A Fun Outfit Combo: Statement Skirts + Graphic Tees


I love when an outfit combo pops up that shakes me out of my comfort zone of cut-offs and white tees.  If it’s overly precious or complicated, however, I’m out.  If it feels like I’ve dressed up as someone else, I’m out.  If it requires uncomfortable shoes…yup: Peace out.

So this combo, statement skirts and graphic tees, meets all of my above criteria and has a playful element that makes it a joy to wear.  I personally prefer my statement skirts to be on the nonchalant side (I was going to say ‘quirky’ but that invoked images of cat skirts so no, not quirky), and I’d like them to be long enough so my thighs don’t stick to benches while sitting (else I’d just wear my denim underwear and be done with it).

One of the reasons this combo works is because the graphic tee immediately makes the whole thing less precious.  No twee for me, thanks.  Pair it with a straw bag and flat sandals (I’m wearing my longtime favs, Saltwater Sandals) and…done.  An outfit that looks intentional and cool…yet slightly irreverent too.

Outfit Details

teeModcloth Posh Progress tee – xs for reference

skirt:  Modcloth Charming Cotton Skirt With Pockets (yessss) – xs for reference

sandals:  Saltwater sandals – Some of my very favorite summertime sandals because they’re just so practical – you can literally get them completely wet and they’re FINE.  I also have them in red (wore them in Cuba, if you recall).

bag: Modcloth Impactful Addition Clutch – you know me and my plain straw bags.  This one also comes with a cross-body strap, but I do like it better like this.  I was going to get this wicker bag shaped like an ice cream cone, but it pushed the outfit into overly-precious territory.  Would be perfect with cut-offs and a tee, tho.  🙂

Shop Statement Skirts From Modcloth

If there’s one place you can reliably find fun, irreverent, statement skirts, it’s Modcloth.  They practically invented them.  (And after perusing their selection, I’m not the only one loving the statement-skirt-graphic-tee combo.  They’ve done the work for us.)


Shop Graphic Tees From Modcloth




A huge thank-you to Modcloth for sponsoring this post!  You guys always have such fun finds, and they help get me out of my comfort zone, so thanks for that.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are 100% my own. And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.

And another huge thanks to Redfield Photography for making us look good while eating Big Gay Ice Cream.  I mean….this modeling stuff is so hard.

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  1. Love this! I bought the madewell rainbow stripe midi skirt to wear this way but haven’t gotten a tee yet – any recs?

  2. Love this look. It’s my summer uniform. I stick with a visual graphic t for work but play with sayings on the weekends. How does modcloth run?

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