Style Lessons: Finishing Striped Tees + Skinny Jeans




This outfit started, like most of mine do, with a striped tee and skinny jeans:



It’s fine as-is, just…boring.  Here’s the process I went through to end up with an outfit I truly loved:

Step One – Make Stripes Less Preppy

Preppy isn’t really my style, so the first thing I wanted to do was toughen up the stripes a bit.  Combat boots and distressed denim work every time.



Better, right?  And by “better” I  mean that it’s starting to look more like me.

Step 2 – Add Bedroom Eyes

I see stripes and I immediately think, ‘black eyeliner’ (maybe that’s just me).



Step 3 – Warm It Up, Balance Out The Black

It’s winter, so a single tee doesn’t work for me.  Besides, the boots are visually heavy in contrast to the 3/4 length sleeve so the outfit could stand another dark element for balance.  BLACK TURTLENECK is almost always the answer in the winter.



See?  Balanced, yet edgy and cool.  I’d wear it out like this, but adding in some finishing details are always fun.

Step 4 – Accessorize



A simple, architectural choker adds some punch without being too much.   Use a quirky cross-body bag as a wallet (I still carry my bigger bag if I need it, but the smaller one holds my phone, sunnies, and credit cards for easy access).











turtleneck:  J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck Tee (wearing a size S for reference)

striped shirt: St. James Galathee Navy & White Striped Shirt (wearing a M for reference)

skinnies: old Rag and Bone….these Hudson Shelby Moto Jeans are similar (and on super sale), but you’ll never go wrong with a pair of slashed-knee Rag and Bones  (Also at Nordstrom).  OR HEY JCREW…I’d wear these new JCrew jeans in a heartbeat.

boots: Ugg Combat Boots (50% off at 6pm!)…or a few additional sizes available on (also on sale)

necklace: J.Crew Shaped Choker

bag: Kate Spade New York Fancy Footwork bag  (also on Ebay, but be sure you’re not buying the coin purse…also, the new iPhone does NOT fit into this bag.  BOOO.)


As part of this whole back-to-basics approach, I’m in the process of redoing The Mom Edit Shops.  I rounded up all of the best tshirts, the coolest jeans, and comfortable (yet chic) footwear.  Any other categories you’d like to see?  (I’m currently working on everyday accessories like oversized scarves, kid-friendly necklaces, and outfit-making belts so stay tuned.  Also, Holiday Central is still around, just hidden under the Shop tab.  I’ll probably keep it up through Valentine’s Day.)