Spring Mom-Uniform Update: Try a Bandage Mini


It's March.  Know what that means?  Sigh.  I'm about ready to burn my skinnies.  Like, literally burn them.  As a sacrifice to the weather gods to BRING ME SOME SUN ALREADY.  I mean, it feels like Spring…in my heart.  BOOOO

As a sanity saving measure, I'm wearing a skirt.


Long-time readers may recall my love affair with bandage minis last summer.  Well, I busted 'em out again.  Already!!  I know.  But here's the thing:  Remember our Leggings-As-Pants discussion?  This cheap little skirt kinda solves that problem.  And since it's stretchy (and cheap – I did mention cheap, right?)…it's perfect for running around with the kids.  

Note:  I happen to be wearing tights in these pics, but I do this with leggings all the time – you wouldn't know the diff.  And navy + black, because I'm obsessed.  And, of course, a turtleneck.  Sigh


(wearing:  An ancient Gap turtleneck sweater – here's one that's awesomely oversized, Target bandage mini – similar at Forever 21 for $6, Plush fleece-lined tights, Steve Madden wedge sneaks, bag from top pic is Nine West – love this nylon one on sale for $38)

We've been visiting DC quite a bit.  Mike has had work conferences blahblahblah – anyway, I've been taking advantage of free-to-me hotels in this very cool city.  We actually got a bit of sun.  Enough to – gasp – REMOVE THE TURTLENECK.  Mike took pictures as proof.


(wearing: Splendid tee now sold out – try this one for awesome drapiness, Target bandage mini - similar at Forever 21 for $6, Plush fleece-lined tightsSteve Madden wedge sneaks)

Which brings me to my last point about bandage minis:  you can wear them with some over-sized, slightly schlubby, pooch-hiding top and you still look cute.  Because HEY!  SKIRT!

Final Note:  I would like to take credit for finding this skirt…but I cannot.  M texted me a pic of this awesome Target find last summer, and I instantly ran out and bought it.  Cause that's what friends do:  Dress as TargetTwinsTargetTwins.



ps.  How do you guys prefer the outfit details?  Under the pic (as above), or down at the bottom, all together – like this?

pps.  Thank you SO much for linking up and sending in v-neck sweater pics!  I'm keeping the post updated…so keep on sending!! xoxo


  1. I like the details under the photo – much easier to decipher.
    Also! I *almost* bought the target sneaker wedges today, and I blame you for making them look so cute! But I remembered that I never wear heels unless it’s a special occasion and put them back… but I’m still tempted. What about flat high tops? Is it time to get some Air Jordans? I’m 5’8″ and I’m happy at that height… when I wear heels I feel like a giant – like I literally tower over everyone.

  2. Don’t burn the skinnies, you are my inspiration to look as good you do in them πŸ™‚ You are my reference point of where I want to be, in skinnies!
    Also ………. under.
    Love you and everything you write and post here.

  3. Hmmm. Bandage mini- could it work for a preggie mama? I mean, are they stretchy at the waist too, or zip and button? It does look very fresh for winter weariness.

  4. Cheap stretch minis are a blessing for tall girls -I wear them under tunic tops/dresses (with or without leggings) that would be indecently too short otherwise.
    I prefer outfit details under the relevant pic.

  5. I have some with a zip, and some without.  But the zip is pretty much just for show.  You could prob wear these under the belly pretty easily.
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  6. Cindy, I have that problem with other skirts, but not these.  If anything, the hemline creeps up over time and I have to pull it back down….but it no more often than me hoisting the waistband of my skinnies back up over my muffin top.  πŸ™‚
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  7. Under the photo!
    Did I miss the post where we talked about wedge sneakers? Because I just lost the last hour on Zappos looking at several pairs.
    This is a really cute east-coast-is-it-spring-yet-i-don’t-know-where-is-the-sun-goshdarnit outfit.

  8. I’ve never tried a bandage mini. I’ll have to bust out of my comfort zone this year.
    For the record – I live in MN and we have a snow day today, so I’m jealous that you only have to wear a turtleneck! πŸ™‚ Spring will come soon. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself).

  9. That’s so funny… I’ve been thinking about my mini lately too and spring ::sigh:: I definitely prefer the comments directly below the coordinating photo

  10. Firstly, can I just say how much finding this site has saved my sanity (on SO many levels). You always feel like you are the only one who feels this way and to find other Mama’s out there… *sigh* it’s a relief. And secondly, I grabbed the bandage mini last year (after a friend also told me about them), and it’s been a staple for me (along with maxi skirts and fitted blazers) throughout winter (I live in Las Vegas, so we can kind of get away with it here – for the most part). You do an awesome job – keep it up. And, yes, under the pic is perfect.

  11. Shana, you’ve been making trips to my city! What!? I hope you are coming to realize how awesome DC is, especially for the kiddos. In case you didn’t already know, The Kennedy Center has free performances every day at 6pm in the Grand Foyer, so if the kids can hold out until 7ish for dinner, it’s a great way to get in some free performing arts. I love my city and have lots or recs for fun things to do and great yet inexpensive food. Let me know if you are in need of some ideas. I love your blog and would like to think I can give back in some small way.

  12. I am in total agreement with the majority here – comments are DEF best just below the photo! Shana… you are TOTALLY inspirational – keep it going gurl!

  13. Love the outfit info under the pic! Great! And I love the look (I loved it back when you introduced it last year!) However, how does it work in chasing kiddos around? My youngest is 14 mo…could it still work? Or perhaps this is a “when the kids are older” look? (Then again, I’ll be older too eek!)

  14. Hi Kat! How can we message without overloading the blog!?
    Did you get my message about the sweater? BBDakota spring sweater!
    Love that skirt !..going tomorrow:)

  15. I think under the photo works a little better. Just more accessible.
    I’ve been DYING to break out a skirt or a dress – something/anything that shows some skin!!! I think I can make this work until spring though. πŸ˜‰ BUT… we are getting snow in PA tomorrow, so I’ll have to wait a few more days. I don’t mind winter, but I am so done with it by March.

  16. Ooh! I like that color combo – great idea – esp for Valentine’s Day! I bet you looked great! I’ll have to rock mine at preschool drop-off (the fanciest thing I do on any given day…)

  17. love this blog! and have been sharing it with friends! my bottom-heavy pear-shaped self bought a bandage mini only to realize how large my bum looks in it. Is there anyway to salvage this super cute look without drawing attention to the biggest part of my body? also, the one I bought (from target) was tight enough that it hugged underneath my bum. not flattering for me. Is there another you would recommend?

  18. Abby, with leggings, it works even crawling around on the floor. It also helps that both the bandage skirt and leggings were under $20. πŸ™‚ But YES – approved for toddler mamas!!

  19. Thanks for the feedback! Glad to know I’m not the only one loving a bandage skirt. Doesn’t necessarily feel like the best mom-i-form, but yet….totally works. πŸ™‚

  20. Pretty please can you do a write up in wedge /hidden heel sneakers? I am torn about whether to get a pair. You make them look oh so cute. Have I missed the boat on the trend? Its autumn here in New Zealand. Will they stay another season? Can they be styled for winter? (note we don’t get snow, just wind and rain). P.s. I am addicted to your blog…I should be catching up on sleep, but I keep having to read more!

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