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Anyone else starting spring cleaning early? Honestly, I love a good purge/clean/organize sesh any time, but I usually kick it into high gear in early January. Because, like, what else am I supposed to do during all that post-holiday dread? Haha…

We’re now in real spring cleaning territory, though, so I know some of you out there are deep in the trenches with me – pulling out every last thing hiding in deep corners of your space and heaving it all out the window putting it all back nice & clean. So, so fun.

A Good Dose Of Spring Clean (& Calm), All From


Cleaning and organizing can get a bit boring and tiring, so I like to spice up my space with a little refresh, especially after a big clean. One of the best places to look for home decor & organizing (AKA that lovely aforementioned refresh) that doesn’t break the bank?

There’s something thrilling about shopping at Marshalls (and their family of stores; TJmaxx, HomeGoods, Sierra, etc.). It’s like… there’s treasure everywhere you look. A treasure trove, if you will.

And Marshalls ONLINE? Forgetaboutit. So, here’s how I freshened-up our office space for a good dose of calm & clean, all from PS. Use code SHIP89 for free shipping on orders over $89!

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First, I Replaced Our Rug

The most sure-fire way to make a space feel updated is by replacing the rug. It’s bananas easy and gives the room a whole new vibe. How gorgeous is this one??



I love the simple design & light, neutral colors of this indoor/outdoor rug (the style I normally go for in a busy space). It’s really like a breath of fresh air – and it’s UNDER $100. That, for rugs (especially 5×7 ones), is unheard of. I’m so impressed.

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Next, I Added Something Faux & Green

For some ‘life’. Haha. Even though it’s (shockingly) fake, it still adds so much depth (and maybe even serenity?) to a room. I fully gasped when I pulled this potted olive tree out of its box. It’s SO pretty and looks absurdly real. I love the different green tones and the little ceramic pot.

Faux Tree

Check out the leaves (and little olives!!!)…

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Then, I Grabbed A Fresh Scent

The candle selection at Marshall’ is pretty great. It’s chock-full of affordable, pretty pieces that are the perfect little addition to any space. Personally, I have one burning always.


This one in the scent ‘prosecco berries’ is a perfectly uplifting scent without being too over the top. A Goldilocks of candles, if you will.

Lastly, More Storage, Always

If you have a few spots to organize, I’d check out the Baskets & Storage section. They have a size and/or shape for basically any need, and they’re actually pretty to look at.

Pantry Baskets

I grabbed a set of these gold pantry baskets because ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is real for me. They’re a great size for housing our office snacks, but I’m envisioning about 12 more in other spaces. Such a good buy for anywhere + they look good out in the open.

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Time for some deep cleaning breaths!

Xo, Abby

Thank you to & Collective Voice for sponsoring this post! I love your wide selection of affordable pieces + that shopping your website is SO dang easy to peruse from home. So perfect for spring cleaning or any time!

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