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Do you remember the days where shopping was no big deal?  The days where you'd wander in and out of local boutiques on a weekend, maybe pop over to the mall after work one night?  Sound familiar?  Obviously, these were the days before running toddlers, whining preschoolers, and crazy-hungry, MILK NOW, MUM babies.

As you can imagine, I do a lot of online shopping these days.  

But the downside to online shopping is, invariably, the surprises.  Fabric that's too sheer, a fit that's just weird, or – even worse – a shoe that's uncomfortable.  Online shoe shopping is the worst.  I can look at reviews all night long, but there's really no substitute for trying something on.  (Which is why my Zappos orders tend to be $2000 worth of merchandise, even for a $100 pair of shoes. Everything else gets sent back.)

So I was intrigued when Swirl asked us to do a review of their iPhone shopping app.  This app blends the art of online shopping with the in-store try-before-you-buy experience. 

Here's an example:

Based on extensive internet research (and some store visits several months back), I know that Abercrombie & Fitch has the best destroyed skinny jeans on the market. (I stand by this Mamas – I challenge you to find a better pair!  These are the perfect old-denim blue, not too destroyed, have a good bum, and come in a higher rise.  LOVE.)

Ok.  So I know I love these jeans, and want to add them to my Fall shopping list.  I could Pin them (that's what I usually do)…but instead I tried Swirl's app.

First I "clipped" them from my computer using Swirl's Clip To Swirl bookmark button (find it here):


From there, I was able to specify which "collection" I'd like to add the jeans to.  I added them to my "Weekend Style" collection.  Here's how it looks in my iPhone….

2012-08-28 13.45.07

…and here's my Weekend Style Collection:

2012-08-28 13.59.04

But here's the thing!  Swirl actually tracks offers, coupons and deals for the stores that you are interested in.  And guess what?  

2012-08-28 13.59.29

Oh, baby.  Since Swirl notifies you when your clipped items drop in price…I found that these jeans are actually half off. 

2012-08-28 13.59.35

Nice, right?  But click on the little Info icon (the i), and you get this information:

2012-08-28 13.59.48

And since I'm not driving out to King of Prussia with two kids just to see if they have my size in stock…you can simply call the store to verify.

Or at this point, since I've already tried them on, I could just order online.  But seriously!  Half off!  Score.

I'm also loving their Browse Popular Clips feature. It's dangerous, though.  Did you notice that one of my  collections is named, "Want But Can't Have"?  

2012-08-28 13.44.13

Yeah. Everything on there starts at like $600.  I created it in the (vain) hope that they might go on sale for 95% off.  You know.  Just in case.  Cause if it happens, Swirl will tell me

Obviously, I'm loving the wedge sneaker.  Don't judge.  I so love those stupid shoes. 

In any case, using their Browse Popular Clips page, I happened upon a pair of affordable wedge sneakers.  And yay!  Swirl found me the store.  (You can see the sneaks right below the words "My Clips").

2012-08-28 13.45.31

I've also been using my Swirl app as a way to manage horrific in-store shopping experiences.  (Forever 21, I'm talkin' bout you!)  There's nothing worse than digging through racks at Forever 21.  And while I don't think the 13 year olds who work there will willing look up anything for me via a phone call, at least I can go into the store armed with a list.  

Specifically, this list:



Lastly, see that Offers page?  When you click it, you get a whole list of store offers:

2012-08-28 13.46.15

Just in time for Fall shopping.

You can download your Swirl app in the iPhone store

Speaking of which…want a $50 gift card to J.Crew?  Leave us a comment telling us how you'd spend your J.Crew gift cert (hmmm…and I might clip your finds to my Swirl).   The winner will be chosen at random.  The giveaway will close on Tuesday, September 4th at 10PM EST.

Gang, this was a sponsored post, meaning we were paid to write it, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.  Always.  And we'd never write about something we didn't LOVE.



 *****The Giveaway is now closed********

Congrats to Tamara of GlowingColor, the winner of the $50 J.Crew giftcard!


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  1. How would I spend $50 bucks at JCrew?
    Quickly, in about five seconds.
    But seriously, the outlet is looking mighty tempting these days and they have some gorgeous (interesting) sweaters.

  2. Oh man I would love to win! I’m pregnant so probably would use it to buy some accessories that make me feel more stylish lol. The Swirl app looks awesome!

  3. Cool app!
    Ever since your last post I’ve been thinking of the j crew flannel you posted, so I’d likely use it toward that… Though the sweatshirt in houndstooth or stripes also caught me eye! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. $50 at J Crew? I would use it to start my post partum/never getting pregnant again/nursing friendly but not “nursing” tops wardrobe. Which needs help. serious help.

  5. Well, I saw the PLAY COMME DES GARร‡ONSยฎ STRIPE SWEATER and fell in love until I saw the price. ๐Ÿ™ I’m also really digging the OXFORD BOY SHIRT IN POLKA DOT. What do you think?

  6. I’d use it for one of the things I had to weed out last week in my order to stay under my $200 limit! Oh to limit it to one thing would probably lead me to spend more, though I could tell my hubby that package at the door wasn’t all my fault! I love their dresses!

  7. I would use it to get myself a cozy flannel staple! BTW, I installed the Clip to Swirl bookmark, but can’t get it to work.

  8. I covet the Merino V-Neck Sweater in heather gray which would go perfect with my gry cords and black boots for winter and it’s on sale for $49.99.

  9. Something from your last Starter Mom-Drobe post — I realized I need everything! Probably starting with an interesting sweater.

  10. $50 at J Crew? That’s a hard one, but I loved that flannel shirt you pictured yesterday and I must have a chambray or denim shirt. Would also love some colored denim…a reddish color, I think!

  11. Going to have to check out the AF skinny jeans…thanks! I would be getting a striped pullover sweater from jcrew for this fall…cashmere would be my dream!!

  12. I am in dire need of some new accessories. I was a statement necklace kinda girl, but now there’s this baby that keeps ripping them off. Maybe it’s time for some belts?

  13. THANK YOU! I just scored new jeans, half off ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope I chose the right size b/c I haven’t been in an A&F in years. This app sounds amazing. I’ll have to start working on that. Hmm. JCrew. I think I’d choose a new sweater for fall. I’ve been eyeing a few already.

  14. I think I would buy a few of their tissue thin turtlenecks to get the fall wardrobe basiscs under way.
    Or maybe something fun instead!

  15. Love J. Crew! I would put the $50 toward a short-sleeve cashmere T. I’m dying to wear it in the fall over a tailored shirt.

  16. Ok, that’s a pretty sweet app.
    I think I’d finally take the plunge and get a cashmere T. Either that or I’d get the tippi colorblock sweater I’ve been eyeing up.

  17. I’d be torn-J Crew is really more my SIL’s style than mine so it would be the perfect Christmas present for her! But probably I’d spend it myself on cute stuff-I really need belts, and looks like I could get a couple of clearance ones with $50. And a pair of pink espadrilles.
    Also, this is probably an indication that it is too early in the morning for reading comprehension for me, but is it a paid or free app??

  18. That Peter Pan Collar tee is calling my name! The Swirl app is a stroke of genius. Thanks for featuring it. I’m downloading it now:)

  19. $$ at J.Crew? Hmmm… Cozy sweater, and maybe another pair of colorful shorts (just ruined one of my favorite pairs… boo!)

  20. J Crew Cashmere! it would be so wonderful to use the $50 for a beautiful new sweater in a gorgeous color and expand beyond the same three black cashmere sweaters I have been rocking for more than a decade (a v-neck, a cardigan, and a short sleeve. I’m a SF Bay Area Momma, cashmere sweaters are worn year round!

  21. oh man, $50 at J.Crew? i would have to buy one of their insanely cute & colorful sweaters. love me a J.Crew sweater for fall…

  22. Interesting app. I’ll have to check it out!
    As for JCREW – i’m loving their sweaters and shirts along the lines of their Liberty perfect shirt in Margaret Annie.

  23. I must know more about these jeans…. How does the sizing run? Considering dragging 4 kids to the mall to try them on. Eek!

  24. After losing my baby weight (and then some), I’m swimming in all of my shorts, so I’d hit up the sale section and pick up a couple of pairs to be ready for next summer!

  25. I would buy myself one fall colored postpartum sweater (that I can nurse in of course!) or another pair of Mini pants. Man, those pants are magic.

  26. With a brand new baby, I desperately need to expand my professional wardrobe to accommodate nursing and pumping … I thought the navy and peach “Polly Popover in Silk Screened Dot” would be cute both with shorts at home, and under a blazer for more casual days at work.

  27. Ballet Flats, for sure! J. Crew has the best, most comfy ballet flats…they have soft, but strong, leather uppers which never leave blisters on my feet like other cheaper pairs (Old Navy, I’m talkin’ to you!). BUT they ain’t cheap! So a $50 gift card would go a looooong way!!!! Fingers crossed =)

  28. I would put it towards the Downtown Field Jacket. http://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/outerwear/cottonanddenim/PRDOVR~19034/19034.jsp
    From your starter mom-drobe you suggested a denim jacket. I’ve been desperately wanting to like jean jackets for the past 22 years ( since I was 10). I just can’t do it. BUT I feel like that cool jacket from J Crew in blue would stand in nicely. I could wear it to visit the Pumpkin Patch with my husband and 4 boys this fall. I could wear it with a cute dress, leggings, and my Hunter rain boots to one of my boys soccer games.
    Thank you for all you do! Your website has been one of my favorite finds of 2012!!!

  29. I would go for something from the moms robe basics… Losing weight finally and would like to get something that will fit :))

  30. I’d spend that $50 QUICKLY and then throw in about $200 of my own for sweaters and fall t-s – not to mention their ridiculous jewelry….drooling…

  31. I’d use the $50 gift card to replace the perfect merino wool sweatshirt sweater that I shrunk this spring.
    As for swirl, looks like fun, but I already spend way too much time online shopping!

  32. Given that plus-size and J. Crew do not go together, I’d get stuff for my kids. I’d ask my son if he’d like some of their bright pants (sun-faded chinos or slim-fit bright jeans). My daughter has decided she likes skirts not dresses (guess which she doesn’t have many of), so maybe a cupcake skirt for her.

  33. Swirl app looks pretty fabulous!
    If I won the Jcrew giftcard I’d raid the sale section and get as much bang for my buck as I possibly could. I freaking love Jcrew like nobodies business!!!

  34. Ooooh, the updated sweatshirt for me!! And maybe some new flats. Or new tees, that are nice and long… SO many great choices! Cool app, too, glad you shared!

  35. I just started a new job. One that requires a suit everyday. Ugh. So I’d use it on work clothes. Towards a new not too boring suit specifically.

  36. I’d put it towards a soft blazer or sweater since I can wear it all through pregnancy and beyond,
    Love the app, but not sure my wallet would, lol.

  37. As a total patterns girl, I need some basics! I would love to get a simple classic like one of their chambray shirts or a denim jacket.

  38. Ahhh JCrew. I would use the gift card towards one of their sweaters, maybe the stripe colorblock one I have been checking out.

  39. I’m in love with their navy velvet blazer. And having recently lost 40 lbs of extra love from my 2 babies, well I can finally fit into JCrew again! Yay!!

  40. As much as I would love to buy myself about 100 things they have for women, I would spend the $50 on these shirts for my seven year-old son:
    They are the ONLY collared shirts he’ll wear because they are incredibly soft like a t-shirt, the collar doesn’t ride up on his neck, and the colors they have are cool. Let’s face it, you can shop anywhere for girls’ clothes and she’ll look pretty cute. But I am very picky about boys clothes. Either they are too sporty (with footballs, baseball bats, etc on them), too babyish, or they are covered in skulls and crossbones, guitars, etc. I just want my little man to look good and feel good in his “handsome shirts” when he needs to wear them. Thanks to crewcuts, he can.

  41. I would loooooove a gift card to J Crew in any amount since I need some t-shirts from your “pieces to have for fall” list. Love your website!

  42. J. Crew has the BEST-fitting tee shirts. I love them. I love that they are soft and washable and don’t have crazy-low necklines for grabby babies to take hold of. I would buy three of them!

  43. Ooh! The swirl app is awesome!! I would go for the jcrew selvedge chambray shirt for sure…it’s been on my list forever! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. is that coat you pictured an amazingly great maternity coat? if so, where is it from? i’m going to be pregnant all winter long, and the coat i made do with the last pregnancy isn’t going to make it…
    thank you!
    (by the way i also love those super silly sneaker wedges…maybe they would distract from the belly!)

  45. The cafe capri. I have been obsessively checking my email praying for a labor day sale email so I can snap these up. The hardest choice, which ones to pick…

  46. I would sitin a quiet room armed with my coffee in one hand, laptop in the other and ENJOY browsing and buying guilt free! Specific clothing picks? I would probably wait for your Fall Trends post because wow, do I need the guidance!

  47. Ooo, the collection cashmere popover hoodie, because who doesn’t need a cashmere hoodie? Really goes well in the same sentance, but I’m LOVING the spruce color.

  48. I wouldn’t buy cashmere because I’m so excited to have just splurged on the boyfriend cardigan in frosted spruce for myself!
    I would get the Tortoise-button sweatshirt in stripe to wear over a dress that I have and am not wearing often enough.

  49. HURRAY!! Someone listened to me that Abercrombie jeans are the BEST for a skinny thigh and post c-section belly!!
    As for my J.Crew spendathon, it’d all be on clothes for the kiddos – probably for the one that’s starting school this year *sob* and needs to look even more adorable.
    Thanks for the swirl app info!! I live in what is basically Siberia (seriously, were 4 hours from a mall…) so all I do is shop online!

  50. I might just give the swirl, a whirl. No, seriously, it looks cool.
    Jcrew. If I won a $50 gift cert I’d probably end up spending 200 bucks there. But let’s see, top of my list: the mint colored jeans (to wear with my tall gray boots this winter) or the neon pink long sleeve tee, or (but way out of reach) the Collection Jacquard blouse. I just love the shape of that thing.

  51. I just discovered you today and I’m in love, instead of sleeping have been going through your archives for the past 5 hours. I have a soon to be 3 year old and a 2 month old and have stopped trying since the first child. Go to outfit then was jeans, hoodie and cute sneaks. This time around with summer I don’t know what to wear and hate hate hate hate going out. You have inspired me to start trying again. Thank you so much.

  52. I have been seriously considering dropping the $198 for the Polka Dot Tie Neck Dress or the Classic Shirtdress ($158), but with two kids this is not the least bit probable! So, if I would win this gift card I would use it toward that dress and also cross my fingers for a sale j.crew.com.

  53. I’ve been drooling over the Liberty button up shirts for awhile but they are over $50. I think instead I would stock up on some great basics like vintage tanks and tees. They have the perfect drape and I love how lightweight they are. Even better, they are on SALE!

  54. 50 at j crew? The heart patterned one piece I’ve been eyeing all summer– or some tops– must not get more bottoms, tho jcrew
    Ames that so so tempting- Intersting Sweater def on the need list!

  55. tissue tees for sure! the swirl app is gonna be dangerous for my shopping habit, but maybe can help on keeping within the budget. Thanks.

  56. Hmm, I think my comments are deleting from this feed? Anyway, I’d love to get a basic like a chambray shirt or denim jacket! Thanks!!!

  57. LOVE that app! This is not going to do good things for my online shopping problem though.
    I would spend a J.Crew gift card on some new cozy flannels for the fall. I’m nursing baby number 3 and all about the easy pieces!

  58. I would get the Classic Merino Long Cardigan … I live in an area of the country that stays cold and wet for at least 5-6 months out of the year, so layers are my best friend! Also slightly obsessed with their cashmere popover hoodie …

  59. Sigh. You guys are amazing. For giveaways, yes, but, more importantly, for all the good info and tips. My favorite fashion-y website by far.
    Also, CARDIGANS!!!! J Crew, I am coming for you…

  60. New clothes!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I would just stroll into J Crew and walk around, touch and feel the clothes, and try on a couple of things, and then whatever feels absolutely right… oooohhh, that sounds like so much fun!

  61. I really want the plaid shirt you featured. My nursing/mom wardrobe is…in need of help! I just bought the yummy tummy nursing tank you reviewed, and love it!

  62. I’d get the polka-dot scarf that you linked to your Mom wardrobe basics post. I love dots, but I just can’t pull them off in larger pieces like a shirt or dress unless they’re teeny spots.

  63. Shana, you got me in trouble, mentioning that those Abercrombie jeans were down to $39! A couple days ago I was on my Pinterest and noticed they were $58 and I thought, ‘hmm, next month….’ Um, yeah, $181 and four pairs later, I’ve just spent my family’s September clothing budget!
    Anywho…$50 from J. Crew would likely go toward tissue turtleneck tees.

  64. I love J.Crew! I would like a new fall sweater, some khakis, a date night dress and some flats. Yikes! Not sure how far $50 would go, but would definitely go to some much-needed and much-loved clothing!

  65. I would get this men’s button down shirt, because I’m a sucker for them and, gosh darnit, they look awesome on me! With some skinny jeans, a messy bun, red lips and a pair of loafers. Effortless. Even better under a sweater with the sleeves rolled up!
    and because it’s only 29.50, I would get this one too!

  66. That’s a no-brainer! I’d get those plaid flannel button-ups you recommended in your fall staples post. And I just downloaded the swirl app on my iPad. Excited about it. Thanks!

  67. Oh man! I’d use a J. Crew gift card to buy an adorable top. I hit 30 and had a baby right around the same time and my wardrobe aesthetic and body have changed quite a bit. So I’m starting from practically nothing.

  68. Because I’m in Australia and we’re going in to summer I would invest in swimwear on sale! (The upside of being ‘Downunder’)

  69. Just started using it! It’s like pinterest for the shopping addict. Much more my speed than crafting. I’d use a GC towards a pair of the tooth pick cords. I tried on a pair last week (on sale!) but wasn’t crazy about the color. Now I’m ready to order a pair in cabernet. That, or the minnie pant. I’m crazy about both.

  70. I think my list of what I wouldn’t want would be shorter! My top favorites of the moment!
    Cece studded leather ballet flats
    Schoolboy blazer in navy

  71. I loaned my only cashmere sweater to my mom. Later I asked my mom if she wore it much(hoping she’d take the hint and offer it back), she sadly said it had several small hole from months:( Truthfully, I hadn’t planned on getting it back, but I had been dreaming of wearing it with my skinnies and tall boots.
    All this to say, I’d love $50 towards a new one!

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