Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022: Best of Kids


OK, so this was fun! I’ve missed the days of dressing my little Gia. For us, it’s always been about finding pieces that are cute and comfy.

Even though Gia’s now 11 (how did that happen?!), I’m loving all of the baby and toddler clothes in this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (who can resist a sweet little matching sweatsuit?). But I found some adorable stuff for the big kids too.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 Must-Haves: Baby, Kids, Tweens + Teens

I spent hours looking through the entire sale for kids — and it’s good. I managed to narrow things down to my favorites for each category including baby/toddler, little kids and big kids, and I also dedicated an entire section to kids’ outerwear (for all ages!). These outerwear pieces are arguably the best ones to snag first (and while on sale) — especially the jackets if you live anywhere it gets cold.

But let’s get into all my favorites. Many of these pieces come highly recommended after years of wearing them myself and putting them on Gia too (as a Maine native, I LOVE my L.L. Bean!). And the others sale finds? They’re just plain cute, like these teeny baby ballet slippers. (Can you even take it?!)

Our Favorite Kids’ Outerwear: Puffer Coats, Cute Boots & Warm Jackets

The kids’ jackets are not to be missed in this year’s NSale. You can’t go wrong with a North Face puffer jacket, and please…would you just check out this baby Tucker + Tate faux-fur jacket with ears?! I was also thrilled to see Bogs boots in the sale! Trust me, I grew up on a farm, and this boot is the best for rainy, muddy weather, and they are super-durable. For big kids, I have my eye on the L.L. Bean ultralight snow boots. L.L. Bean is The Store for the outdoors (Maine girl here — and I can vouch for L.L. Bean’s craftsmanship). Keep scrolling for even more kids’ outerwear and shoes by age.

The top boots are by Bogs. Trust me, I grew up on a farm, & these are the best for rainy, muddy weather & are super-durable. The tall black boots are from LL Bean, The Store for the outdoors (a native of Maine, I can vouch for their craftsmanship).

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Shop More Kids’ Outerwear & Shoes By Age

Best Of Baby: Frilly Tutu Dresses, Sporty Sweat Sets & A Genius Child Carrier

Baby fever, anyone? That would be me when I look at baby clothes ~sigh~. I am a sucker for tutu dresses (who doesn’t love a tutu?) and sporty little sweat sets. I was super excited to see this Thule baby carrier with a rain cover. You guys, it’s genius! Or maybe I’ve just been out of the game too long and baby gear has advanced a lot. But seriously, click on the link and look at the pictures. The rain cover, the storage compartment underneath, that way-cute baby in the pictures…this product has it all!

I was excited to see the Thule child carrier. You guys, it’s genius! The rain cover, the storage compartment underneath, that way-cute baby in the pictures…this product has it all!

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Best Of Little Kids: Playful Rompers, Nike Joggers, & Soft + Stretchy Dresses

Maybe little kids’ clothes are my fave. I think it’s mostly because they really are tiny adult clothes — like miniature versions of us walking around. What I remember loving most about buying little kids’ clothes is that the outfits are already arranged and styled for you (like this Little Me plaid fleece outfit set and this print Nordstrom romper set). Then, once you’re an adult, BAM — it’s all left up to you to put these pieces together!

What I remember loving most about buying little kids’ clothes is the outfits are already arranged & styled for you. Check out the Little Me plaid outfit 
& the Nordstrom romper set.

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Best Of Big Kids: Essential Vans, Stylish Skater Skirts & Casual Graphic Tees

This is where my Gia and I hang out now, and these clothes are fun, cute, comfy and essential! We gals (big and little) need our wardrobe staples, and this is the time to stock up! Then once you’ve got the basics down, add in a fancier piece or two like this wide-leg, flutter-sleeved romper (so cute) or this knit skater skirt. And while you’re at it, give it that little extra stylin’ touch with a cute shoe like these Vans Classic Slip-Ons or the Chukka sneakers.

Add in a fancier outfit like the Nordstrom flutter-sleeved romper or skater skirt. While you’re at it, give it that extra stylin' touch with the Classic Slip-On Vans or the Nordstrom Chukka sneakers.

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And, hey! Our 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale cheat sheet is updated daily. It’s your one-stop shopping guide with all our best recs, so be sure to check it out or head over to our more in-depth Ultimate Guide To The NSale.

Happy shopping!



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Shopping for your kids can be...hard. This year's NSale might just make it a little easier, with stellar wardrobe staples for babies, kids, tweens & teens from Vans, Nike + more.

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