Spring Kicks for Girls


S asked if I would round up girl sneaks.
She also asks occasionally if I’ll round-up kids.

Other than home stuff, those are probably the other two things I’m the girl to round-up: kids and kicks.

Kids and kicks are just quintessential FUN in motion and such a gift! Heck yes I will round-them-all-up! Always!!!

I run. In sneakers. I run kids; to and from school, ballet, hip-hop, breaking, karate, on foot, on scooters, on bikes, en mass, in several miles of circles every day- in sneakers. I volunteer for recess, on a public city school yard, in sneakers. I run all errands on foot, in sneakers. I’m a city girl. I’m east coast. It’s how we do.

Someday we’ll tell you the story about the day Mike D told me Shana was a fashion blogger and then she told me that it started with sneakers. I was in pleather jog pants and high tops, and looked at these sweet Mid-Westerners like: you? sneakers? ok. No judgement. Or at least not out loud. In that East-Coast-opposite-of-sweet and polite-Mid West kind of way where I work really really hard to bite my really really sharp sarcastic tongue. And we laughed, so hard. And friendship was born.

Sneakers for exercise, sneakers for day wear, sneakers for long nights out dancing with old friends, and even, every now and then, to the amusement of many because I absolutely pull it off: for black tie. And everything in between. They are our active city life go-to. Sneakers make for happy feet. Happy feet make for healthy happy people. Healthy and Happy is just it.

Sneakers are for sure a thing, a cultural, socio-economic, political, statement: at least according to The Atlantic

I grew-up in the rise of sneakers as a movement. They are a privilege for sure. So maybe that’s why they are such a thing for me: I love movement. I try to model it. Non-stop. Active and in-motion=healthy. I recognize and appreciate sneakers, and movement, kids and health as privileges-to be loved and respected. My job? Keep everyone happy. Keep everyone healthy. Keep everyone moving. In healthy happy ways.

The history of sneakers is deep. The politics of sneakers is deeper. For every day healthy living, if they are an option, they are necessary. And a world in which they were necessity for everyone always, well, that’s the goal, isn’t it? For all of us?

Here’s our round-up of girls’ kicks for spring. In the spirit of March Madness we started with 64 and worked it down to 32 for you. Our number one picks are noted. And you just can’t lose with any of the other 30.

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Go team, go kicks, go healthy, go happy.  Hip Hop, we just don’t stop. Move on. Keep on.