Lingerie To Make Moms (or Anyone) Feel Spoiled and Sexy


I love gorgeous lingerie.  It makes me feel not only sexy, but spoiled.  And I like feeling a little spoiled.  Always have.  In fact, right at this very moment, my closet contains a small arsenal of lacy, silky something-somethings…none of which fit anymore.  ARGH!!!  While I’ve happily weeded out all of my pre-baby clothes that no longer fit, I haven’t been able to bring myself to weed out the lingerie.  I keep hoping that one day we will be happily reunited.

I’m still waiting.

So there it is.  It might be time to move on.  Since shopping always makes me feel just a wee bit better about…well, anything really (sick, I know), I started looking for a new little silky something as a consolation prize of sorts.

And there are all kinds of gorgeousness out there.  I just don’t want to wear (most of) them. While I’m sure my husband would love me in anything, quite frankly it’s not about him.  It’s about me.  I need something that makes me feel gorgeous.  And playful.  And flirty.  Something that isn’t too serious.  Something that can get me out of the “Mom” frame of mind, but something also that makes me feel comfortable in my post-baby body.  So yes – I’m looking for the Holy Grail of mom lingerie.

Did I find it?  Nah.  But I found some gorgeous-playful-flirty lingerie that is certainly worth a try.   Don’t be afraid:  there are no crotchless (or tasseled) anythings.

Romantic Loungewear – Lingerie

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Have you met designer Plum Pretty Sugar?  She lives on Etsy (where else?) and was brought to my attention by my dear friend Lane, who I sincerely hope has already ordered the items she wanted, because I’m tempted to clear out the rest of her stock.  She makes all of her pieces out of a Cotton Voile that she found in India, and her prints are are gorgeous.  They range from a sexy-bohemian print (like the tunic, shown above) to romantic florals to prints reminiscent of the greek isles.  While her stuff is technically loungewear (or a fab beach cover-up) I love the idea of slipping one of these on over simple white cotton panties and adding high heels.  (Ummmm…just to be clear:  her items can be a bit sheer, so I’m talking about lingerie, not an outfit to wear in public.)

My two favorite loungewear-lingerie pieces are the Tunic Dress, $68 (shown above left) or the Knee-Length Cami, $46 (shown above right).

Cute Cami & Panty Sets

There is nothing easier than a little cami and panty set.  There are
sets that are playful, flirty, romantic, sophisticated – whatever vibe
you are most comfortable in, there is a sexy little cami & panty set
to match.


My favorites?  Let’s go clockwise around the picture, starting with the chick on the pole.

The pole dancing chick is wearing an eco-friendly, made in the midwestern USA, adorable cotton cami and panty set called The Lacey, $85.  This set is by Urban Fox, and features silk ribbon ties at the shoulders and lace detailing across the bum.  Feeling braver?  They also offer a set with a panty/garter and-cotton-stockings in bright pops of color.  Totally playful, totally sexy.  LOVE.

Next up is Victoria’s Secret’s Satin Flyaway Babydoll, $35. I love that this piece will distract from a slight muffin top, but most of all I love how fabulous your chest will look.  Saggy boobs?  Here’s your sexy-lingerie fix. This item comes in multiple colors (butterfly print is shown).

I couldn’t resist Juicy Couture’s Silk-Satin Babydoll and Briefs Set, $88 at, due to a long-standing love of ruffles on the bum.  So playful and flirty.  I also love that this set will easily hide a poochy belly.  Nothing was more depressing in the first few months after baby than the site of my naked stomach.  This set would be so hot with a pair of killer high heels.

Toute La Nuit’s Misty Backless Top and Rockette Tap Pant are old-world glamorous, and manage to be both playful and sophisticated at the same time.  This set will forgive a multitude of post-baby body sins, and in 100% washable silk charmeuse, I can’t imagine anything more comfortable.  The top is $100, the tap pant $55, and this set is also available in black.

Lastly, if lingerie just isn’t your thing, Juicy Couture’s Eyelet Trim Cami and Panty Set, $62, might be the ticket.  It’s comfy and easy, but has a romantic vibe, thanks to special details like the bows at the hips and eyelet trim.   There’s a sexy innocence to this set that I just love.

Give the words “Romper Room” a New Meaning

Really, there’s nothing more sexy-playful than a romper.  Rompers are a bit like teddies, but they have shorts and a looser fit.  These nicely camouflage poochy stomachs.

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The drop-dead gorgeous Veronica Silk Teddy (above left) is from LilleBoutique (Etsy) and retails for $250.  I also like the playful pink Silk Romper from Victoria’s Secret, $38 or Rampage’s turquoise Romper, now on sale at for $12.99.

Traditional (yet Gorgeous) Bra and Panty Sets


I love each of the above sets because they all offer something a little different, whether it’s a big funky bow, a gorgeous butterfly print, playful (yet subtle) polkadots, or a sexy take on a French Maid’s uniform.  Gorgeous, glamorous lingerie that will make you feel just a little bit spoiled.

Top left is Gilda and Pearl’s Marlene Underwire Bra with Bow and matching brief, ($119 for bra $69 for brief).  I love how this bow manages to be cool rather than girly.  Continuing clockwise we’re showing Toute La Nuit’s Whimsy Panty and Bralette, $35 and $45 respectively.  This set is best for moms without much of a chest.  For the fuller figured, try Oola’s Glamourous Satin Plunge Bra and Thong ($50 and $23.50).  Lastly I love both the color and the print of Lejaby’s purple Capri Demi Cup bra and thong ($115 and $70).  All lingerie pictured can be purchased from, with the exception of Toute La Nuit’s Whimsy Set.

Here’s to moms feeling both spoiled and sexy.