Spring Denim: Going Old School w/ Levi’s



I’d like to pretend that I spent a lot of time trying on a bunch of light wash jeans, but I didn’t. I found these Levi’s and stopped there. Ya know, once I find something that works…I’m good. My mind can’t handle too many options. I like simple…or I’m just lazy. Either way.

These are some cool jeans, though.

Old school, relaxed and just the right amount of distressing. I ordered them and crossed my fingers, because I know that Levi’s can be tricky, when it comes to the fit of them.


I ordered them in a size up from my usual (28, instead of a 27) and thank goodness. sheesh. Definitely would not have fit in a smaller size. They are true to the old Levi’s, too, so they are more on the stiff side…not stretchy. That said, after wearing them a couple of times they really grew on me and I got used to the feel, which isn’t uncomfortable, btw. Just different.

I love the fit, the rise and the length. There something a little different from what I’ve been wearing the past 10 years or so. Exactly what I’ve been hoping to find!

They are now in my weekly rotation. I reach for them way more than I do any other pair in my closet and I can easily throw tees, tanks, my canvas sneakers or everyday sandals on with them. Yesssss.

Now, I know you all want to know…do they make my butt look good? So. Okay, they aren’t THE JEANS to make your bum look super apple-icious, but that’s not really why I got them. I just wanted a casual, cool pair of denim to wear everyday with my Free People-type tops…and that’s these for me.












I wore the jeans for our annual bbq and Christmas tree burning bonfire with the neighbors. The girl above, Raegan, is one of my best friends…and the pictures perfectly depict our friendship and how we compliment each other with our differences. Love her.

outfit details

top: Anthropologie tunic top from last year – their Linen Tunic is similar and I have had my eye on this Free People City Slicker Tunic Tee. It looks so rad.

denim: Levi’s 711 Skinny  – in color ‘goodbye heart’. They’re also available here.

shoes: Ancient Greek Sandals – aaaah, my loves…and I was just lucky to be able to get them (had a gift code), but let me tell you. I love them. Their Alethea sandal is very similar to my own.

earrings: ASOS, my own….similar to these Bar Circle Earrings

I apologize for not having more light denim options for the tall chicks, but I’d say these are a safe bet for all of you with some leg-age.

Ooooh and ya know what? I now have my eye on these cropped Levi’sIknowIknow. They’re cropped w/ a flare (gasp), but but but they’re just bootcut. I want to try them.



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  1. I wish I looked as good as you in these! I ordered them when you first had them on IG but they just were eh! But you rock them mama!

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