Boycott Boring Denim: How I Got Out Of My Recent Style Rut


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I’ve been in a style rut (of sorts) for the past year…honestly, maybe even longer. But with this new year I’m finally feeling immensely excited about fashion again, and it’s all because of one very intentional choice I made.

During the long, dry spell of my, well, fashion boredom, I couldn’t figure out how to make my wardrobe as a whole feel like me. So I decided to ditch all my usual ways of thinking and intentionally forget about any outfit combos I had been routinely reaching for.

Change can’t happen unless you do something different, so I switched directions and began mixing and matching as many patterns, colors, and silhouettes as possible.

jacket (M) | jeans (6) | flats | bag

Approaching my closet as if through the eyes of a stranger was key. Instead of sourcing from ’90s minimal trends that I have loved dearly for so long, I began experimenting with maximalism. Loud colors, unbalanced shapes, unexpected shoes, and the more patterns the better

GUESS WHAT? Exactly what I was hoping for came true: I began getting excited again to wake up and get dressed. 

MOTHER + Wit & Wisdom: Two Pairs of Denim From Nordstrom That Are Anything But Boring

One of the more surprising things I learned while evolving my normal dressing routine was that jeans can feel boring. 

Like, really, really boring. 

Trousers and knit pants are often much easier to find in interesting, eye-catching prints and colors. But, you see, the thing is, I LOVE jeans. So I began digging deeper into the shopping corners of the internet to find pairs of jeans that had a more of a one-of-a-kind feel. 

GANG, there’s actually some really exciting pairs out there.

sweater (L) | jeans (28) | sneakers | bag | glasses

1| These Statement Jeans From MOTHER Denim

MOTHER Denim is an easy brand to source from for unique pairs – they always seem to be leading the way for cutting edge prints and styles. But the catch is, they can sell out really FAST. 

The Dodger Ankle Straight Leg Jeans adorned with stars were a pair that caught my attention immediately, and I scooped them up as quickly as I found them. 

sweater (L) | jeans (28) | sneakers

These star-studded jeans are majorly fun to pull on with other patterns and textures, but easily stand alone as a statement maker. 

While unique denim can get a bad rep for being the least versatile in a wardrobe, I’ve found the opposite to be true. Whether I want an over-the-top outfit or am just craving comfort in a big hoodie, reaching for an unconventional pair of jeans is a super easy way to keep my outfit feeling exciting. 

sweater (L) | jeans (28) | sneakers

I’ve been curious about the wide leg ankle crop styles that seem to be springing up everywhere, and I love how fresh the silhouette feels, especially as we inch towards spring. 

Fit Notes: MOTHER’s The Dodger Ankle Straight Leg Jeans run big, especially for a brand that can be famous for running a bit small. My typical jean size in most brands is a 28, but a 28 in these are looser than normal on me, especially in the hips (of which, I have zero). I would consider sizing down one if straight-framed like me! PS – this size of my bag sold out, but the larger version is available and so good.

sweater (L) | jeans (28) | sneakers | bag | pearl necklace

A fun way to add some extra flare to an outfit (especially if you’re hesitant to go all-out with maximalist styling) is to choose a colorful shoe. Jewelry stacks (this freshwater pearl necklace and this chainlink heart are my favorites right now), funky glasses, and hats are great ways to accessorize and move away from ’90s minimalism, too.

jeans (28) | sneakers

2| Cargo Jeans That Are Wildly Comfortable

The more I dug into Nordstrom’s denim section, the more thrilling the styles seemed to get. A brand that surprised me by having a great pair of unique jeans is Wit & Wisdom.

I’m maybe the last person on the team to try their denim, and was shocked to discover how COMFORTABLE they are. 

jacket (M) | jeans (6) | flats | bag

Wit & Wisdom’s Colorblock Wide Leg Cargo’s have just enough interest with their two-toned denim to make an exciting outfit, while still being very easy to wear. The wide leg cargo combination is perfectly on trend, yet this jean feels very timeless, simply due to how dang delightful they are to wear. 

I’ve seen the term “Ab Solution” on Wit & Wisdom’s jean listings before, but now I get what that actually means and OMG, it is good.

jacket (M) | jeans (6) | flats | bag

When I first pulled on Wit & Wisdom’s Wide Leg Cargo’s, I did a double take, wondering if I somehow ordered maternity jeans by mistake (uhmm, what?). 

jacket (M) | jeans (6) | flats | bag

That whole Ab Solution thing? It’s a stretchy waistband, hidden on the inside of the top band that makes the jeans not only bizarrely comfy, but flattering on a soft tummy. It’s the kind of jean I would easily reach for at Thanksgiving, if you know what I mean

Wit & Wisdom are out here proving that unique denim and personal style do NOT have to compromise ingenious, top-of-the-line comfort.

jacket (M) | jeans (6) | flats | bag

FIT NOTES: I personally found these jeans to run true to size, but are a bit on the short side for the full length style. At 5’9” (and some change) I’m probably the absolute tallest that can wear these without them being a bit too awkwardly cropped. But if you’re my height or shorter – DO. NOT. SKIP. THESE.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I think it’s really helpful when you compare lengths by inches vs height- my 6’ husband has a shorter inseam then my 5’9” self- by 2-3”! I love comfortable denim.

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