Spring Break Packing List For Mama (One Potential Scenario, with a few #dressingroomselfies for good measure)


Ok.  I’ve been hunting and trying on and discarding and….anyway.  Here’s where my head is.  And I even have a few (terribly informal) #dressingroomselfies to better illustrate what I’m thinking.



Tees and Tanks

This is the core of the whole wardrobe – plain tees and tanks.  Wear ’em with shorts and flats for day, wear ’em with skirts and jewelry for night.

1. Stateside Knot Detail Tee

2. James Perse Slub Raglan Tee in pink (a seriously gorgeous, barely-there blush color)

3. Wilt Slub Shrunken Slit Tank


A Cozy Sweater For Cooler Nights

4. Free People Chunky Cowl Neck Sweater – sooooo soft (100% cotton)


Casual Bottoms That Can Be Dressed Up or Down (or even worn to the beach)

5. James Perse Twisted Jersey Miniskirt  (expensive, but I bought a similar skirt for a fraction of the cost…and it’s so thin that every lump and bump shows through and I’ve worn it exactly ONCE.  This style of skirt is my jam, but clearly quality matters in this case.)

6.  Hinge Vintage Military Shorts

9. Citizens of Humanity Rocket High Rise Jeans (I may swap these out for boyfriend jeans for a beach vacay….but right now I love the idea of having a seriously sexy pair of jeans to wear with a white tank, long necklace, and flat sandals.  Can still chase kiddos, but will feel a little sexier going out for dinner.)


A Seriously Cool Dress For Night or Day

10.  Riller and Fount Christiano Dress – this dress is so freaking good I could probably just bring this and be fine for the week.  (Looks just as cute with sneakers as it does with sandals or heels.)



7. Free People Lace Halter Bra – these types of bras are the key to making racerback tanks work.  And I love the deep berry with blush pink and army green.

8. J.Crew Neon Bikini – J.Crew’s suits are some of my very favs, especially the neon.  I’m also tempted to pick up a rashguard and surf shorts this year as well.


A High-Performing Jacket (That’s Still Awfully Chic)

11. Adidas Originals Track Jacket – sporty jackets like this are my answer for boat trips, hikes through rainforest, or anything vaguely sporty.  They’ll look just as cute thrown over a dress at night, too.


Outfit-Making Accessories

12.  J.Crew Multi Charm Cluster Necklace – J.Crew’s entire jewelry line is seriously killing it right now. Quirky and cool and totally unique.  #nailedit

13. Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Tate Tote (Medium) – there’s nothing “medium” about this bag.  It’s HUGE.  I once flew with both boys using this bag.  It fit snacks, 6 diapers and wipes, 2 outfit changes (for each kid) a scarf and tee for me, assorted toys and books, TWO laptops with chargers, and our big fancy camera plus an extra lens.  Also?  It’s totally machine washable.  My fav beach bag, too.

14. Kaanas Fiji Flats – I’m totally obsessed with these.  HOWEVER…there’s a decent chance, based on the kinds of activities we want to do, that I’ll end up bringing a cool pair of sneakers instead.

15. Ugg Australia Devie Metallic Sandal – I got totally obsessed with Ugg this winter.  Their newest styles are so freaking cool, yet….comfortable.  I have high hopes for these sandals.




Ok – I’m wearing James Perse Slub Raglan Tee in pink (size 2 for reference) and Hinge Vintage Military Shorts (size 25).  I pretty much will wear this outfit alllll summer long.  LOVE.  (And the shorts, you’ll notice, are much darker in person than they are on the Nordies website.)



This is the Stateside Knot Detail Tee (size XS) and James Perse Twisted Jersey Miniskirt (size 0).  This shirt would help to hide a small post-partum pooch, too.  It is pretty thin, but that’s how I like my white tees.  (For a thicker white tee that still has amazing drape, try Everlane’s Ryan tee.)




This is where I try to convince myself that a $265 Elizabeth and James silk crop top is a wise and practical investment.  #no

But….you can see I hiked the skirt up a bit to spoof a high-waist look.





I’ve been looking around for a new pair of boyfriend jeans rather unsuccessfully (what’s that you say?  I already have boyfriend jeans?  Did Mike tell you to say that?)….but most are pretty big (they fit like these bad boys here).  However, Joe’s Slim Boyfriend Crop jeans are seriously great.  (I’m wearing a size 24 for reference.)


A Few Additional #DressingRoomSelfies

These are items that I loved, but just didn’t make the cut for one reason or another.



I mean SWOON, right?  This gorg little number from Free People is virtually backless and see-through….so…yeah.  Swim coverup maybe?  But it also comes in both black and a bright orange which changes things completely.



If our Spring Break involved more of a city-type-scene, this is what I’d bring.  Heck, this is what I’ll want to wear all Spring once the weather warms:  Faux-leather shorts and the coolest striped tee ever.

Pilcro Faux-Leather Shorts (wearing a size 25…they’re a bit big) and Atelier Mock Turtleneck (size XS I think?) – both from Anthro.



These are the Citizens of Humanity Rocket High Rise Jeans from the collage.  Such a modern, high-rise, and perfect wash and distressing.  I’m wearing a 25 in the pic.  They look amazing with sneakers (pics coming soon).  I also liked this sweet little top – it’s the Nellore Blouse, and comes in both reg and petite (wearing the XS in the pic, but I need the petite).  Both from Anthro.






I was actually surprised by this swingy metallic tee – it’s Anthro’s Glimmered Tee.  A great neckline, and is an easy way to wear leggings without boring yourself to death.  Looks seriously cute with distressed white denim too (see the pic at Anthro’s site).



Now….any tips for Puerto Rico?




  1. Hi Shana, Not sure if it’s your style, and maybe you could pick something up while you’re there in PR, but I think you need a nice off the shoulder, breezy dress. You know what I mean? Even if it’s just solid black or even white–ASOS has a ton. But you’ve got the shoulders, you’ve got the bosom; you’re going to a Latino island, so embrace the inner Anna Maria Gloria Sofia Shana in you. I know she’s in there! Viva Bonita Chica!!


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  2. It’ll be hot! I always pack thinking that I’ll always step up my game…. What did I wear for ten days straight…… Bathing suit, bathing suit, bathing suit, shorts, flowy tanks/tee, bathing suit 🙂 you get they idea. We have gone two years in a row, once in August and once in February, it’s hot, but like “yay I’m at the beach hot!” And we went with my 2.5 year old and pretty much grabbed food we could eat on the beach:)

    AND if you find yourself wandering around old San Juan. Stop in and get pizza at la tortuga… Being Chicagoans and New Yorkers, it’s pretty yummy!

  3. I love the faux leather shorts and striped shirt combo!! Actually, you are killing it with all these looks! My only advice is to not forget sunscreen, ha ha #suchamom

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  5. Shana take the ferry over to Cuelebra island! GORGEOUS!! Its only a few dollars if u rent a car and buy ur own tickets. Its a few hundred if u book the tour. Show up early to insure a spot so u can be there all day. Pack a cooler though there are a FEW little shacks where u can grab snacks/drinks. The rainforest is not to be missed. We hiked down a few paths to enjoy the clear pools, we didn’t do the official tours- just made our way down with a few bottles of water. Amazing.

  6. No advice about Puerto Rico, but I’m wondering how much support that lacy bralette gives you. Since my mastectomy, mine aren’t the same height anymore, so I do still need a little bit of support. Something to tell them which direction to face. 😉

    Also, I really really love this post. I was wondering if you want to put together a wardrobe for me~I’m going on a cross country road trip with my family in June. From New England to California, and back! I declared only one small suitcase for each person! Ack!

  7. I forgot about bioluminescent bay!! Not sure if Id want to kayak with the kids at night with the risk of capsizing (most of the water is pretty shallow but dark, really dark.) But its really cool if the two of you want to venture out. And if ur kids are used to that kind of thing (kayaking in the dark) they would really LOVE it!

  8. If there was a sitter, there are some seriously hot night clubs in PR as well, if you have some going out wear as well (like the off the shoulder suggestion above!). As kids though, remember the beach, more beach, and maybe a bit of rain forest.

    Just got one of the Anthro glinted t’s and found it slightly sheer and beyond fabulous to wear absolutely everywhere!

  9. I love the first pair of shorts and the striped top. Love the James Perse tee but having a hard time with the price tag….does it hold up well after multiple washings? That might help convince me!

  10. Ooh, I LOVE that shimmery tee from Anthro! Hmm…I may have to pick one up. We’re not going on vacation, but it seems like that could be the perfect top for a 4th of July shindig or some other fun summer night out. Great picks and have a fantastic vacation!

  11. OK, here is my tip for PR. MUST go to Bio Bay and do a sunset kayak tour! Glowing water = best travel memory ever! Also, I went when you could still get out of the boat, and it looked like my whole 7-mo. preggo body was glowing! I didn’t think about the fact that I would need to be hoisted back in like a beached whale. Still. Totally worth it!

  12. Also, El Yunque is pretty amazing. The kids loved it the second time we went (leaves as big as children! waterfalls to swim in!) And all of the traditional Old San Juan stuff is great, too!

  13. I second the bio bay – such a cool thing to do (and much better to kayak then take a glass bottom boat to really experience it). There is a restaurant near Piñones I think called the Waterfront, and they have this amazing seafood stew served in a mofongo (savory mashed plantain) bowl. Soooo good, I still dream about it. Also, their frozen drinks. Yum. I may have had a few last time I went when I didn’t know I was 10 days pregnant. Whoops.

  14. Just scooped up the above skirt. FaB.U.Lous. I.love it. The ruching along the back is very forgiving the length is just short enough to be sexy the long enough to be decent I even grab the TV has picture it’s the first time I’ve bought the complete outfit as shown.perfect. I love that it’s comfortable and I can still look spot on thanks

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