Have you seen J.Crew's new Swim Shop?  Not only can you select by style, color and pattern, but they have a mix-and match widget that is totally addictive.  You scroll through your filtered list and put together a perfectly mis-matched suit.



Pure design genius.  (And that little sailor-stripe brief is currently my favorite bikini bottom of all time.  Love it.

Once you put together a suit you are happy with, you can hit save, and they save it to "My Suits".  Here are my current favs:



I mean really.  If J.Crew wasn't addicting enough already.  (And most of the pieces above are 25% off with the code SOGOOD.)

Shopping Enabler out




  1. Thank goodness I’ll be pregnant alllll summer long or I’d currently be spending money I shouldn’t be. Shopping enabler is right!

  2. I just LOVE reading your posts. By far, my favorite blogger! Honestly, your writing is spot on….so real, so down to earth. I feel like I know you 🙂
    Any chance you can do a review of white jeans?

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