I’m 5’1″ And Here Are 6 Petite Styling Tips I Swear By


Petites come in all shapes and forms, and while there are some universal guidelines, not all work on all petite bodies. When it comes to petite heights, there are tall and short petites.

At 5’1″ with short legs, I feel a little on the lower end, and today I want to share some of the things I do to showcase my petite body in a way I feel beautiful and confident.

Live Your Best Petite Life: 6 Style Tips To Showcase Your Frame

While there are many more things you can do, these are the tips I use the most. I’ll cover shoes, pants, tops, jackets and more — all to live our best little lives.

Watch the video below, and then scroll down for amazing recs per category. We’re talking gorgeous cropped jackets, the shoe inserts I love, tops that will hit your hips or above and you won’t need to tuck, and more.

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1. Shoes: Pointed- or almond-toe shoes, hopefully with some heel. However, on sneaker days, shoe inserts are my go-to.

2. Pants: High-rise. The exact measurement will depend on your specific rise, and many times a mid-rise will behave as a high-rise. Generally, a 9- to 10-inch rise works for short rises, and 10 inches and up for longer rises. Leg-wise, I love a flare/wide leg with heels or platform sneakers. I can use the height insert mentioned in Number 1.

3. Cropped Tops: Crop tops usually work as regular lengths on petite bodies — especially petite ones — less bulging and a more streamlined look.

4. Cropped Jacket: Same as the tops, cropped jackets will come at the right spot on our torsos. Some will come to your waist, and others slightly above your hips, which is perfect for elongating the legs.

5. Long Jackets/Top Layers: I avoid jackets that hit the widest part of my hips or thighs and instead go for longer lengths. It can be a knee-length or longer jacket that preferably hits under the widest part of my calf or below. The key here is to leave the jacket open to create a vertical line down your body. Remember that you may need to alter it at the waist and arms for the best fit.

6. Cinch The Waist: Some pieces need tailoring, others just a belt. When placed slightly above your waistline, the belt will give the illusion of longer legs — this is great for oversized coats and shirt dresses. The best belts are on the regular to thin side to keep the line long while still cinching the waist.

7. Bonus!! Always carry fashion tape (this is my favorite). Tops usually go lower on petite frames, and taping it will avoid some accidents and flashing. It also works for cropping jackets and tops.

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OK! I think that’s it! Enjoy the video, and drop a comment below with any questions.

Besos, Julieta

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I'm 5'2" w/ short legs, & I'm sharing my 6 fave style tips to elongate & showcase my petite frame (think: high-rise pants, crop tops, a cinched waist & more).
I'm 5'2" w/ short legs, & I'm sharing my 6 fave style tips to elongate & showcase my petite frame (think: high-rise pants, crop tops, a cinched waist & more).


  1. I agree that tops cropped at the right length are the most flattering, but at 5’3″ with super short legs, my torso is too long for the average crop top to hit at the right place 🙁 I need an in-between length, shorter than full length but not fully cropped.

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