Splurge-Worthy Hanukkah Gift Fun For Whole Family


Eight nights of Hanukkah, twelve days of the Other Holiday, whatever…who’s counting at this point? Here comes Hanukkah, here comes Hanukkah…right down Hanukkah lane…Oh wait, that’s not it, I’m confused and holiday-cocktail-mixing. So are my kids, (confused — not cocktail-mixing) who when asked their religion reply, “Um, Jew-“ish”, but we go to church with Alla too.” See how we work all three one G_d religions right in? (Alla is what they call my mother).

And we give thanks to Buddha in the form of love notes regularly. How could anyone be confused here? It all, obviously, makes perfect sense. Fun splurge-worthy gifts below for the whole family for the 8 nights, the 12 days, birthdays that have the bummer of getting mixed into the holiday season craziness, or the best: no-reason gifts other than for pure fun! I know, I know, most of us give mostly smaller (or less expensive) — ahem — sensible gifts for most of the eight days, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys throwing in a big one (or three or seven) during this whole heartfelt, light-filled, love-filled season.

P.S. When you’re done here, head over to our full page of holiday gift guides for more seriously cool gift ideas for all your loved ones (or whoever).

Splurge-Worthy Hanukkah Gift Ideas For The Family: Sensible, Crazy & Fun

We have splurge-worthy Hanukkah gift ideas (also sensible & crazy) for the whole fam — for the 8 nights, the 12 days, holiday birthdays or simply pure fun!

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Splurge-Worthy (& Somewhat Sensible) Hanukkah Gift Ideas

1/ G Shock Watch | The classic, in a men’s size, but I prefer big watches. Love the navy and rose gold here, too — if a little subtle bling is your thing. Love all the colors here. And for the littles or the ladies who prefer a smaller watch, here are all the babies. A fun way to keep the whole family on time. And yes, these watches all swim.

2/ Beats Solo3 | We call these the secret to family travel peace. Yes, they are an investment. Yes, they need to be treated with respect. But yes, they are an amazingly helpful travel tool for getting through long trips with kids. Sometimes we all need a little solo time…you hear me? Oh, and click through, multiple colors available — to each his own. And a secret between us??? Maybe if Grandma/pa, or the Hanukkah Fairy, or the generous relative who wants to be one and done and to go big on gifting the whole family…well…here we go with that! If…in a very real, yet still privileged world, we love this idea and need a more affordable alternative, try these Skull Candies, available in tons of colors. We got these as gifts one year and they are also awesome. And…if there is no trust fund to be found and real Hanukkah shopping needs to happen now…these also come in multiple colors and get the job done too! Sound and silence delivered in one package.

3/ UE Boom Speaker | Comes in multiple fun colors, portable, wireless, waterproof! Best speaker for the patio, beach, boat, picnic, camping — all the outdoor places!

4/ Menorah | Adler knows how to have more fun! Each of my kids have their own menorah, and each is more fun than the next! This is a family favorite!

5/ YETI Rambler | I solved the problem of my kids stealing my favorite go cup by just getting them each their own, and 2 family extras. Fun colors, one for everyone in the family!

6/ YETI Hopper | For Mom or Dad, pack it full of rosé, beer, Scotch, whatever. For the kiddos, pack it full of treats and a scavenger hunt to a fun family outing, picnic pre-packed. Favorite coolers, yet:)

7/ Kids Against Maturity Game | Kid-friendly version of the super-fun Cards Against Humanity game. And oh, by the way, that company is a riot and every year they do a fun “8 Sensible Gifts For Hanukkah” crazy thing that only people THAT creative would think to do. Check it out just for a fun distraction! But if you don’t already have the card games…get both — so much family fun!

8/ Man Ray Chess Set | Gracie, my littlest one, calls this game Chest. And we don’t correct her. Or at least I don’t. Her brother does regularly. She stands her ground like the Queen she is. All three of my kids can beat me at this point, which isn’t saying much. I love a chess set left out in a shared space all the time. It’s a gathering point, and a fun way to wait for dinner. This particular set is a game changer…it’s beautiful!

9/ Desk Top Foos Ball | A super-fun way to break the creative slumps and to give your eyes a break from the screen! Who doesn’t need a little more fun on their desk?

10/ Color Block Throw Blanket | One of my all-time favorites, comes in 3 color ways, each more beautiful than the next! Not inexpensive, but will last forever and feel oh-so-good!

11/ NanoLeaf Light Panels | These work with Alexa!!! Family bonding in the form of art, light, rhythm…all the fun!!!! Make your own light art on your own wall!!! Hours of fun for the whole family and takes the dance party to a whole new level!

12/ Fat Boy Original Chair | These come in ALL the colors. Ours are 10+ years old, still going strong ,and everyone’s favorite place to plop! They are a great way to add a bold pop of color to a fun family room or bedroom, and I love them most mixed! One for each kid, maybe an extra for a friend. They are large…there is a smaller size available, but if you have the space, go big as they say.

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Happy Hanukkah +++ Gifting—sensible and not at all!

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    • Kari-We LOVE Hanukkah! Light those candles, hug the kiddos and enjoy every minute of love, reflection, and celebration! xoxo A

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