Sturdy But Cute Winter Wedges For Moms


Every mom needs a pair of shoes that make her feel like she's THAT mom.  The one who, celebrity-like, just rolls out of bed, hair perfectly tousled, boobs perky, slips into her designer jeans and heels.  Then she, and her perfectly dressed little one, stroll down down the street, coffees in hand, looking mysterious behind their DIOR sunglasses.  You might need an over-active imagination to pull off this fantasy with just a sweet pair of shoes, but since my imaginative abilities have always blurred the line called reality, I'm all in.

For those of you who would like a more reality-based reason for these shoes….these are the shoes you pull on to both feel hot and be a mom.  For those outings with the whole fam when you won't be the only one chasing the little ones, or won't be the only one with the little one strapped to your chest (or back).  For those outings that call for a little more style than your usual trip to the park.  I reach for these shoes to go out to lunch or dinner, to BBQs, to parties with the kiddos in tow, or sometimes, out shopping.  You know – every couple of months I lose my mind and think that TODAY is the day the the little man would love to hit the boutiques.  (I bribe him with Starbucks steamers and can usually get about 30 min of shopping done.  ("More steamer!! More steamer!!")

The goal is to find shoes that strike the right balance of hot and practical.  Wedges are perfect for this, as are chunky stacked heels.  The height of the heel, the type of shoe are all about your own personal style.  A few favorites, to give you the right idea, are below. 

NOTE – For all pregnant fashionistas, this is your shoe.  I was determined to get through my entire pregnancy in stilettos…but at some point, your balance does become an issue.  Wedges or chunky heels are a safer bet.  And with shoes this fabulous, you won't care.

Ash Suede Hannah Lug Boot with Long Cuff Biviel BV2077 Wedge Boot

A very dear friend of mine owns Ash's Suede Hannah Lug Boots with Long Cuff.  I'm am coveting them so hard that I almost can't see straight.  These are, in short, one of the most fantastic pairs I've seen in a long while.  To make matters worse (for my levels of jealousy), she claims that these boots are supremely comfortable.  Would I be a bad friend if I purchased the same boot, thereby making us "twinsies" whenever we went out together?  Sigh. Yes.  These fab boots are at for $250.

I am a longtime fan of Biviel.  The leather is always butter soft, the boots are always well-made and comfortable, and I love that these particular Bivel's come in this gorgeous olive color.  In addition, the slouch is perfect, and the stitching is cute.  These boots also come in a traditional black or camel color.  Bivel's BV2077 (that is the name) are $244.95 at

Banana Republic Carlita Slouch Boot  Clarks Perlata Boot 

Everything about the gray Carlita Slouch Wedge Bootie breathes cool sophistication.  The color ("smoke"), the wood-coated wedge heel, the shape.  It retails for $160 at Banana Republic.

For those of you looking for a smaller heel, I really like Clark's Peralta boot, $150.  I'm always a sucker for contrast stitching, and I love the button detail.  Additionally, these boots have "Active Air technology to reduce step shock".  Wow.  I'm in.  

Dolce Vita Calista Lace Up Ankle Bootie  Biviel BV2097 Oxford Heels Lacoste Chatworth

I've really been loving the lace-up trend.  The black booties are the Dolce Vita Calista Lace Up Ankle Boots, $159 at Sak's, and the cool, perforated leather oxfords are the Biviel BV2097, $159 at Zappos, or currently on sale at for $99.  Lastly, there's just something about Lacoste's Chatsworth shoes that keep bringing me back for another look.  They retail at Zappos for $169.

Joist Platforms Hive and Honey Truffle Shoe 

For those of you looking for something a little fancier, try a fab pair of platforms, or a ruffled suede bootie.  Both of these shoes can be worn with tights or cute socks, which make them do-able in the winter, unless you are completely buried in snow.  The gray platforms are the Joist Platforms, $250 at and the purple booties are the Hive and Honey Truffle Shoes (which also come in black and tan), $89 at

Nine West Jurras Calm, Cool and Collected Clogs 

Lastly, if you are just a casual kind of gal, and simply want something that elevates your look just a little, try one of the above options.  The Nine West Jurras look like something I wore in the 90's.  What did we call them….Wallawallas?  Anyway, call it nostalgia, but I love these shoes.  They retail for $98.50 at Zappos.  And while I'm not usually a fan of clunky shoes…these clogs strike me as cute, not orthopedic.  I'd love to see them with argyle socks peeking out.  Lastly, the name's great:  Calm, Cool and Collected Clogs.  They retail for $178 at

And if you missed it, this post is part of a series of posts on Winter Shoe Essentials For Moms – A List of Must-Have Shoes.





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