out now, but I have barely worn them! I had exactly the same problem as you, I tried to wear them with shorts, and FELT really cute, and then saw a picture of me and bam, cut off right at the ankle, looking like I had cankles, boo hoo. 🙁
    But! I love the way you styled them here with the jeans cuffed up or even better the cropped denim. Also, a tip, in some of the photos from Madewell, they showed the bensimons CUFFED over the top, so that the lip and the top of the show are cuffed so it almost looks like a low top – sort of. Maybe that would help the ankle cut off problem? Thoughts from others who wear this look bravely? (My childless friend told me to just go for it, who cares about ankles!?)

  2. I was totally into this look a couple of years ago, and still am admittedly. There are ways to wear and tie your Converse so the tongue lies down. I found video links that showed how to bend the tongue over and tie it down and it looked really cute that way. Maybe google will turn something up again. I love a lot of the vans high tops out there too. I think with the now coveted Marant wedge high tops this look is still really current and is moving more away from the skater look that inspired it.

  3. Jen – I totally agree!  The look is becoming more and more mainstream.  I'll google the video – thanks for the tip!
    Shannon – LOVE the Bensimon ones!!  And, uh…folding?  Of course!! 
    I'm going to mess around with folding over & tying the tongue down…will let u know what I come up with.  
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  4. Love the look Shana! I especially appreciate your honesty in the “cut off legs” look. One of the other mum’s in this blog didn’t appreciate my honesty and deleted my comment. I think you’re the best to keep it real!

  5. Thanks Sarah!  We do appreciate your honesty!  I know the other comment of which you speak – M and I did chat about it before deleting it.  The issue was that your other comment was on a mom street style post.  And we really (REALLY) protect the mamas who are brave enough to send in pics.  We want to make sure that no one feels like we posted their pic and then allowed them to get hated on.  So for mom street style, anything more strongly worded than "it's not my fav" will probably get deleted.  On my pics?  Fire away.  That's what they are there for.  As long as we're all being respectful, differing ideas are oh-so-welcome!  Sarah, as you mentioned, we do try to keep it real.  But still protect our mom street style gals.  🙂
    And we should've sent you an email explaining why we deleted your earlier comment – our bad, for sure.  Are we still friends, lol?
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  6. Soooo cute! I love these looks. Your first one is especially nice. I’m inspired to pick up some canvas high tops now.

  7. Fold down the tongue – and even the rest of the shoe (this is what we did in HS – and is still relevant for this chuckie taylor lover!

  8. I heart Chucks! You’re rockin’ it, particularly with the silky blouse! From my first pair (purple high tops, third grade) to my high school low tops on which I professed my love of Dr. Voss (which I still have and wear) to my vanilla beans, they are my sneaker MVP. Have you tried lacing them all the way up–maybe they’ll act as a nude and sort blend with your leg?

  9. We just moved to Amsterdam, and I was just telling Colby that I noticed lots of women here wearing skinnies and Converse High tops. Wasn’t sure how to pull it off so thanks for your insights. I love the cuffed skinnies/hi tops look in your first pic.

  10. I’m with the person that said they liked the first look and not the other two. And definitely don’t like the Elettra one.

  11. Thanks Shana! I really appreciate it…I thought it was for a M’s post on styling leopard print jeans but as I am finishing breastfeeding and the hormones are in a bit of an uproar, I must have completely messed it up in my mind…Definitely still friends! x s

  12. Hi Sarah- M. here. Haven’t deleted any of your comments–leopard print denim or otherwise. It’s easy to lose comments if you forget to click “post,” or if you sign-in after you click post. Feel free to re-comment. Thanks.

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