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Well, as I am writing this it is currently hovering around the upper 70s here in the Carolinas. In fact, it was in the 60’s when I got these pictures…so yeh. FULL DISCLOSURE: I was hot and it was not, in fact, winter weather conditions. Ya know, sometimes you really have to commit to the cause though…and you all asked for real winter outfits – coats, gloves & warm socks included. I delivered, gosh darn it! (not damn it, because I’m trying to scale back my terrible swearing habit).

Now, the rest of The Mom Edit team likes to joke that I never see winter weather, butbutbut…we actually do get about a total of 15 really cold days down here, so. HA. I do, in fact, experience winter. It’s a really hard two weeks, too. wah. We have to wear layers…andand COATS! So. When this happens, I like to get down with a long, sophisticated coat, a basic beanie, gloves and a pair of moto boots…to edge it all up a bit.




Oh! and…you can’t see them, but I am also wearing high socks, just to ensure that I don’t freeze in the 60 degree weather. Wouldn’t want to get caught outside without warm socks…if say, the temps were to dip down to the 50s unexpectedly. brrrrrrr. 

I know, I’m not funny. Sorry.






…aaaand I stripped down asap.

Outfit Details

hat: some random beanie I found on Amazon, but this one from UO is similar.

coat: Topshop Quilted Sleeve Coat – love a coat that’s a bit different and brings some cool to the mix. I also really like their Biker Coat. (wearing size 6 – size up!)

gloves: Target fingerless gloves, old – Nordstrom has a pair at a good price (don’t see black, but three other colors) and they look cute! Rebecca Minkoff has an amazing pair that look to go all the way up to the elbow…and in black, too. Of course, they are a bit more pricey.

sweater: Topshop Oversize Turtleneck Sweater – such a pretty pink…and looks great with black and the navy in the coat. (wearing size 6)

jeans: Articles of Society Skinny Jeans – a thinner pair of jeans, but for the price…they work great (wearing size 27). You may prefer the quality of Madewell’s Raw Edge Black Jeans…and they have a higher rise.

boots: Vince Camuto Roadell moto boots – very few sizes left. I always love a pair of Frye’s and their Veronica Short boot is amazing. Now, if you need a WATERPROOF moto boot option, check out UGG’s Simmen’s Lined w/ Plush Wool Boot.

socks: Kate Spade Bow Socks – can’t see them in my pics, but they are knee highs and really cute…with little black bow accents all along the back of the leg. I’m thinking they may even look cute with cropped jeans and booties…? That’s TBD, though.

bag: Lily Jade Diaper Bag – I’m carrying the Madeline. They have updated some of their bags with new features – the removable insert now has two handles and I believe the entire body of the bag is more sturdy and stands more upright.

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My photographer, a.k.a. husband, told me to pretend to jog, for a reason I do not understand…and this is what I did with that…



I don’t know. I was just trying to be fun, DAMN IT.




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  1. I love the dedication! I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for representing us tall gals. And as a resident of north Texas, I totally get the whole “15 days of real cold” thing.

  2. I live in Columbia… just received my first pair of Uggs but it’s been TOO DANG HOT to wear them. Or, today was cool enough, but it was raining.

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