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Soooooo, I’m a denim girl – remember last year’s search for the perfect spring jean?  This year, I’m back to my old tricks.  Actually, we all are.  The Mom Edit team has been off trying (and trying and trying in some cases) to find the perfect light-wash jean for Spring.

My criteria was as follows:

  1.  A perfect faded vintage blue wash –  this is the wash I’m in love with right now. I have tried (and tried) really light washes and they just aren’t for me, but that broken-in perfection? YES.
  2. Interesting fit (or at least new-to-my-closet?) – I wanted to push myself beyond a skinny jean, because I already found a perfect pair!

I tried on a ton and some definitely failed, but the winners made it allll worthwhile. I am always up for a jean challenge. Is there such thing as a denim geek? ‘Cause that’s me. Come. Come along into my madness…

jacket (coziest!!) | tee | jeans | boots (similar, some sizes here)

The Styles That Worked

Gap Mid-Rise Vintage Straight

Gap Mid Rise Vintage Straight – I love these jeans and was surprised by how good they are, especially for Gap. They have a gorgeous wash and the fit is good. They run true to size. They fit tight in the hips but not too tight. I’m finding that with a lot of the vintage fit jeans. They’re 100% cotton, no stretch, but seem comfy enough to wear and break in naturally or at least a good date night jean. I would possibly distress the bottom hem some with a DIY, for a little edge. They’re quite cropped, too and not great for taller mamas, unless you want a real crop. They looked ok with sneakers/flats but best with heels. size 27, for reference

tee | sweatshirt | jeans | heels (similar) | sneakers


Madewell Perfect Vintage Ripped High Waist Boyfriend Jean

Madewell Perfect Vintage Ripped High Waist Boyfriend Jeans – These are called a boyfriend jean, but they’re much more of a girlfriend fit or just a vintage fit to me. They aren’t baggy at all and that’s what I think of in a boyfriend jean. They definitely run small. I had to size up one size. They’re very high waisted and have a very flattering and sexy fit, but they were not comfortable for sitting. They’re 100% cotton, no stretch. The distressing is really good and I liked the inseam length on me. I much preferred them with heels, as I do most boyfriend jeans. My photos here might be slightly blue, but seriously. They are not the color on the website photo above. Wearing size 28, for reference.

tee | jeans | heels (similar)

Levi’s 501 Original

Levi’s 501 Original – Ah, Levi’s 501s. Talk about vintage. These are the original jean, no? I’m re-watching Felicity right now and these jeans just took me back to the 90’s in a big way. Nostalgia anyone? They were cute and the perfect vintage wash…and I always love a button-fly.  They’re tight in the hips and the waist and gapped in the back on me, though, and they run small. I had to size up. Having the lightest wash of the ones I tried, they’re a bit harder to wear (a darker jean just is more flattering). I would need to crop them or get them hemmed for them to be the right length on me. Again, they are 100% cotton with no stretch, but seem to be that awesome Levi’s cotton that would break in perfectly after wear and washing. I also preferred these with a heel or wedge. I’m not sure why the don’t offer this wash in the released hem style they offer in the darker wash on the site, either. I would’ve preferred that hemline (you can see by clicking the Levi’s link above) Wearing size 28, for reference. (32″ inseam here)

tee | jeans | heels (similar)

AG Sloan Vintage Straight

AG Sloan Vintage Straight – These. They fit all my requirements. They’re comfy, too! They say high rise but to me they were almost more of a mid rise. I love where they hit on my waist. The denim is soft and has stretch and they run true to size. They have a true straight leg and look best worn with a heel, too.

They are more of a ‘dressy’ jean to me, which I like. I have a ton of skinny jeans I can wear with sneakers. I am in love. The first link is my exact fit and wash and you can find them here on Amazon. A similar wash, same fit, but more distressing here (the only style left in a size 27 for some reason). Wearing size 27, for reference.

tee | jeans | heels (similar)


The Styles That Didn’t Work At All

Levi’s Re/Done


Levi’s Re/Done – These looked so great in the photo on Nordstrom’s site (pictured above) that I had to try them, despite bad reviews. Well, yeah. They’re totally misrepresented online. I did love the wash when they came in, even though it’s darker than on the site (it was a little lighter than in my photo above). They fit nothing like the picture though. UGH. I want that pair above, Nordstrom. Why do you tempt me so and not deliver??

Here I’m trying on one size up from my normal size and I couldn’t even button them. I’m tempted to try the next size up, but not sure it’s worth my time. Look how skinny the legs on these were versus the photo? Not anything alike. These are literally reworked vintage Levi’s for over $200. I feel like I should just find some old ones and resew them myself. Fail. Wearing size 28, above.

Levi’s 505c


Levi’s 505c – Ok, so these are ok from the front. Again, they looked great online. Sigh. The knees are really distressed and I don’t love them, but they’re fine. BUT. Here’s the back view in comparison to the 501 originals I mentioned earlier…501’s on the left, 505c on the right:

The BUTT. OMG how horrible is that. On the left are the 501’s. Yes. Nice booty shaping there. I’ve been doing a TON of squats lately. (Apparently, I was talking about it a lot, too, because Sienna even told her art teacher “mommy goes to a class where she squats and squats and squats some more!” Not embarrassing at all…) But those jeans…on the right. Are not giving me any credit at all for all the squats. Lordy. They’re bad. How can the same jean company make such insanely different pocket styles? WOW.

Sorry for the bathroom background, but I wanted to show you the difference in these. Wearing a size 28, I think. If you’re really interested in trying them out, they can also be found here. MOVING ON…

Levi’s 517 Crop Bootcut

Levi’s 517 Crop Bootcut – Ok. These. They looked interesting online and worth a try at a reasonable $98. Um. They run very small. I couldn’t really even get them on and wasn’t about to take a picture of them. I guess they might be worth trying on if you see them in-store, but hmm. They’re more of a cropped flare than I think I’d want. The wash was ok, but a little yellower than I care for. I tried a size 27, my regular size, for reference.

The Take-Away

Ok, so if you’re up for trying out some lighter washed denim for spring, here are a few things I’d keep in mind during your search.

  • Size up at least one size for denim that is termed ‘vintage’ fit and is 100% cotton/no-stretch. I’d imagine you still want them to fit tightly because they will stretch with wear, like in the good ol’ days. Remember when we had to lay on the bed to fit into our jeans? Thanks, lycra, for allowing us to get dressed upright.
  • Straight leg or boyfriend denim, especially on shorter legs and especially in a lighter wash, will typically look best with heels or wedges instead of flats. If you’re looking for a jean to wear with flat sandals and sneakers, stick to a narrower straight leg in a crop or a skinny jean.
  • Be prepared to try on quite a few pairs and a few sizes to really find what is most flattering and what you like. But, hard work pays off!

Shop My Fav Spring Denim

We are in our rainy season right now…haha. No, really. BUCKETS here you guys. Buckets. But we got a leetle taste of awesomeness yesterday afternoon and I’m dying for more. Let me know if you try some of these jeans out. And use hashtag #TMEspringdenim so we can see your pics, please!

Happy Jean Shopping!


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  1. Those AGs look AMAZING on you! How is the weight? I haven’t bought AG before and sometimes find the deciding size factor is the denim weight – aka how many not-so-lovely-lady-lumps are on show, especially in that light wash. 🙂

    Also, what is that nail color in the AG photos? It’s gorgeous!

    • Thanks so much! Love them! The weight of denim is good. Not as ‘heavy’ as Levi’s but heavier than very soft stretchy denim if that makes sense. I would say it’s definitely a flattering weight and not too thin. I think the nail color is an OPI black gel color but I don’t know the name!

    • Thanks so much! The AG are the best! Nail color is black OPI gel color I think. Thanks so much for the sweet comment!

  2. I would love some basic lessons on pant leg/hem/shoe pairings. Also, some diy denim hem destroying/hacking tutorials would be great. I always want to hack off the bottom of my jeans but I am afraid of doing it wrong and ruining an otherwise good pair of jeans!

    • Yes. These are always the trickiest things! Hemlines and shoe pairings. I have only done a little bit of actual distressing, but I’m getting better at chopping off the hems. It’s nice once you have one good pair done and can measure inseam against the others! I want to learn how to do the destroyed hemline without chopping it off. Will have to practice and get back to you!

  3. Laura, this post was great, but I was so very distracted when I read that you were watching Felicity again! I am too! I keep telling myself that I am probably the only person on the planet wasting my time on YouTube watching this show , the picture quality is horrible, but I cannot help it!!! I am 38 and watching that show just takes me back to a great time in my life, and it makes me feel good. Felicity and Ben together, their chemistry, I die! Good to know I am not the only one. Thanks! Enjoy your Felicity binge. I am on season 3 currently.

  4. I’ve had my eye on both the AG Sloans and Citizens Emerson jeans – how would you compare the 2? Is the rise higher on the AGs? Do you prefer one over the other? The wash on the Citizens looks perfect…leaning towards those!

    • Ooh, yes. They are both soooo great. I would say if you need a more versatile jean, the Citizens are your best bet. If you want a bit lighter/bluer vintage wash jean to wear with heels or wedge sandals, etc. then go for the AG. The Citizens look great with heels but can also work with flats, since they aren’t quite as wide of a leg. I hope that helps!

    • Ooh, those are really cool. I think it is a tricky look. I’d stick to not-too-light-wash and I think being shorter I’d have to go with a bit shorter boot than those, but still something similar. I think it could work if both the jean crop length and the boot proportion are just right. For me I’d have to have a skinny jean cropped juuuuust above the boot. And I think I’d look for or DIY a destroyed hem but have not too many rips in the actual jeans. That’s all personal preference though! Good luck and please share a pic if you find a good combo!

  5. Hi! I bought the AG legging jeans at last year’s anniversary sale. Does the sizing of the Sloan jeans above run similar? I was a 28 in the legging jean but thought to order the 27 in these. Any thoughts? I weigh about 130lbs. 5’7

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