All The Straw Bags You Could Ever Want Or Need


Straw bags, ladies. Straw bags. That’s where it’s at. Spring is about to roll in (we can only hope) and there’s no better time to find a bag to match your airy dresses, fluttery tops and lightweight footwear – something you can grab as you head out the door, into the sunshine and gentle breeze. aaaaaaa. I can see it now…or can I? Will it actually really happen??

Seriously, Spring. Get your act together.

Anyways, I found ALL the straw handbags…from clutches to minis to big ol’ beach bags. There is not one handbag made of straw that I have not seen. It’s all I can see, dream of or talk about now (kidding on that last one. maybe). Point being, I thoroughly covered the whole straw bag shebang.

Here’s me hoping you find a straw handbag you can’t live without after perusing my blood, sweat and tears. I mean, post. 😉


1. Santorini Straw Clutch – perfect pops of color and love the braided pattern. It’s a pretty large clutch, too, so it can fit quite a bit.

2.  Straw Backpack w/ leather handles – this one is from an Etsy shop, which is cool…and can’t beat the ability it gives you to be hands-free.

3. Mayte Round Crossbody – gorgeous neutral for day-to-day.

4. Honey Pot Woven Bucket Bag – ugh. so good. This one would make any Spring-Summer outfit.

5. Top Handle Woven Bag – this is the one I am carrying in the lead-in picture…and I love it. I was concerned that it would be crappy quality, but it’s really not bad for the price AND it can fit more in it than you’d think.

6. Pitusa Straw Handbag – a colorful pop to any outfit. I am kinda obsessed with it.

7. Stripe Straw Mini Shopper Bag w/ Bamboo Handle – cool handle!…and the pink + yellow is perfecto.

8. River Island Straw Tote – fun & funky with the fringe. Great beach getaway bag.

9. Yuriko Woven Crossbody Bag – cute toggle closing…and this one is really a grab-n-go when you don’t need to carry much on you. Adorable bag.


I didn’t stop there. Nonono. I went ahead and rounded up any straw bag out there that was worth a damn (haha, but really). There are cross body bags, minis, beach bags, clutches, etc. etc.

Enjoy perusing!

Shop Neutral Straw Bags


Shop Colorful Straw Bags


Shop Beach-Worthy Straw Bags

Great options for the local farmer’s market, too!


Shop Straw Clutches


Let me know if I am missing any MUST HAVES (God forbid). I’d love to add them!



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  1. You weren’t kidding when you said “all” the straw bags. I think my cats would be in love. I can see them sharpening their claws now 🙂

  2. The Clare V Pot De Miel bag is my favorite this season. I’m surprised it’s not here, because this is a comprehensive list! 🙂

  3. Those French Baskets (from Etsy) round totes are gorgeous and so reasonably priced. There’s now one headed my way from Morocco!

  4. wow..these are splendid..also remember watching a how-to video of making a beach bag out of old jeans..who could have thought that from old shabby jeans one can make a fabulous bag!!

    Samantha Merrill
    visit this site

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