Spring Momiform Inspiration: Two Takes on the Trench


5332002446_76ac3d171f_b  I know I've harped on this before, but a great jacket can make an outfit. While I've been partial to my hunter green anorak of late, let's not forget about the iconic trench.

There are two points to keep in mind when rockin' the trench.  The first is to not over-think it, and the second?  To realize that the belt should never be belted at the waist via the buckle.  Instead:

1.  Tie the belt around your waist, ignoring the fact that it has a belt buckle (example below)


2.  Tie the belt behind you so you can wear the trench open, but the silhouette stays sleek.

And the not-over-thinking thing?  All that means is that you should throw your trench on over anything and everything.  Don't worry about matching.  It goes. with. everything.  Even destroyed boyfriend jeans and hubby beater tanks.  (Heck, especially destroyed boyfriend jeans and hubby beater tanks.)

Annabel of Blushing Ambition, who I've featured on ANMJ before, uses her fab APC trench to dress up a plain white tee, skinny jeans and flats (pic above).  Easy, right?  It doesn't get any mom-friendlier than this.  And oh-so-chic.  Annabel's look needs no translating for mom…but you can get her APC trench here, currently on sale for about $300.

Secondly, I'm loving March how Andy of Style Scrapbook rocks her trench with gray tights and tan wedges.  This color palette is so perfect for Spring.

And see how she just knots her belt?  Nice.

To recreate, throw a fabulous trench on over leggings, a comfy dress (even one of those cheap Target specials) and short boots.  Wedge heels optional.

Here's my take:




I've been obsessed with Spring jackets lately, so more to come!!




  1. I saw a girl at the zoo this weekend who had on skinny jeans, tall boots, a white t and a trench and she just looked fantastic! So effortless yet so pulled together! It made me want to ditch the family with the polar bears and run to the nearest store to buy one.

  2. Sigh. I have tried so hard to find a trench I love, and I keep coming up short. The search seems especially daunting this spring!
    But the tie v. belt is SUCH an important styling tip. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone actually use the buckle–way too stuffy!

  3. Thanks so much for the post… Can you give any more suggestions on trench coats? Maybe what to look for when buying a trench coat, or more ideas on where to buy one? I’ve looking for a nice khaki trench for years, but it seems all the shades of khaki I find seem to washme out…

  4. I’ve had a tough time finding a trench I love as well — I think that key is fabric. I’ve bought some less than $$ trenches that had a little too much crunch in the fabric. I am now on the hunt for one that has a great, ‘soft’ drape (while still being crisp and detailed enough to be a trench). Thinking maybe the JCrew trench. I also have a tough time with camel/tan — I am very blonde and always feel very very pasty in camel, though I want to love it. I think it is a matter of finding the right one. Thanks for the post. I’m re-inspired.

  5. Another classic item I will add to the list.
    Confession: I bought jeans with a waist that may be high enough to flirt with being called Mom Jeans but they are so darn comfortable. They are slightly bootcut so maybe I’m not looking totally unhip. I think they would look fab with a trench (and those nude flats from last week).
    Thanks again for teaching this fashion challenged girl. 😉

  6. Tip for those looking for a classic trench: I scored a Buberry at Nordstrom’s anniversary sale last year- $400 OFF! It fits perfectly and I’ll never have to buy another one again. Even has a removable cashemere lining for when the weather get chilly. Apparently they put Burberry on sale each time at that sale, so watch out!

  7. Great minds think alike – totally have a “trench post” coming up! Super jealous of the great Burberry score – I have settled with my cheapo Old Navy one for the time being…

  8. Megan – The trench truly has transformative powers. 🙂
    Amy – I agree. And they pop up when you least expect it. I have one I like…that I pulled off the clearance rack at Banana 5/6 years ago…for $19. Yowza.
    Rachel O & Stephanie – Try navy. A navy trench is almost as classic, and just feels so right this Spring with all of the stripes. J. Crew and LOFT make amazing ones.
    Kelly – A high waist won’t make it a mom jean. A high waist coupled with front pleats and tiiiny little back pockets will. I think you’re safe. 🙂 Your planned outfit sounds perfect!!
    Megan – OMG!! Best. Tip. Ever. Thanks!!
    Tysie – Me too. 🙂 I’ll be sure to check out your post.

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