Striped Sweaters, Mom Jeans, and a Few Thoughts on Style


I have my…attachments. My funny little biases and predilections in many things, but especially where style is concerned. I suspect we all do. In fact, I think it’s exactly this penchant for partialities that forms the cornerstone of our personal style. Well…that with a dose of real actual life, because a girl’s gotta LIVE, in the big sense of the word. That’s my opinion, anyway.

This is all a longwinded way of saying that I year after year I find myself reaching for my favorites, my version of ‘classic’. (And by ‘classic’ I mean stripes, haha). And that I spent enough of my 20’s watching Sex and the City to appreciate a good statement shoe, and that — truth be told —  I’ll likely always break out in hives at the thought of carrying (or heck – buying) a really expensive “it” bag. Backpacks are more my speed. And do I really need to wax poetic over denim? My position on jeans (two thumbs up!!) is pretty clear.

A good outfit, by my definition, is one that is 100% completely and totally me. It may not match, exactly, it may or may not be the most flattering silhouette for my body type, but each piece makes me feel a little more like me.

I found such an outfit right before our trip to NY. I had — per usual — left myself barely an hour to pack before our train, so, in desperation, I grabbed all of my favorite things and put them on. The result was a rather — ahem — unique outfit, but one that felt totally and completely right. (It also didn’t hurt that my longtime favorite sweater from years past was just reissued in fresh new colors. If it ain’t broke….get it in another color is how that phrase should end. #TMEquotes #justkidding )

Sweater | Jeans | Booties | Bag

Outfit Details

sweater: La Ligne Striped Cashmere Sweater (xs for reference) – this 100% cashmere sweater really is my longtime fav. My original was white and navy (now reissued as white and bright blue) and — darn it — my new maroon one is now sold out. It doesn’t matter — all of the colors are gorgeous. I especially like the extra-long arms.

jeans: Paige High Waist Straight Leg Jeans (wearing 24 for reference) – I love the high-rise and the super-soft denim. I actually think of these jeans as a modern boyfriend jean, and style them as such.

booties: Jeffrey Campbell Coma Stretch Booties – these boots were one of my favorite buys during the Anniversary Sale. I find them surprisingly comfortable to walk in, and based on reader feedback, you guys agree. (I mean…they’re not sneakers, but they are walkable heels.)

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Blythe Backpack – I love this thing, but good grief Mike: we didn’t take a single photo inside the bag. Clearly, I am not a bag girl. But this bag does have a handy side-zip pocket, and one on the back. The weight of the bag itself draws it closed, so feel free to stuff it full. It hangs down lower than the Minkoff Julian backpack – I’m tempted to punch one more hole in the strap to adjust it a tiny bit higher. But the leather is so soft, and the backpack is very comfortable to wear — even when stuffed full.

On Pax:  Top | Jeans | Jacket (similar) | Shoes

Proving a Point: These Shoes and Bag Go With Everything

The boots and bag make for a fairly unconventional neutral accessory….but they are, indeed, neutrals. And while I love them paired with a deep, rich tone, they look just as good with pale pastels or even brights.  Observe:


Now, My Ode To The La Ligne Striped Cashmere Sweater

Truly, I’m obsessed. So much so that, just for fun, I did my grown-up version of paper dolls and styled up the other colors that are still available*.  I still stand by my unexpected neutral accessory picks (they would look good with any of these sweaters), but, well….I basically couldn’t help myself. SO FUN.

*I couldn’t be happier that Nordstrom (in all of its free shipping glory) is now carrying my fav brand.  I feel the need to call out that there are two more La Ligne cashmere sweaters in the above collage, as well. Lastly, let’s just swoon over that gorgeous green Minkoff backpack? I mean….wow.


Thoughts on the higher-rise boyfriend jean? They have a subtle sexiness that I’m digging….



A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! You guys make it sooo easy, carrying all of my favorite things. As always, all product choices, thoughts, and musings on style are my own. And readers, thank you for your continued support. It doesn’t go unnoticed and is so very much appreciated.


  1. I love these kinds of posts!! It makes me think very creatively about my own closet and what I need to add. My one request is to please consider linking at least one option in extended sizes. This is obviously not a plus size fashion blog, but none of these sweaters go above a 10/12. I was swooning over the LA LIGNE especially. La Linge’s size chart says that a LARGE is an 8/10. (Which makes me chuckle because that is 2-3 sizes smaller than the average woman!). I was ready to buy it on your recommendation, but no dice.

  2. Do the Jeffrey Campbell boots stretch at all as you wear them in? I just bought them & I LOVE them (completely walkable – hallelujah!) but they are a little right across the bridge of my foot – where the foot meets the ankle. I’m wondering if I should exchange for a larger size? Thanks! Love this blog!

  3. I really like this look. I’ve been wearing the crap out of my Madewell perfect summer jeans, so I totally dig the high-rise boyfriend thing, too. Who says our fashion choices have to be always conventionally flattering or sexy, anyway? We are all so many other things, too! These jeans make me feel good. And, so do striped cashmere sweaters.

  4. I also really enjoyed this post, and enjoy posts like this – posts that don’t just say “hey, this top is great,” but rather give more of a philosophy and example about how to style certain types of items. Also, I have been debating those awesome boots ever since your original post with photos of them a while back…might just pull the trigger. They are so cool!

  5. Love the creativity of this post! And I’m determined to make one of these looks work within my budget. Considering the plaid Campbell knock-offs from Target, but ever since Laura’s post last year(?) about leopard booties, I’ve been itching to pull the metaphorical trugger.

  6. Agree about leopard booties! I have also had them on my mind since Laura’s post. I bought the Louise et Cie leopard boots from the Nordstrom sale this year (bc recommended by TME). Also just pulled the trigger on the plaid booties last night! I tend not to wear patterns at all, so these prints are kinda wild for me. Ha!

  7. Did you do anything to protect your Jeffrey Campbell plaid boots? I purchased the other color (also fabulous!) during the Nordstrom sale and I wondered if I should do any sort of treatment to keep the material looking nice.

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