Spring Trend: Espadrilles (And My Favorite, Most Comfortable Pair)


espadrilles light blue

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed espadrilles slowly making a style comeback. And this year it seems that they are back in a big way. They are the perfect shoe for Spring and Summer: easy to dress up or down and comfortable. Plus, since most espadrilles are made with soft, flexible cotton canvas fabric, they are easy to throw in a suitcase or beach bag without taking up a ton of room.

I’ve always loved the idea of espadrilles- mainly because I can’t help but picture them being worn by a sophisticated and stylish European woman while on holiday to the French coast or the Mediterranean. Ugh,  even my daydreams make me jealous.

And since I don’t see a trip to Italy or Greece happening in my near future…gosh darn, I at least can have the shoes right??

Shana raised some really great concerns for me to consider while searching for espadrilles. First, how comfortable and wearable are they really? Some are made with hard leather inserts in the heel or stiff leather straps around the ankle, which of course causes rubbing and blisters. Second, many of the “authentic” European brands of Espadrilles don’t come in half sizes, only whole sizes, so what size would fit best?

Here’s what I found that worked best for me:



Last SpringI bought a pair of VISCATA Barcelona Escala Wedges in black. They have a 2.5″ wedge heel, with a soft ankle-tie and a closed toe. AND they are not only the most comfortable pair of espadrilles I’ve ever owned, but they are also one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own! Plus, the price is hard to beat at around $65.00. I wore them almost every day last summer and my feet were never angry once. I loved them so much that I bought another pair of the same brand and same type but in “jean” color for this year.

espadrilles light blue 1

light blue espadrilles distressed jeans



Viscatas’ espadrilles are made from all natural materials and what makes them so comfortable are their soft padded soles, and soft canvas upper, jute midsole and natural rubber sole. Plus the wedge heel is a nice height at 2.5″ and feels just as easy to walk in as flats (and I would tell you if the heel made it difficult to walk because I’m usually the most wobbly, unbalanced heel wearer there is). Also,  they have more than 50 different styles besides the closed toe soft ankle style that I’m wearing.

They do recommend that you order a size up if you are usually a half size, which is what I did. I am usually a 7.5 and I ordered an 8, and they fit perfectly. Over time the canvas fabric does tend to stretch and loose it’s shape a little but the comfort level doesn’t change.

Here’s a little round up of some of my other favorite Viscata styles:


dolce vita espadrilles close up final

dolce vita espadrilles floral wrap dress final 1-2


I bought these black dv Skye espadrilles at Target purely based on the style. I’ve had pretty good experiences with Dolce Vita brand name shoes over the years and love the styles they come up with. So, I was pretty excited to discover that Dolce Vita is partnering with Target to bring in some of their popular styles at a more budget friendly price. On the upside: these guys were a steal at $27.99. But on the downside: they are not very comfortable. I’m still hoping that they just need a little bit of wearing in order to be wearable. They are made to look like they are made of leather, but instead they are actually made with a tough rubber material that has little give so they dig in to my ankle and my heel a bit. Again, I would suggest buying a half a size up in these. I bought a 7.5 size which is what I usually wear but they fit very snuggly.

And just to round things up, here are a few more of my favorite espadrille styles I’ve seen so far this Spring:






  1. What is the bottom of these like? I had a pair once that I think were espadrilles that I wore and it started raining and the shoes were ruined and the water soaked up through the bottom. I’ve avoided shoes that look like that ever since…

  2. the bottom of the viscatas are rubber….Ive had the blue ones pictured in the post for over a year and wore them all the time last spring and summer. I am not easy on my shoes (I basically wear them until they are worn out) but they are still pretty sturdy…you can see there is a little wear and tear on the bottom of the heel, but I’ve worn them in the rain before and that’s how they look…I didn’t get them soaked though, just little puddles and such.

  3. Is having the tie around your ankle bothersome @ all? Love the heel height, color and want to try the open toe, just not sure about having the ankle ‘wrapped’ ??

  4. Just had to stop back here to say that I bought the VISCATA Escalara ones and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I got them in navy/white stripe. They are equally the most comfortable shoe ever AND I receive so many compliments on them.

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