8 Blue-Light Glasses Worth Snapping Up


Ever since ‘Rona graced us with her presence, my time in front of a computer screen has quadrupled. On average, I spend 10 hours a day working on my computer, and it’s definitely taken a toll on my eyes. I had never experienced eye fatigue quite like it, so I decided to invest in a pair of blue-light glasses.

Naturally, I turned to the interwebs to find the very best blue-light blocking glasses, and I landed on Quay glasses. I now own several pairs of their blue-light glasses and have been so impressed with the quality and the design of the frames, and my eyes are so much happier for it.

Back when I was researching what blue-light actually is, I learned (after pulling up this study from Harvard Med School) that blue-light, while fine to be exposed to naturally during the day, can cause sleeplessness, tired eyes, blurred vision and potential disease. Lex mentions more about that in her sleep hygiene post from a while back. Glasses with blue-light blocking technology built-in can help alleviate some of the issues that come with extended screen time.

I personally notice a significant difference in how my eyes feel when I wear my blue-light glasses.

Quay has an entire section on their site designated to blue-light glasses, and they even sell blue-light readers! So for those of you who wear a daily reader, you can now find a set that will also protect your eyes from extended screen use. Quay is my preference for blue-light glasses because their website is transparent about the technologies they use. I love these high-quality glasses that are designed to protect my eyes while also making me feel stylish.

This weekend, Quay’s running a sale! Select blue-light frames for $35 (I’ll shout them out below) and any two pairs for $80. Find my eight favs, below…

We searched for the best blue-light blocking glasses on the webs & landed on Quay glasses. The frames are cute & high-quality + they actually work!

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1 / JEZABELL: This style is most like my vibe! I love the thin frame with the rose gold detailing, and the lenses come in three different blue-light blocking hues: clear, blue, and…if you are feeling a little extra…rose!

2 / WIRED: I have an older version of these, and they are so comfortable! I personally find these to be such a classic shape. Available in several different colors, too.

3 / CHEMISTRY: Oooh, we’ve got Chemistry, y’all! These feel like flirty librarian glasses to me! They have an exaggerated brow bar to give them a cat-eye looking shape, and the gold metal detailing is beyond cute.

4 / HARDWIRE: Hardwire is Quay’s most popular style, available in twenty different color combos. They feature a square frame and are another classic choice. (ps. These are prescription-friendly, so if you love the frames, you can take them to the optometrist to have your Rx put in! ($35 in select colors!)

5 / WALK ON: These have a round, medium-sized frame that give off that slightly retro vibe. I personally love the Pretty in Pink moment, and they also are prescription-friendly! ps: these are on sale for $35!

6 / BIG TIME: Big Time is very similar to the pair that I have, except they have a more angular take! I just love the gold frames so much! They also come in silver for $35.

7 / ALL NIGHTER READERS: A great pair of readers! I think it’s amazing that you can get these with up to +2 magnification while also getting the benefits of a blue-light blocking lens.

8 / PROVE IT: Medium-sized frames with a cat eye shape. How pretty is that pink tortoise shell pattern? Also $35.

I love my Quay blue-light glasses. They have been a total game changer for me! Which pair are your favorite?

XX – Kat

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This one’s for the pinners!

We searched for the best blue-light blocking glasses on the webs & landed on Quay glasses. The frames are cute & high-quality + they actually work!

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