Spring Trend To Wear Now: Destroyed Denim (with tights)



Sick of skinnies and boots yet?  Me too. And since Spring is promising to bring destroyed denim in a big, big way, I find myself wanting to bust them out now.  (In 30 degree weather yesIknow.)

Since I routinely wear my fleece-lined Plush tights under jeans when it's really, really cold….why not let 'em show?  

How 99.9% of our pics turn out:  Photo-bombed by a paper-airplane wielding 5 yr old



It works, right?



And since I tend to obsess over new styling tricks….I wore a version of this outfit literally all weekend.  Including date night:


And Mamas?   This is the jacket that I told you about on Friday.  The little faux-fur number that I've been hunting for since NYFW. [cringe]  It was only $38???  Gah!  I know what you are thinking!! I do!  And fine.  You are right.  So let me just say it:  BAAA  BAAAA

Happy now?  Good.  Anyway, I kinda…love…it?  It's a new thing for me, feeling glamorous and warm (whilewearingMike'ssweater).  I hate (hate! HATE!) being cold, so in the winter, my bar typically tops out at "cute".  It's the best I can do.  I blame my addiction to wool turtlenecks, Mamas.  Sexy seems so out of reach when all that wool is involved.  But this faux-fur number….I was actually able to rock – gasp – a v-neck sweater and still be warm.  So don't judge me too harshly, Mamas.  Just do me one small favor:  if you do hit purchase, just say: BAAAAAA


playtime mom outfit deets:

Jeans – Abercrombie & Fitch Straight Leg in Medium Destroyed (gone – but I also like these for $49 or these for $200).

Scarf – old JCrew men's scarf, similar here on sale for $30

Jacket – old fleece moto jacket from ROOTS Canada, but I also love this one for $150 (also in gray for $128), or this one for $68 (has faux-leather panels), or this crazy-cheap one in a puffer version.

Boots – DV Dolce Vita Java Booties on sale for $76

Bag – Makr Rucksack


Playtime For Mom outfit deets:

Jeans – See above

Jacket - C. Luce color-block faux-fur jacket on sale for $38

Top – Mike's old sweater

Boots – old Nine West Booties – similar here

Gloves – Echo Touch Tech Gloves, now on sale for $28

Clutch – My Mom's prom purse, similar vintage one on Etsy


Mamas, I can't thank you enough for all of your amazing feedback on the survey.  I've been reading through all of your responses – EACH AND EVERY ONE – and it has just been so gratifying, so THANK YOU!  I'm blown away by the number of you who took time out of your busy days to give us some really constructive feedback.  It's obvious reading your responses that even your constructive criticism comes from a place of love – you guys really want us to get better, to grow.  I can't thank you enough.  We will do our best.   If you haven't yet taken the survey and want to, there is still time.




  1. Good to hear as my go to postpartum jeans are two different sizes of destroyed bf denim. Am having 2nd boy any day now, and the destroyed denim thing is (a) size-flexible, (b) easily repeatable with a little top variation, (3) toddler-chasing- friendly, and (4) economical as they’re already in my closet. Keep the style tips coming on them – am planning to rock cuffed destroyed boyfriends while wearing boy 2 and chasing boy 1 all season long!

  2. I just can’t get on board with this one. Destroyed anything is not for me. Not even for my almost five-year-old. It looks sloppy to me.

  3. This is just one of (the many many many) things I love about this blog..the furry coat, it’s not necessarily my style (though I also thought ankle boots weren’t my style either..or moto boots..annnnd guess who now has BOTH in my closet thanks to you ;)but you rock it! But the best part? I am still laughing over the “Baaaaaaa”….still…laughing…This Blog and you gals make me happy!

  4. Oh, yes yes yes. I have ongoing debates with several friends about destroyed denim. Me being on the “pro” side. I guess it’s my inner child- aka inner rebellious teenage hippie.
    My cousin wears destroyed denim over printed Winnie-the-pooh pajama pants. As if it were a thing. Which in my opinion, it maybe should be? But I still also like to pretend I’m a grown-up, so the tights option works too.

  5. Oh and I dont’ necessarily mind the look of destroyed denim..I think it’s perfect for not having to worry about little hands or playing in dirt messing them up…but I just can’t bring myself to buy them like that. It just goes against my logic ha!

  6. I have never worn destroyed denim before. But I do have a pair of boot-cut jeans in my closet that I was thinking about patching after they got multiple holes from, oh, kneeling next to the sand box with my kids. Maybe I won’t patch them afterall. Do you think real holes can look right… or is there something about the placement of pre-destroyed-jean-holes-and-rips that I should know? I want to look fake-sloppy afterall… not real sloppy! Or am I overthinking this??

  7. Ok So I am going to be 50 this year! OMG…and I consider myself still a hot Mama…with two boys in college…am I too old to pull off destroyed denim? Would I just look foolish? comments?

  8. Belinda – I don't know if this helps, but I'll still be wearing destroyed denim in my 50's.  It's my "thing".  And I think as long as you pair it with sophisticated pieces…why not?  Xx
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  9. I think it depends how bad the holes are at this point. If they’re small then the tutorial below would work. But if they’re like my jeans which have one huge hole in each knee from seam to seam then probably not. Mine look like they would be worn by someone standing in front of Home Depot. I’m thinking of turning them into cutoffs instead. If you patch them then I think the best way to go it to make the patch obvious, because patches are visible no matter what and pretending like it’s not there just makes it worse.
    How’s that for over-thinking it? Ha!

  10. Belinda, I came here to post the VERY SAME QUESTION! I mean, I don’t want to be one of those women who only THINKS they look hip. Thanks for the encouragement, Shana! And, in case we need a little more, I point you to last week’s post from Shana showing late-40-something SJP rocking those destroyed Level 99s and looking just FIIINE ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Thank you Kat!! Ok well I guess we are still hip because we read this site?! right?!
    So I guess we will rock the look!..join me Kat?

  12. This is a great look on younger women but for the over 40’s, it looks like we are trying too hard.
    I look younger than I am at 43, have very young kids but I just cannot help but feel like I’m trying to be in my 20’s when I try these on. And when I see people my age in them it just looks wrong. Just being honest! This is one trend I’d like to see go away. But I love your blog and how sweet you are to your over 40 readers!

  13. I’m in the same boat too ladies! Boy number two due any day ๐Ÿ™‚ As far as the destroyed denim debate – I love them. I will admit, I went through a phase where I thought they looked too sloppy and “young” but those were mostly really old jeans that were ACTUALLY destroyed (as opposed to fake destroyed) and DID look like a mess. I ditched those pairs and went with straight denim for a few years, but then I would see cool rocker type moms wearing destroyed and heck, now even J.Crew shows destroyed denim with silk tops and heels! I love it! I think that’s the key to keeping it sophisticated – elevate the other pieces of your outfit (although I will also be rocking them at the playground with just a tee and flats too) But if you are worried about them being too ‘young’, pair with a classy blazer and heels, and buy the fake destroyed, they are different. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Here’s the pair I bought four years ago when they first came out, I was obsessed with them and wore them daily. Then I got pregnant and they never fit again (wah!) But I recently found them on Ebay a few sizes up and am obsessed with wearing these after my next babe! (because size is just a number, right?) Seriously high quality amazing denim – here’s the link:

  14. Going to be honest, if you think it looks bad, it probably does. And even if it doesn’t look bad, if you are uncomfortable, you won’t be enjoying yourself!

  15. Love the looks! I’ve been looking for the DV booties everywhere and just scored a pair on 6 pm after reading this. Can’t wait to try them out! Now if I only can get them to look as cute as you do!

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