Start Freaking Out: High-Rise, Black FLARES




Well, well, well.  If one were to imagine the most flattering jean possible, the one jean that would whittle waists and lengthen legs and make everyone look tall and leggy and fabulous….it would come down to a pair of flares, right?  In black, of course.  Because, as we all know, according to every mother in the last hundred years, black slims.

And THEN, add in this season’s high waist and soft, sweatpant-like denim and you have yourself a combination that makes my heart beat oh-so-fast.  A Holy Grail Of Jean that adds Sass back into the places where sleep deprivation has stolen it away.

(well worth it, tho.)



If you follow me on Instagram (@shanachristine), you’ve already seen this outfit (and heard my gushing)….but allow me to make a small prediction:  this IS the jean of the season.  I’m wearing them semi-casually (‘semi’ because no sneakers), but imagine the possibilities for holiday parties!  Fridays at the office!  School plays and dinner parties, date nights and museum outings!  You want versatility?












We had cruised over to Independence Beer Garden on Sunday, only to realize….


….NO HEATLAMPS.  C’mon you guys!  It’s COLD!


Instead, we popped into nearby La Colombe for hot chocolates and coffee.   As you can see, none of us were thrilled by this development.




Before anyone throws us a pity party, we ended up at our usual Sunday-night haunt:  Pub and Kitchen.  They have the best burgers in Philly, and a secret kid’s menu if you ask.  Besides, Pax was grumpy which sometimes I LOVE because cuddles.  (Clearly he wasn’t feeling the Power of The Black Flare.)



Outfit Details

sweater – old, from the Nord Anni Sale a couple of years ago.  However, this Eileen Fisher Merino Wool Poncho has a similar shape (and is light enough to layer).

striped teeVince (size xs)

jeansCitizens of Humanity Fleetwood High Rise Flares (size 24 – they’re super soft and stretchy, I did go down a size.  Also, they’ve been hemmed – PERFECTLY – by Nordstrom.)

boots – old, but if you were to twist my arm and force me to reccomend a cool black boot with a walkable heel….I like the look of these or these.  Both have sock-boot potential.

bagElizabeth and James Suede Duffel (FYI – the backpack in the same fabric is terrible.  Everything falls out.  But this one is amazing.)

Raines (older) – Mike’s hat (similar),  Peek Cords and Converse slip-ons

Pax (younger) – Tucker and Tate Jeans, Red Converse


Also, this LIPSTICK.  It’s ‘Slopes’ by Bobbi Brown, and is so freaking perfect for Fall.


Shopping:  High-Rise Black Flare Jeans

My top pick is the Citizen’s pair I’m wearing, but there are a few others worth mentioning.


Is anyone else as excited as I???  I swear these jeans are giving me heart palpitations.



A HUGE thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  If they hadn’t asked me to take another look at denim trends, this one would’ve slipped right by.  THE HORROR.  As always, all thoughts, product choices and opinions (on bringing children to beer gardens or otherwise #haha) are my own.  Thank you, dear readers, for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very appreciated.


  1. Slopes lipstick also exists in blush. Gives the perfect just in from the cold flush. Citizens jeans have been killing it in my wardrobe lately– cropped drew flares, Corey slouchy slim…but I notice the velvet J Brand kick flares in your recommendations. I own them in deep mulberry and if I really went into how I feel about them, I’d sound crazy. You must find them in the mulberry, you will be so happy you did. That said, ordered the Citizens you’re wearing the other day and counting down for their arrival.

  2. I’m into it! At first I was like nope no nope no to gonna go back to flares, but then it got cold and I was like yes. Here I go.

  3. I love the color of the dark maroon nail polish you have been wearing lately what is the color and brand name??? thanks so much

  4. Any fit advice for high-waisted jeans on short-waisted women? I agree, they look great, but they pinch when I sit, And sometimes I have to hike them up, though this is more of a problem with skinnies than flares. Thick or thin denim? More or less stretch? Belt or no belt? Please advise, shopping enabler (shopping yoda?).

  5. Another one wondering if you sized down… And did you have them hemmed? Honestly, the hemming is the biggest mental hurdle for me with flares! Well, that and the heels. I’m a flats/sneakers girl fo sho.

    • Yes! I sized down one size (it was a close call, honestly, but they’re so stretchy) AND I hemmed them. (And by “I” I mean Nordstrom.) 🙂

  6. For anybody who is freakishly tall… as in, so tall that all the suggestions here are too short… GAP skinny flares in x-long tall are AMAZING. Similar cut to the Citizens above, soft, and high-rise. And LONG. The black ones are on sale for $55 right now.

  7. I wish I could wear high waisted pants. I’m short waisted with two c sections worth of scarring. It’s just not flattering. I can’t wear any of the boyfriend jeans I’ve tried on because they look like hugely unflattering “mom jeans” on me. I even have to be careful with mid rise cuts because they are way frumpy looking. Anyone have any tips on how to wear those styles?

  8. Dear goodness…these remind me of the 90s and my youth in such a great way. When I could wear makeup without scaring people away with my dark circles and uneven skin…and when I had jeans so similar to this and wore them for EVERYTHING. I fully support this trend and can’t wait for a pair of my own. Do you think it would be going too far if I rocked a Rachel cut as well? 😉

  9. I might have to get a pair of these. But I’m confused. Aren’t flares supposed to be wider at the bottom than plain old boot cut? Or are flare and boot cut the same thing now? A lot of the flares out there just look like boot cut to me. I am alone here?

    • I totally agree. Narrow flares are just boot cut by another name. I guess at least the high rise ones are different from my 1990s jeans.

  10. I bought a pair similar to this right after giving birth a few years ago and they worked like magic to make me feel great. They are 2 sizes too big now, so I guess I will have to buy another one! Shana, I am still holding on for a dress your man for work post! My guy mostly wears work clothes (read formal suits) and I am in charge of purchasing at our house, Mike looked great for his presentation, where does he buy?

  11. Ohhhh! The whole last two weeks of posts has me drooling into my keyboard. I have a pair of old Manas sock(ish) boots in SILVER that would be awesome with these flares. I am GOING SHOPPING! (damn you).

  12. Shana, you have that special power that knows exactly what my closet of hundreds of pairs of denim is missing. My bank account does not thank you 😉

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