The Best Jeans Under $100


I think it’s safe to say that after 10+ years of our denim endeavors, we’re kiiiind of experts on the topic.

From trying every silhouette and style we can get our hands on, to different fabrics, prices, washes…we’ve pretty much tried it all. And considering we wear our jeans daily, day to night, they have to fit some criteria (we’re a bunch of practical people if nothing else). 

The only thing better than finding the perfect pair of jeans? Finding the perfect jeans under $100. Although we might find some denim gold hiding behind a pretty price tag, there’s no doubt that we’ve managed to find really good, affordable denim that fits the bill, like our trusty Levi’s or Gap jeans (which are SO good right now, by the way). No compromising quality and staying within budget? Oh, yes. 

The Best Jeans Under $100: Tried-&-True + Worth Every Penny

We first did this post a while back, but we wanted to update it for the styles we’re wearing in 2023. And sure enough, some changes have been made, but some classics are here to stay. To make shopping a little bit easier, click on the links below to be taken directly to the brand you’re eyeing. Once you get there, you’ll see any of our favorite jeans that are currently shoppable + some words from our editors on why they love that particular brand so damn much. Here we go!

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Our Favorite Levi’s Jeans Under $100

I think most of us can agree that Levi’s is a go-to, classic jeans brand. Think: Ribcage, 501, '90s, '70s flares.

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TME Why: I think most of us can agree that Levi’s is a go-to, classic denim brand. It offers so many different styles of jeans (like so many), but everyone on the team definitely has strong opinions on which styles are their favorites. From the ole reliable ribcage, 501s or 724s to the newer ‘90s styles and ‘70s flares…we can’t get enough. Sometimes they fall over the $100 bracket, but they’re on sale often at allll the retailers we shop regularly. 

On Amy (left) | On Julieta (right)

What Our Editors Have To Say…
  • Amy: Levi’s 501 ’90s jeans are what I describe as the perfect slouchy boyfriend jeans. The first time I pulled on these jeans, I knew they were something special. As someone who pretty much exclusively wears high-rise bottoms, the 501 ’90s are loose and drapey enough for me to feel comfortable and confident in a mid-rise (i.e., no squeezing or pushing my skin around at my midsection), while still not quite being too baggy or oversized that I feel sloppy. They’re just right.”
  • Em: “The Levi’s 94 Baggy Jeans are, quite frankly, so dang good — with a feel and fit that look like a genuine vintage score — that my first reaction was to audibly exclaim ‘getthefrickout!’ while grinning so absurdly at myself in the mirror that you’d swear I’d been body-snatched by the Cheshire Cat.”
  • Shana: “While these Levi’s ’70s High-Rise Flares do look very similar to the ribcage jeans, they seem to fit me better (although I cannot figure out why). In short, they’re freaking amazing. One of the sexiest pairs of jeans I own.”

Our Favorite Abercrombie Jeans Under $100

Abercrombie & Fitch has that size-inclusive thing we love. Curvy, straight, petite, tall — jeans for everyone.

TME Why: Abercrombie has been a saving grace for every person in my life. My friends and I haven’t found better (affordable) jeans for our different body types. Team TME managed to find a wide range of styles we love too: Abercrombie also came out with a curve line that helps with the annoying gap at the waist, and I’m in LOVE. And they generally go up to a size 24/37 with five different length options. We love to see it!

Similar, On Kat (left) | On Amy (right)

What Our Editors Have To Say…
  • Kat: “When A&F launched its plus-size jeans, I was skeptical that they would fit….But the Curve Love jeans truly are a great pair of jeans! I personally am a huge fan of the distressing and straight leg cut.”
  • Scotti: “Abercrombie nails the fit of its jeans. High rise with no gaping waistband that actually has enough room for bigger booties and hips. The best part is that many of the styles come in multiple lengths, so everyone can find the perfect fit.”
  • Em: “I’m not gonna lie — when I first tried Abercrombie jeans, I was on the fence. The waist felt pinched on me. But then! I gave them a second chance and wore then for a full day or two, and they broke right in. Right up until this belly popped, they were among my most-worn jeans. Like Levi’s 501s, but without the tricky fit and lengthy break-in (thanks to a little stretch). The wash is great too. Super-high-end and authentic. TTS (wearing a 25R). (P.S. If you’re preggo, I can’t recommend Abercrombie’s maternity jeans enough. They’re game-changing. I wore the super-skinnies, the jean leggings and the ankle straights. Size up in both of the skinnies; straight jeans are TTS.)”
  • Julieta: “Comfortable and flattering. These jeans look amazing and have a nice rise without squeezing your belly. My sister recently visited and fell in love with them. I gave them to her but now need a new pair for me.”

Our Favorite Gap Jeans Under $100

Gap has been a go-to spot for allll the closet essentials for a few years now.

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TME Why: Gap has been a go-to spot for allll the closet essentials for a few years now. It manages to be both practical and trendy, which we totally appreciate. The jeans? Yeah, they’re GOOD. From ‘90s styles to straight-legs and flares, there’s something for everyone. And those prices — you just can’t beat them, especially when Gap has a sale (which happens very often). 

On Amy (left) | On Scotti (right)

What Our Editors Have To Say…
  • Scotti“With a 10-inch rise, the Low-Rise Stride Wide-Leg Jeans sit low around the waist without venturing into that dangerous is-my-bum-crack-showing-when-I-bend-over zone. And since the rise is low but not too low, these jeans are still high enough that muffin top isn’t an issue.”
  • Linzi: “I’m very picky about my denim, so the challenge of finding GOOD, affordable jeans that meet all my demanding requirements often ends in defeat. Gap flare jeans, however, are the budget-friendly jeans I can consistently rely on.”
  • Shana: “OK, so, Gap wins the day. While the Cheeky Straight jeans aren’t the softest of the bunch, nor the thickest, they’re both soft and thick enough… The straight-leg style is great, and the distressing is perfect — not too much but just enough to be impactful. These are decidedly un-fussy jeans, and I LOVE them.”
  • Amy: “I’m not personally very fond of mid-rise pants, but I do enjoy Gap’s ’90s Loose Jeans. Since they sit lower on me and I have no hips, I find these are a bit big and that I should’ve sized down (I think that would give me less of a ‘skater girl’ look too).”
  • Laura“When shopping for Gap jeans, I size up a bit to get that comfy, slightly slouchy fit. The wash on these High-Rise Cheeky straight-leg jeans is perfection too. Love. I’d say they do fit true to size for a flattering snug fit (they have a bit of stretch as well, though.)” 

Our Favorite Everlane Jeans Under $100

Everlane can be on the pricier end (some jeans fall a little over $100), but they do have under-$100 styles and sales worth shopping.

TME Why: Of all the jeans, Everlane can be on the pricier end (some jeans fall a little over $100), but they do have under-$100 styles and sales worth shopping. Considering the quality of these jeans and the fabric content (mostly cotton, sometimes with a little elastane or spandex for stretch) we consider them worth the price. 

On Julieta (left) | On Amy (right)

What Our Editors Have To Say…
  • Linzi: “I’ve been having a difficult time finding truly high-waisted jeans that are soft enough to be comfortable for days at home but cute enough to wear out and about (if not now…then someday). Everlane flares have been my answer. I wore the lighter version all summer and just got the darker version for winter.”
  • Julieta: Everlane’s Original Cheeky Jeans are perfect to bring into the cooler months and wear as a white. The contrast stitch gives them a unique look.”
  • Amy: “Everlane’s The Way-High Jeans are fantastic. They are made from 98% cotton and 2% elastane, giving them a wonderful, soft feel. I find them to be incredibly similar to Agolde’s loose leg denim, but for a fraction of the cost.” Note: This pair is currently $118.

Our Favorite Risen Jeans Under $100

High praise for Risen jeans, specifically the boyfriend style. Find them at Social Threads.

featured jeans

TME Why: Shana discovered Risen jeans on Social Threads (a small business we love), and I think it’s time to finally try them out. S has practically waxed poetic about them carrying the perfect boyfriend jeans (a silhouette that I believe will truly never go out of style), but she’s tried gorgeous cream wide-legs and a few other styles too. High praise for them all around. 

On S (left) | right

Shana: These are the boyfriend jeans I’ve spent the last few years looking for. They’re soft, slouchy, comfy — everything boyfriend jeans should be — but with a higher rise that feels more modern. I love ’em.”

Our Favorite American Eagle Jeans Under $100

American Eagle's jean sizing typically goes up to a 20, w/ regular, long & short length options.

TME Why: One of my favorite places to shop recently for all the things? Yep, American Eagle. Similar to Abercrombie, they’re some of the only affordable jeans I’ve found that work for my petite, curvy frame. AE’s sizing typically goes up to a 20, with regular, long and short length options. And don’t miss those sales. They’re GOOD. 

What Our Editors Have To Say…

Our Favorite Kut From The Kloth Jeans Under $100

! of the things I appreciate the most about Kut From The Kloth: the sizing.

TME Why: One of the things I appreciate the most about Kut From The Kloth: the sizing. It offers plus, petite, tall and short sizes in a bunch of different styles in jeans. I’ll never forget Scotti mentioning that they’re a dupe (maybe even better) than an expensive AG pair she loves too. That sold me. 

What Our Editors Have To Say…
  • Kat“This year’s Nordstrom sale didn’t have my wish-list jeans in my store, which led me to try these surprisingly perfect jeans from Kut from the Kloth. The fit, the wash, and the boyfriend style are all so good, and I absolutely love them for fall.”
  • Scotti“I like having just a bit of a higher rise (although the pairs I’ve tried from Kut from the Kloth aren’t crazy high like some high-waist jeans), and the stretch is so comfortable and soft. There’s no muffin top or breaking-in time at all with these.”

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Hope you find your perfect jeans!


Want the best jeans under $100? We're kiiinda experts. We found great, affordable denim from our fave brands (Gap, Levi's, Risen, Everlane, etc.), come check 'em out.