Style Challenge: Preppy Goes Biker Chic



So, OKAY. My style seems to be more preppy. S likes to loudly point this out on a regular basis, with a cheeky grin on her face (it must be her black, cold, edgy heart coming through). “Cams. You wore black Vans once with a lace skirt and called it edgy…” Ughhhhh. I will never live that one down. “I do do edge though, guys. Laura? Scotti? Come on. I doooooo.” I DO…right?! Back me up, ladies. Yeh, so I am aware that it’s kind of on the preppier side of what one might call edgy, but…I’m not all prep. Oh, f it. I just can’t get away from my District of Columbia roots. I can’t help it! Must. wear. all. the. blazers.

That said, I love my moto jacket & boots and am regularly scheming new ways to wear them…and I see rockin’ outfits on gals with that all over biker chic look on the reg and…I WANT THAT. For example, this gal with her hoodie, belt & crazy awesome boots. Too. cool. for. school. If I could just take that inspiration and the things I already have in my closet and turn it into an actual outfit on my body, then I’d be totally edgy. TOTALLY.

It’s funny that The Mom Edit team picked a category I always think I fit into already (at least somewhat)…when I so clearly do not. haha! It’s the perfect challenge, because I have to stop talkin’ the talk and walk the frikkin’ walk.

So. How did preppy Cams ensure that she got down with the edge this time?




Edgy Biker Chick:









Outfit Details

jacket: old moto jacket from Wallis, but this is similar.

sweatshirt: Sub_Urban Riot ‘Happy Camper’ sweatshirt…can’t find anymore – love their Slow Jams one, too.

top: Zara tulle trimmed tee…seems to be sold-out – was cute, but not my favorite, to be entirely honest. I should have gone with a regular tee. I guess I was just trying to go all out with the edge. heh. I like this Treasure & Bond Burnout Tee.

jeans: Articles of Society – these skinny jeans are a favorite of mine…and affordable.

boots: Sam Edelman moto boot, from last year – BUT I have had my eye on a Fryes for years now…have yet to pull the trigger. The Veronica moto boot looks fantastic…and it’s $199 on Zappos.

choker: H&M – they have a bunch of different black chokers, but I like this set of three…b/c of the lace one. 😉

& My Preppier Version:

because…I had to.

I went out for margaritas and tacos for my b-day with some girlfriends, so…had to break out some kind of of heel and fem it all up a bit.

…& I loved this look. This. It felt like me. Me, but with a bit of edge.




Outfit Details

sunglasses: found them a while back at Nordstrom (sold-out now), but hello, beauties. These cat-eye sunnies are to die for.

top: TUXE ‘Fixer’ bodysuit – with warmer weather coming, I would totally do their black, sleeveless Renegade. mmmm hmmmmm.

bag: River Island cross body – mine is from a couple of years ago, but their studded mini is adorable.

belt: I think I got it from Walmart years ago. Not joking.  Madewell has a similar style.

shoes: Target Who What Wear, sold out – these Steven Vassie Heels are very similar.

Shop the Look


Back off, S.

I’m a hardcore biker chick now.



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  1. Cam,
    You are so cute. I love the second outfit, as it is more you. I just can’t back the chokers though. I can’t do it! Everything looks fabulous on you though.

  2. OK this is the first one where you clearly (to me) went out of your comfort zone. I didn’t think so when I was reading your intro but definitely did when I saw your entire outfit. It looks almost, costumey ?? Don’t hate me! Maybe it’s because of what you normally wear? Maybe because I could never wear that because I also skew preppy and boyish and black at all is tough for me?? But when your night out outfit is rad as hell and looks edgy and lacks the costumey ness… Way to go really embracing the challenge!

    • I don’t hate you! 😉 No, I appreciate your comment and I agree…in fact, when I was posting the pictures, I kept thinking GREASE LIGHTING…so. ha! Yes, I think the first look was very much so a big push from me to ensure I went edgy. lol. The second look was when I kind of had played around with it a bit more…and came to a good place, for me. 🙂 Cheers, girl. I love that you said it like it is!

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