Momiform Style Inspiration: Straight-Leg Jeans with a Modern Sweatshirt



One thing made abundantly clear by our readers last week, is that weaning ourselves away from bootcut jeans is a scary, scary prospect.  (See our second style rules article for all of the great comments).  So I wanted to highlight some momiform style inspiration that focuses on straight-leg jeans (although skinnies would work just as well).

Remember Kyla of Blue Collar Catwalk?  We profiled her last winter, due to her spot-on advice regarding the tricky flats-with-tights pairing.

We're featuring her again, with an outfit that she created last February.  One, I think, that is even more relevant this Fall (talk about setting the trend – Go Kyla!)

Let's discuss:

One of the key elements to this look is the drapey sweatshirt paired with a glam, girly necklace.  It's downtown/uptown pairing at its best.

Additionally, I love how she warms up her rolled straight-leg jeans for winter by adding socks to her ballet flats.  You know how much I love rolled jeans, and visible socks are so very relevant for Fall 2010.

Crazy-cute outfit for moms, no bootcuts needed.

Soooo…how to recreate?

Look for an Upscale Version of the Sweatshirt

The most flattering sweatshirt is thin and drapey, and often made out of a soft wool blend (but with sweatshirt styling).  The thin, drapey fabric keeps the look feminine and soft, and skims over curves without extra bulk.  Extra points for a banded-waist bottom (pooch hiding properties!).

A note for the busty:  look for sweatshirts with great drape and a lower neckline.  In fact, a boyfriend-style, merino wool v-neck might be a better option for this look (I found one at Madewell, below).

Here are a few of my current favorite sweatshirt picks:


Find a Stunning Statement Necklace

Kyla is wearing Stella and Dot's Sophia Bib Necklace, $118, but there are plenty of other options to choose from.  Here's a few that keep calling my name (at all price points):

The Jeans, The Shoes, The Socks

Finish off the look with a cool pair of straight-leg jeans (skinnies also work), your favorite ballet flats, and trouser socks.  I've heard good things about Madewell's 1937 socks, but I suspect Target's trouser socks made from bamboo would work just as well.  I'd wear gray trouser socks instead of the white ones Kyla's wearing….but I seem to have problems avoiding mud (even in crazy-dry Denver).

You can either cuff your jeans like Kyla (if they are still long), or, if your jeans are already hemmed for flats, just leave them down.  Another option is to roll them twice, exposing only your ankle bone.

One Final Twist

Last February, I fell in love with this pic of Emmy Rossum as she was attempting to catch a plane.  She's wearing the Madewell sweatshirt I featured above, ballet flats and skinny jeans.  Instead of accessorizing with a statement necklace, she rocks it with a fedora and cross-body bag.  If the Fedora is more your thing, then try Urban Outfitter's Tweed Fedora, $28, or their Straw Fedora with Menswear Band, $48.

These straight-leg jeans are sooooo not scary, right?





  1. This is cute, and I agree with you on gray instead of white socks. I would be nervous to do the socks with flats but maybe I will try it this fall/winter. I sell Stella & Dot and have the Sofia Bib necklace. Love it! Thanks for the idea on another outfit to wear it with. 🙂

  2. Just found your site and I am in love! I will agree that straight-leg jeans are much more flattering than I expected. I had 3 babies in 4 years and I have hips, but I have them in my wardrobe and love them. Mine are real straight from the GAP and they are my current favorite pair. Thanks for all the great info and inspiration!

  3. Great post on the straight leg. It took me a while to get into the skinny trend and straight leg jeans helped pave the way. I love the idea of a sweatshirt, cross body bag and hat. Although a fedora is not me, so I’m going to try a knitted hat with a large pom on top. Thanks gals!

  4. Lisa — Thanks for writing in!! I’m totally in love with the Sophia necklace, but the new manhattan (?) featured above is crazy-amazing also!
    Jess — thanks for the comment! And it sounds like we have many readers rockin’ Gap’s real straight jeans! I’m going to have to check those out…
    Nell – Oooo….LOVE your idea! While I think fedoras look amazing on virtually everyone else, I haven’t found one that works on me. But a knitted hat with a pom? THAT I can (and will!) do. Thanks!!

  5. I’m still shy. Don’t both the skinny jeans AND the straight jeans accentuate any bottom/hip heaviness? I also have had 4 babies in 5.5 years, and the thighs are not what I want close fitting jeans on!

  6. I loved this post so much that it inspired me to go right out and snap up on two slouchy sweatshirts even though I’m 38 weeks pregnant and it’s 85 degrees. Forever 21 has some great (very cheap as always) interpretations!

  7. Absolutely ADORE this look, and it’s definitely a momdrobe staple for me (especially with cuffed jeans). I tend to wear my TOMS on such days though, for some extra comfort. Also, Target has a lot of really adorable fall fedoras right now, if you want to try the look without putting out a lot of dough.
    Smiling. LOVE this.

  8. Cindy – Just doing what we love. 🙂 And to be honest, I need this record for myself – it’s hard, isn’t it?
    Sage – skinny and straight leg jeans don’t have quite the hip-offset power of flare jeans (or, to a lesser degree, bootcut jeans)…but I wouldn’t go so far as to say they accentuate hips. I suspect that the silhouette looks shocking because you are used to something different. Pairing with tall boots, longer tanks and sweaters will help offset hips.
    Kylie – I’m so glad!! I love this look too…obviously. I’ve been storing it up since last Feb, LOL!
    Amy – You are SO good at rocking the fedora! I keep trying, but my head is too big for most, LOL! I’ll keep looking….
    Anyone else LOVING Hive and Honey’s totally amazing (yet SO affordable) necklaces?

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