Sperry Love




If someone had told me I’d be happily wearing Sperrys without socks in December….well.   Crazytown.  But despite the unseasonable 65 degree weather, we had some serious errands to run, my boy and I.  There were amaryllis to be chosen, boughs of holly to start decking, and mistletoe to be hung.  Fa la la la la.





If you’re a Philly local, we love Pure Design.   Just walking in and inhaling is an instant pick-me-up.  They have a small but perfect selection of succulents, and some seriously cool, modern ways to display them.  Also, alllll of the holiday festiveness (amaryllis!  paperwhites!  poinsettias!  garlands!!)  a girl could want.  (They also do flower delivery, hint hint Mike.)








SHOES.  I am obsessed with these shoes.  Sperry.com is now allowing you to customize their traditional loafer, and I was able to fulfill my brown + black outfit obsession and add in bright laces.   I mean seriously.

I’ve been a long-time fan of Sperry – they’re one of the few shoes that are truly comfortable without socks, even when walking.



(Is anyone else suddenly obsessed with straight-leg jeans?  I totally am.  I like mine chopped off – think bootcut in the 90’s.)




similar sweater | jeans | custom sperrys


Let’s Talk Custom Sperrys…


No joke, I was kinda blown away by how much I like these shoes.  The brown (on the side) is softer than expected (it’s almost indistinguishable from the tan on the toe)….but it gives them a unique look, almost like something is “off”.  Longtime readers will know that this sense of “off” is what I strive for in most of my outfits.  So yeah.  I’m in love.

It’s amazing how the little details – lace color, thread color, sole and grommet color, for example, can make such a big impact.  Here are a few other designs I had played around with (including the one I ended up going with – just so you can see what I mean by the softness of the brown.)


I love the menswear vibe of the black/white contrast, the metallic laces, and black/navy/turquoise is a combo that can’t lose.  But the tan with the blue laces (lower right) was my other fav.  I’m amazed by how well the black sole grounds these shoes (and bright blue laces are always my fav).

Thoughts?  And I’d love to see what you guys come up with – that’s half the fun!  You can customize your own Sperrys here.


Shop The Coolest-Ever Sperry’s

While I was busy customizing, I happened to take a peek at Sperry’s current collection.  And gang?  It’s good (no customization required).  Gosh, Sperry hits that practical-chic note so very well.  I’d be thrilled to see any of these under the tree. (And at the time of writing, Sperry.com is having a huge stock-up sale…..)


Happy Holidays!



A huge thank-you to Sperry for sponsoring this post.  Finding comfortable and chic footwear is one of the reasons I started this blog, and I always love the opportunity to test out what’s new.  And Sperry, if you could make your customization tool a leeetle less addictive, I’d get more sleep at night. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own.

Pure Design – thank you for hosting the shoot.  You’ll be happy to hear I haven’t killed anything…yet.  We all have our fingers crossed for the succulent.  I really want him to see 2016. 

photo credits: The insanely sweet and amazingly talented Amanda Danziger Photography.  Always so fun working with you!