Maternity workwear.  Isn't that phrase just so…depressing?  Ugh.  It conjures up images of schlumpy, black, ill-fitting suits and those awful maternity button-down shirts.  (shudder)

We can do better, Mamas.  

I threw together a small Spring capsule wardrobe for working mamas-to-be.  And it's almost completely post-partum friendly, and much of it is pumping-friendly.  But best of all?  Maternity workwear (blaaaah) has come such a long way that not only would I happily(!!) wear any of these pieces NOT pregnant, but most are pretty. darn. affordable. 



1. Layering Camis

The secret to stretching your non-maternity clothes at the office is to make sure your belly is always covered.  I tried many a maternity cami, but the only ones that would reliably cover my GINORMOUS pregnant belly was Isabella Oliver's.  Also, these camis are more like tank-tops than undershirts, so can be worn alone on the weekends.

Featured:  Isabella Oliver Ruched Cami, $52 


2. Blousey Tops

Look for tops with both volume, and drape.  They will hide the early-pregnancy pooch from your co-workers, have enough room to accommodate a growing belly and serve you well in your post-partum days.  Many are even nursing-friendly.  Extra points if you can find a cool pattern.

Featured: LOFT Maternity Printed Blouse, $64 | Seraphine Bamboo Nursing Top, $85 | ASOS Cowl Neck $29


3. Maternity Trousers

If you can get away with your non-maternity work pants…well.  You are a luckier Mama than I.  I had to buy actual maternity pants for work…and the side panels (like the black ASOS pants above) are my preferred waistband.  They fit even if you carry low and large, and also work post-partum.  

Pregnancy is a great time to try an unexpected style.  Your body is changing so fast, you might be surprised by what works!  Personally, I'd snap up the slouchy, cropped, Topshop trousers (styleboard below).

I found that if you work full(ish) time, you can get away with two pairs of pants.  It gets boring after a while, but works.

Featured: ASOS Black Maternity Pant, $37 | Topshop Maternity Brushed Chinos, $56




4. A High Waist Pencil Skirt

This is such a flattering silhouette for pregnancy and post-partum.  Pull that waistband up over the bump (or post-partum pooch).  In post-partum, you'll need Spanx, but the high waist does help distract from the pooch.

Featured:  TopShop Maternity Tube Skirt, $40  (Or try the ASOS Maternity Pencil Skirt, $33 if you prefer black)



5.  A Day-To-Night Dress

This dress isn't *really* going to work post-partum, or even after you get your shape back – at least not on its own.  You can't nurse in it, it's only borderline work-friendly.  So why was it included?  Because everyone – especially pregnant mamas – should have something that makes them feel sexy. And besides….I think pregnant mamas can get away with a wee bit of…creativity in the work place.  Throw a blazer over this bad boy and you've got a work outfit.  Take it off?  Voila!  Date night.  Besides, these maternity bodycon dresses are surprisingly affordable.   

Featured: ASOS Maternity Geo Scarf Print Dress, $50  




6. Comfy and Cheerful Shoes

At some point….most mamas surrender their killer heels.  I resisted all through my first pregnancy, but my second?  BWAH HA HA…NO.  Pregnancy is a good time to invest in some seriously comfortable shoes.  But OMG there is NO REASON they need to be depressing comfort shoes.  You know?

Featured:  Tieks Lavender Snake Flats, $265 | Kate Spade NY Kimmy, $209

ps.  Tieks are pricey, but I was recently sent a pair to review and…OH MY.  They are the only ballet flats I've tried that are seriously cushy with butter-soft leather.  I'm showing a printed pair here, but their solid colors are roughly $100 less.


7.  An Oversized Tote

You belly is big.  Your bag can be bigger.  Besides, you can always use it as a diaper bag eventually.

Featured: Vince Camuto Julia Satchel, $248




Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 9.19.31 PM


ASOS has generously offered one of our lovely readers a $50 gift card!  If you aren't familiar with ASOS, they are a huge (HUGE) online retailer of amazing, on-trend pieces.  They are one of my very top picks for maternity clothes (see their entire line here), and have a decent selection of gorgeous nursing bras.  If I won, I'd snap up this dress, and I wish this parka came in a non-maternity version….which reminds me:

You don't have to be pregnant to win.  Any US resident can enter this giveaway.  The $50 code is good for anything on  The giveaway ends Friday, March 8th  at midnight.

To enter, leave us a comment and let us know what is at the top of your shopping list for Spring.

Good luck, and happy shopping!!









  1. !!!! As a nine-months postpartum working mom, I have lived in my Isabella Oliver cami and that Seraphine sweater… I feel so validated by the great ANMJ! I’m almost-but-not-quite down to my prepreg size, and trying to dress nursing boobs in my original work wear can be an adventure, so a blazer in a funky color is on the top of my list for spring!

  2. at 6 months pregnant i refuse to resign myself to sweatpants!
    my wishlist includes wedge sneakers (to make my maternity skinny jeans and tshirts more interesting) and patterned blazers to top off my (almost-finished) handmade maternity pencil skirts

  3. Printed denim. Is that too predictable? Maybe also a spring jacket in a very cheerful color. I’m so done with winter!

  4. Love all these picks! I just gave birth a few months ago, so right now I’m (almost) back in my regular clothes and looking forward to spring trends. One item on my list is the perfect jean skirt!

  5. I am 25 weeks pregnant, and finally “popped.” I definitely would like that pair of ASOS dress pants, as I still have 12 weeks of teaching college students ahead of me before my leave. My GAP maternity pants are humiliating (maybe because I am not big enough yet?) and those side panels would be nice!

  6. I have 6 weeks to go until D day, so this spring I will be hunting for lots of post partum, nursing friendly options that will still allow me to chase around my two year old.

  7. I just recently quit my job to stay home with my one year old daugther, I need more toddler friendly tees, boyfriend jeans, and tan wedge sandals and a complimenting tan crossbody bag.

  8. I really like those maternity work pants– everything I had when I was pregnant was either stifling or practically fell off. Could use some better ones for next time.

  9. I’m feeling way preggo at 26 weeks so this would be a fabulous prize to win! I would love some black wedge sandals or some maternity boyfriend denim.

  10. I’ve worn all my skinny jeans/jeggings to the point they’re stretched beyond what a wash and dry can fix, so I’ll be restocking this spring.

  11. I am shopping for nursing-friendly tops! There’s a 7-year gap between my girls so I totally moved away from clothes that are easy to nurse in. Since I have at least a year and probably more like two or three years ahead of needing easy-access, that’s what I’m shopping for this spring.

  12. I’m in the market for dresses with nursing access. I love that a dress can be forgiving with a fluctuating post partum body but more put together than gym wear. I just need to find some with wrap tops or buttons.

  13. I’m due with #2 at the end of April. I’m looking for some things that will get me few the last month with a giant belly, then usher me through Spring baby wearing and nursing whilst running after a toddler!

  14. S, you have inspired me to finally break down and get out of my it-doesn’t-have-holes-yet-so-I’ll-keep-wearing-it rut. I feel confident enough about what trends I like and have FINALLY parted with the clothes I have had since HIGH SCHOOL (10 YEARS…pathetic). I need to continue building up some fresh wardrobe basics!

  15. I am six weeks pregnant with my third, and cannot even bear to think about what I will wear through another Baltimore summer of pregnancy. Nor can I think about what jeans I will wear when I can no longer button my one pair of skinnies. A dress and a pair of maternity jeans?

  16. Due in August. Just wrapping up my maternity wardrobe purchases. I think I’ve done well with a variety of dresses, skirts, shorts, and tees. As a stay at home mom, I don’t want anything fussy. Would like to add some blousy tops that I can use now and postpartum. On the hunt for nursing friendly.

  17. I’m on the lookout for nursing friendly dresses and tops. I’ve practically worn out my yoga pants this winter and I’m ready to make more of an effort this spring and summer! As a stay at home mom the yoga pants are just so easy and it’s really hard to get out of that rut.

  18. I am 20 weeks pregnant with my second and am looking for a few additional maternity pieces to increase my options. I need jeans, 1-2 more work trousers, and few more tops.

  19. Maternity clothes are actually at the top of my list for spring, since I’ll be in my 2nd trimester then. But I’m really just psyched for summer and crazy maxi dresses once I have a serious bump. πŸ™‚

  20. I am 12 weeks pregnant, work full time and live in the south, so my spring shopping will be mostly long layering camis (like the one shown), maxi skirts, and maxi dresses. I’ll dress them up for work with blazers.

  21. 24 weeks pregnant with baby boy #2 and I’m looking for a brightly colored (and comfy) kimono-style maxi; and the top to the gorgeous maternity bikini I bought last pregnancy πŸ™

  22. Still nursing so I want the Hot Milk Light Up The Stage Set. It would be nice to have non-Costco underwear to match my nursing bras. πŸ™‚

  23. I’m in my first year of teaching college courses and have had to do some serious wardrobe improvement since finishing grad school! On the list for spring: anything but wool pants & sweaters!

  24. If I won, I would be on the hunt for a decent, non-tent-like maternity dress for a wedding I’m going to in May as I am pregnant with my second babe and probably wont be able to squeeze myself into any of my non maternity dresses in 2 months. Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. I’m due in August, so some flowy, breezy maxi dresses are definitely at the top of my list – I think they’ll be the only thing to make the NYC summer bearable at 7+ months!

  26. At the top of my list is an adorable pair of wedges that I can run around with two little ones while wearing!! Or that adorabel Hobo bag I found on the ASOS site!

  27. I need a new pair of skinny jeans (ASOS has the BEST maternity skinny jeans, but I finally had to give them up since I’m 7 months post-partum) and a striped blazer.

  28. I am still looking for a go to dress. One that is easy to wear, washes well, flattering when I put it on, and of course good for baby chasing.

  29. At the top of my spring list is a maxi skirt with a slit (need some room for running after my toddler). It would be bonus awesome in a color like coral or turquoise. I haven’t found The One yet…maybe you can help!

  30. I will be on the hunt for emerald, tie-waist shorts (with a relaxed fit) to pair with a sheer white tank and black and white striped long cardigan that does not tuck under my butt like most long cardigans do! Can you tell I’ve put a little thought into my spring wardrobe already :)!

  31. I am obsessed with maxi skirts and dresses! Perfect for a stylish mommy. Definitely need more this spring. Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. I am on the hunt for a maxi dress and some “mom approved” wedge sandals that still allow me to scoop up my little wild man when he is on the run.

  33. I am 1 month postpartum and looking to completely revitalize my wardrobe from top to bottom, but a go-to maxi is at the top of my list right now!

  34. The top of my Spring list… MATERNITY to keep me sane while I bake these two babies as long as I can through the sweltering summer!!! Help a growing Pregasuarus Rex out pleeeaaase! πŸ˜‰

  35. Since I (mostly) live in my workout clothes (I’m more likely to get in a workout at the boys’ naptime that way) I’m on the lookout for some new, cute options so I don’t always wear the same running pants and sweatshirt…

  36. I am on the hunt for a dress that I can wear to my sister’s bachelorette party and also the rehearsal dinner. I will be about 6 months pregnant with my second at the time.

  37. As a mommy with three kiddos, ages 3, 22mos & 4 mos, I am DROOLING over those Elle Macpherson nursing bras! I am seriously still using the two that I bought when I had my three-year-old ;P They are still in fairly good shape considering that they’ve been used non-stop for 41 months. They are WELL worth the price you pay πŸ™‚

  38. Fifteen weeks and counting! I own a Pilates studio, so I’m working mama but with different dress requirements. But those drapey tops are PERFECT for teaching! And so pretty. I’ll be putting those on the top of my list for sure!

  39. The top of my shopping list, being 2 weeks postpartum, are some nursing-friendly pooch-hiding tops. When I look back at pictures of what I was wearing after my first was born….((shudder)).

  40. Just found out I’m preggo with #2. How is it possible that I looked pregnant as soon as I peed on the stick? (Or maybe it’s just postpartum pooch continued). Anywho, I have a feeling I’ll be needing maternity wear sooner in this pregnancy. And these are all fabulous picks! (as always)

  41. Pregnant with #3 and trying to get stylish this time around on a limited budget. Been stretching my non maternity clothes thus far but its getting very uncomfortable. I’m looking for the perfect maternity skinny jeans/pants, maybe a fun color, looong tanks that can work post pregos, striped tops for layering under a chambray or blazer aaaand I am always in search of those amazing spanish gladiator style sandals featured here on one of the mom street style posts last summer I think.

  42. A flattering dress to show off my post baby figure when I return to work. I need all the confidence I can get because I’m so sad to leave my little baby D.
    Here’s to the sunshine!

  43. Ain’t that the truth?!?
    I’ll be hunting for blousy, nursing friendly tops and destructed denim. Jeans with zippers – one of the little pleasures I missed while pregnant!!

  44. A fabulous hobo bag, and some pretty dresses- that are simple, chic and go from day to date night easily. Thank you for hosting the give-away!!! xo

  45. I need all things maternity as this baby (3rd) is due in the late summer unlike my other two spring babies. Some flowy tops would be great right now!

  46. I am dying for some small-scale floral print shorts and cropped pants – like J. Crew’s Liberty prints but cheaper.

  47. I want some beautiful maxi dresses to ride of the rest of this pregnancy in! It’s even better if I could find some non-maternity options that can accomodate the bump (and still be worn post-partum).

  48. This reminds me: I would love to see a post on hiding early bump at work while not looking like a bag lady. I showed very early with my second and failed big time. Most people didn’t know I was pregnant, but they definitely knew something was wrong.
    Aside from buying waaaay too much cashmere on clearance, I’m looking forward to buying a pretty, NON-nursing bra this spring! And t-shirts badly in need of refreshing. I’m anxious awaiting your next t-shirt review.

  49. I’d choose something cheery to update my spring wardrobe. Something double duty- Work wear that can be worn other ways too

  50. Great post. Do you my any chance know how the Isabella Oliver tanks compare in length to the Glamourmom BF tanks? The IO stuff is always gorgeous but kind of pricey… Sounds like they might be worth it, though.

  51. This Spring I am excited to shop for maxi dresses that will work during pregnancy and post partum. Also on the hunt for cute maternity workout wear and sports bras that fit my new additions!

  52. I’m on the look out for cool, breezy summer dresses to wear through my third and final pregancy (but first summer pregnancy!).

  53. I’m looking for a cute stripey maternity tee, to make my spring wardrobe a little nautical. πŸ™‚

  54. my must have list this spring is all sorts of maternity wear! im pregnant with my first babe and due in july, so im still learning how to dress this bump πŸ˜‰ husband and i love our date nights and i cant wait for some new wardrobe pieces! that parka is totally amazing, as is ASOS!

  55. Great post! This is my first time commenting, but I’m a long time fan! This spring I’m hoping to add edge to my usual classic look.

  56. Looking for no snow…
    And looking for cute, versatile and low cost maternity clothes. Especially bright colored pants.

  57. I’m looking for the perfect spring scarf to brighten up my neutral tops and jeans wardrobe, and also a raincoat that actually looks cute πŸ™‚

  58. I love the boyfriend shirt on the ASOS website and might get many for the spring/ summer. They look like they would be great for after pregnancy too. My top pick would be the strapless tankini with the bow in blue. I will be living at the pool this summer being 9 months pregnant in August in AL!! My toddler will want to be at the pool anyway so it will be a win for both of us!

  59. I’m in the market for a great dress that can be worn in the spring and summer and even in to fall with some layering that ‘s easy for me to run around in after my one year old!

  60. I am due April 22 in Texas, so I need a couple of dresses that work in the heat for maternity and newly post partum until I get back into my old stuff.

  61. I’m still searching for a dress that looks cute with the bump but is neither a tent nor a skin tight tube. No luck so far…

  62. Nursing bras and camis, since I’m expecting our third son in just a few weeks and I’ll be living in those things for the next few years!

  63. Great post. I love the dress you featured. I’m 5 months pregnant with number 3 but in a different climate so I’ll be shopping for cute tops. And let me tell you this belly gets HUGE. Pick me, pick me!

  64. I would love the bright pink J. Crew Factory City Mini for spring, as well as some colorful wedges and perhaps a cute spring tote. I’m also still on the lookout for the perfect pair of affordable ankle booties.

  65. I’m in LOVE with this Seraphine top – I would wear it constantly now and postpartum. And I ASOS – best maternity clothes at the right price!

  66. Ummmm a whole new wardrobe? My whole closet is so depressing and full of boring clothes I wasted my time and money on throughout my 20s. Now that I’m an early 30s workin’ mama, it’s time to jazz up my post-partum self.

  67. I am not a mom or mom-to-be yet, but I think your ideas are great, and I’ve forwarded your blog to my friends who are! I’m looking for the perfect, lightweight, drapey, leather jacket.

  68. Top of my list? Summer maternity wear! Especially a maxi dress. I am determined to be comfortable all summer during this pregnancy. πŸ™‚

  69. Love ASOS! I’m needing some new maxi’s this spring!!
    p.s. As a working mother of two, your blog is my daily read!! You totally make me feel like I’m not alone in whatever life struggle I’m dealing with (crazy toddler, body issue, severe sleep deprivation)!! Thank you for that! πŸ™‚

  70. I’m pregnant with number 3 (surprise!) I have a couple of wants for this time around that can carry over into my (looooong) post partum period of frumpyness. Onm y wish list are a good chambray tunic/shirt, a good pair of maternity jeans or casual trousers, and some blousy shirts that can carry over into pooch hiders later. I gave away all my maternity clothes after #2 since weren’t having any more!

  71. Just gave birth to number four, eight days ago. My first boy! Eeeee! It was such a fun surprise! I’m already realizing my post-partum/nursing wardrobe is pretty much non-existent. I vaguely remember getting rid of stuff so that I would feel better about shopping this time.
    A fabulous nursing friendly, pooch friendly top would be first on my list!

  72. I’m looking for a lightweight, cute hooded raincoat to get ready for spring showers (though we don’t have many here is Southern California). I literally haven’t had a hooded raincoat in years. It’s time!

  73. I’m pregnant with my second, due in July! This was a very timely post for me πŸ™‚ High on my shopping list this spring is a comfortable/pretty maternity maxi dress. I love maternity dresses because I remember that as my belly grew, I loved the freedom of a dress (instead of something with a band around my hips!).

  74. I’m almost done cooking #2, and I’ll need nursing, pooch-friendly tops for when I go back to work. Also, I loved Cam’s v-neck sweater over shirt dress outfit, so I’d like to replicate that.

  75. I’d love a pair of wellies! The baby, pup & I are itching to get out to walk in the parkway once the weather stays above freezing. But that will be a sloppy mess, so the boots are an absolute must this spring. For a slightly less practical item, I really need to replace my pair of nude wedges. Those things go w/ everything, but I’ve worn them out! I might need to have a little ceremony to retire them. We’ve really been through a lot together.

  76. Being pregnant with my third, I hate all of my maternity work clothes, and have so many client meetings this spring I am in the market for some key pieces you’ve highlighted!

  77. I would love to get something bright, colorful, printed, something that is NOT black, white, or gray πŸ™‚ Something I wouldn’t normally buy for myself. It’s so much easier to take a chance on something when you’ve got a gift card!

  78. number 3 on the way, I could use a great summer dress. I’ll be sweating my brains out in NC waiting for this baby to come and chasing 2 little girls until August! πŸ™‚

  79. preggers with #2 with 2 months to go and am already large and low…would love some bright jeans and fun top…to ring in spring

  80. I am definitely looking to invest in a great everyday Tote bag! My days of carrying two bags for me and the little one are OVER LOL! I’m looking into the LV Neverfull Bag…its an investment but well worth it in my opinion.

  81. I’d love to donate some of my REALLY outdated spring attire
    and find some cute distressed jeans, cool printed tees, and maybe
    a fun blazer!

  82. I’m learning to dress my new body post twins…ugh. Maxi dresses, flowy tops and some new Toms are at the top of my list. FINALLY found some jeans that fit.

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