Style Challenge: Athleisure to (Casual) Glam



Since this week the blog is like one big ‘introduction to the opposites’ sketch, this athleisure queen was tasked with finding my inner glam. Immediately I started trolling Scotti’s posts for inspiration since she’s the resident glamazon around here. (And it’s not just in blog posts. Fun story: the first time I met Scotti in person was at the hotel we were staying at for Shana’s surprise birthday last year. It seriously felt like a celebrity sighting, she is that put together even on weekend morning – gorgeous makeup, hair did, heels. Me, on the other hand? Pretty sure my outfit involved stretchy pants and sneakers, and maybe tinted lip balm if I was feeling extra fancy.) I alternated between panic and avoidance for a week or so, until Shana asked how it was going on our weekly call. I said, quite seriously, “How about glam sweatshirts?” Shana replied, even more seriously, “I think it’s time to make an appointment with a Nordstrom stylist”. Gulp.  Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of what happened when I did.

I was super nervous to make an appointment with a stylist, it seemed like something only very fancy or very spendy ladies did. It was actually pretty painless to schedule online, each stylist had a short description of who they are so you can choose someone that fits your needs. I was in a time crunch, so I picked the first open time – luckily I ended up with a lovely woman who was intrigued by my strange blog assignment request. I gave her my sizes ahead of time but not much other information on style preferences since the point was to get pushed beyond my casual comfort zone. When I arrived she had already pulled a dressing room full of outfits, including jewelry and shoes – a lot of it was stuff I never would have chosen, some of it confirmed my opinion of what does not/will never work on my body, and some of it was pleasantly surprising.

Let’s start with the good. I was able to put together a day and night outfit using key pieces from the appointment – and both outfits are denim-based. That might seem like cheating but it’s what feels authentic – the thing about glam is that it can easily veer into costume territory if you throw too much fancy into one look, especially if it’s not your usual style. I joked that it was hard being Scotti because I had put on smokey eye makeup before noon to take these pics but I didn’t feel like I was playing dress-up because I was comfortable and felt like my style, only fancier. Which is how I found myself wearing satin and lace in the daytime – and liking it.

Daytime Casual Glam

Leith Satin Bomber Jacket – So silky soft & amazing olive color. Pairs just as well with jeans as fancier night-out clothes, but still has a casual cool vibe. Love it. Sizing up only provides width, not length so even though I have a long torso it hits at a good place to show a layer underneath.

Hinge Lace Top – This was a major surprise hit – I never wear white because I can’t keep it clean and Hinge brand tops at Nordstrom have run really small in the past but this one fits like a dream. The white lace is so pretty and versatile. I’m wearing a Medium, but I didn’t see a whole lot of difference with the Small, so you may be able to size down since it’s stretchy. Just depends how long you want it to be.

Pilcro Stet Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans: Either regular or petite length would work for shorties, regular is only 29-in inseam. Stretchy & comfortable, perfect mid rise keeps everything where it should be

(I don’t always coordinate with the decor, but when I do, I make sure to include the couch and rug). Pics taken at the Harraseeket Inn, Maine before we headed to Portland. Having my hair and makeup done before going out to explore a new city for the day felt…nice? I actually forgot about it until I glanced in a mirror halfway through the day! Daytime blowouts are not going to become a habit though.


Nighttime Casual Glam

Paige Verdugo Ankle jeans: My favorite surprise from the stylist appointment was these jeans that are not petite sized! I was sure I had tried all the styles of “regular” jeans before, only to find awkward fits and mile long inseams, but somehow missed these. The Transcend fabric is definitely magic, possibly witchcraft. I don’t know how my bum lived without it. They’re so incredibly velvety soft that I didn’t realize at first that these are jeans. My only wish is that the rise was a bit higher, but I have a really long torso so your mileage may vary. (These AG Prima Skinnies actually had an amazing rise, loved them as well but they were a bit too long with a 30-in inseam. Super flattering and stretchy).

Trouve Chiffon Bomber Jacket: Another surprise was this sheer black bomber, which I plan to wear over nearly everything this spring and on summer nights. It’s the perfect combo of sporty and fancy and really comfortable. The stylist originally paired the bomber with a strappy silk Vince cami which was gorgeous if a little skimpy if you have a full bust.

Lace Front Cut Out Shoulder Tank: I picked up this cool strappy tank at Express and somehow it’s both comfy and a little sexy at the same time.

Luminate BP Open Toe Sandal: The biggest shocker, however, was these strappy heels. Even though they’re probably like training wheel heels for Scotti, I found them more than a little intimidating. I kind of already nixed them before trying them on but was amazed that I could stand and actually walk in them! Since I wear heels so infrequently, I didn’t want to make a huge investment and the price is amazing. And they’re a good dupe fancy Stuart Weitzman ones, per the stylist.

Topshop Crystal Star Necklace: Pretty sparkle that’s not overwhelming for going out.

Casual Glam Picks

Ok, time to talk about the bad. I sent a series of embarrassing dressing room snaps to the girls, which should probably be filed under the ugly section so let’s combine both here. In general, fabrics that don’t have any stretch, like this gorgeous gold Diane Von Furstenberg dress that the stylist paired with black leggings and the sheer black bomber, are a no-go even after sizing up 3 times. (I could not figure out how to put this damn shirt on and actually got stuck trying to find the arm hole.)  The cropped, really wide leg pants that are apparently stylish this season are literally the worst on me. And some necklaces make too much of a statement. But! I’d gladly suffer through those disappointments again to find amazing jeans and fun pieces I never would have picked for myself but now are some of my favorite things.