cozy sweater and mini dress with short boots
Um…yes.  I am obsessed with this pairing of cozy wrap sweaters and little dresses, ever since coming across the pic at left while working on our last Mom Street Style article featuring the adorable Alexis.

Hmmm…let's see…short mini dress, bare legs, red lipstick…but wait!  Short furry boots!  Ahhh…totally mom-friendly, right??

Yeah, yeah.  We can do better.

With the concept of cozy wrap-sweaters and dresses in mind…there are two ways I'd translate this look into something more mom-friendly: 

1.  A subtly sexy date-night look that can be used for either a fairly casual date night or a serious night on the town

2.  An everyday look that converts those slightly boring cotton dresses (you know – the ones we ALL buy at Old Navy or Target for like $10) into something Fall-worthy and stylish.


Date Night

For a casual date, I love the look below left.  A sexy little cotton dress, some fab over-the-knee boots, and a chunky knit.  Ahhh…bliss.  If you, like me, are constantly cold, look for something with more sleeve. 

However, if you need something a bit more dressed up, try pairing a flirty little party dress with sexy heels and tights, then finishing the whole thing off with a chunky knit wrap sweater.  I love that this pairing is somewhat unexpected, and just keeps the whole thing a bit nonchalant and fun.  Perfect for moms who hate feeling "too dressed up", or if the dress code is somewhat ambiguous.


Close to the Vest
$60 -
Vintage tops »




Women: Dresses | Piperlime
$86 -



Frye Sarah Over The Knee | Piperlime
$458 -



I love being able to shop-my-closet…and this often means re-purposing lightweight dresses for Fall and Winter rotation.  The simple, swingy cotton dress is an easy summer pick, but once you remove your tan and happy glow of summer…the dress looks a bit tired or boring come Fall.  To revive, try it with something like this:


Or for a slightly more colorful version, try the one below (am loving American Apparel's burgundy/purpley leggings – a perfect pairing with brown and taupe boots!)

Is anyone else as obsessed as I?





  1. I have the 3/4 sleeve Jersey dress that I wear with tights and boots and a scarf. You just inspired me to toss a cozy sweater over it. Love this!

  2. Great posting! Any ideas on how to pair a dress with a long sleeve sweater? I live in Boston, and would love to add this idea to my winter wardrobe!

  3. Thanks Nell!
    Beth — This pairing works just as well with a long-sleeve wrap sweater (which is basically identical to the ones pictured with long sleeves)…on even cozy Grandpa cardigan. Just make sure that the length of the sweater is long enough (ideally hitting at or below your bum).

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