7 Style Resolutions for Moms in 2013


Hi, Mamas!!

2012-12-29 14.49.16(wearing:  Lole’s Lea Jacket in black, Sorel 88 Boots in black – currently on sale for $76, Levis 535 denim leggings, Band of Outsiders for Target hat, now sold out)

I’m back!  Did you miss me?  A few of you left me some very nice words on our Facebook page, some sent awfully kind emails…but most wanted to know one thing:  WHAT THE HECK, S?  WHY SO SILENT??

Friends (and any longtime reader) all know that silent is not something I typically do.

My long vacay even spawned pregnancy rumours!  Honestly.  I’m not pregnant.  Very much NOT.  Just…well…busy, I guess.  It’s just what happens when you live tragically far from those you love and don’t have nearly enough time to see them.  You know?

So for two weeks, my blogging brain was OFF.  Completely shut down.  I was starting to worry that I had run out of ideas.  But on the way back home (the very, VERY long drive back home), my brain kicked back on.  At least the part of my brain that’s constantly spinning over how best to rock a plaid shirt, debating the benefits of loafers vs. ballet flats, and the part that Can’t. Stop. Shopping.  So despite the fact that my house (in it’s partially-unpacked-state) looks like a bomb went off…I’ve been positively itching to sit down and write.  Specifically about style resolutions for 2013.  Lucky 13, Mamas!  Not just lucky – 13 is also a prime number, which is really a beautiful thing.

So Mamas, looking into 2013, here’s what I’ll be focusing on.  So if you’d like to join me…just repeat after me:

I, Mama…


1.  …will try harder with my hair.

I will take advantage of the numerous bed-head products on the market and do something fabulous.  I will adorn, perhaps, the unwashed mess on my head with pretty hair clips, or figure out an easy braid.  I will even take a break from my tired ponytail. (gasp)  In 2013, I may have dark circles under my eyes and an unidentified substance on my shirt, but my hair?  My hair will be a thing of wonder.

NOTE:  Later this week, I’ll share my insanely-easy hairdo finds that seriously ANYONE can do (You can tell I’m a novice because I still use words like ‘hairdo’).


2. …will invest in stylish outdoor clothing.

Whether the dark days of winter bring ice, snow, sleet or hail, I will be ready.  I will not avoid taking the kiddos outside because I’ll freeze in my wool peacoat.  Nor will I not hit the trendy coffeshop after sledding because I look like a small house in my snowpants.  I will instead embrace the fact that I am a Stylish Mom Who Plays and take dressing myself for cold weather just as seriously as I do dressing the kids.  I will also figure out a cute snow-playing hairstyle that goes under my oh-so-cool winter hat. (see Resolution #1 above)


3. …will figure out footwear that doesn’t involve tall boots.

Tall boots will always have a place in our hearts, and our closets.  But it’s time.  It’s time to ease up on our style training wheels.  (Remember when tall boots and skinny jeans felt all cutting edge?)  In 2013, I, Mama, will bow my head in acknowledgement to all that the tall boot taught me…and will then try my hardest to find an alternate mom-uniform.  Even if it takes all year.

Can I suggest an ankle boot?  Seriously – these things aren’t going anywhere.  Or how about Frye’s Moto Boot, or Clark’s Desert Boot?


4. …will think twice before buying another solid-color shirt.

Because I want to take part, dammit, of these new, liberating trends that have taken hold of our fashion consciousness!!  I want color, yes, but color alone is not enough!  I want patterns.  And when I’m ready?  I will mix patterns.  In 2013, I will not wear my striped shirt with just solid sweaters.  I will wear it with solid sweaters and polka-dot pants.  I will wear it with a plaid scarf.  I will wear it with another top of different stripes.  So when I find myself in the midst of a clearance-sale madness, clutching yet another solid-color shirt/sweater/tee/whatever…I will STOP.  And consider my closet carefully.


5. …will get my sh*t together (style-wise).

2013 is the year that all ill-advised, impulse purchases will STOP.  Instead, I will clean out my closet – really clean it out – so I’m left with only pieces that work.  Pieces that I will actually wear.  I will then put time into figuring out how to wear my existing pieces better, and make a Master Shopping List of the additional pieces I need.  When I’m ready to shop again, I will be insanely picky.  NOTHING will be purchased unless it makes my heart beat fast, or makes me cry tears of joy.  

(And I will STOP marking secret Target purchases as “groceries” to hide them from my husband.  Unless, of course, they make me cry tears of joy.  Then all bets are off.)

NOTE: A closet clean-out article is coming later this month. Until then, here are a few articles that might help get your shizz together (and I really need to re-read them myself).

An Easy Method To Determine Your Personal Style

The Argument for Quality Over Quantity…Even in a Mom-drobe

Tips For Successful Mom-Drobe Shopping

Fall Basics 101:  A Starter Mom-Drobe

10 Tips For Keeping Your Mom-Drobe Looking New(ish)


6. …will wear bold makeup like it’s no big thing.

On my most casual days, I’ll rock a red lip like it’s nobody’s business.  Or, if I’m in the mood, shocking pink.  Perhaps orange, mid-summer when I’m tan.  On mornings when I’m running around frantically, I’ll throw a chubby, glide-on eyeliner (in teal, maybe?) into my diaper bag to add a pop of color later.  In 2013, my makeup will be applied with this one simple rule in mind:  colorful, bold make-up looks effortless and cool when paired with casual everything else.


7. …will find the perfect white tee…and STOCK UP.

In 2013, I will make it my mission, nay, my quest to find t-shirt perfection in white.  This quest is a worthy one.  The humble white tee is not just a shirt.  Oh, no.  It is the cornerstone of any good mom-uniform, the core of an insouciant French-girl’s closet, and the foundation upon which to build an outfit of awesome.  (Especially with all of the print-tastic pants of late.)


You with me, Mamas?  Also, our Style Resolutions from 2012 still apply.  Especially the one about rocking white pants…something I’ve been loving again this year.  But what are your style resolutions for the year??  Any that you’re feeling in particular?

Mamas, it is SO GOOD to be back!  Happy New Year!!





  1. Welcome back… So I’m not the only one who marks target impulse purchases as groceries in the budget? Haha. If you are looking for a main line closet to help purge, come on over!!!

  2. OMG! Welcome back!…I am not a long time reader..but I missed you!!! Just thought you needed a vacation…Please keep on with the great posts!!

  3. I’m loving all of these! But I have to admit, I am terrified, just terrified of bold lipstick. I wish I was brave enough, but it just totally freaks me out. :/ Help? lol

  4. totally inspired! We just moved to long island from manhattan and I told my husband I dont want to lose my “cool” just because we live in suburbia now! Thanks for these resolutions I will be sure to follow!

  5. Welcome back! As far as white T shirts go, Target currently has T shirts that are more of a dressy style. they are soft and springy with a V neck and are AMAZING!!!!!!

  6. Oh the WHITE TSHIRT…THANK YOU! I have two dingy flacid numbers handing in my marvelous new closet and I’d like to cry just looking at them. All price ranges. Gap usually rocks, but not so much in the t I have. *pout* Maybe do a big deal and get the vendor of your love to let us buy 100 or 1000 of them or something. For a ANMJ discount…
    And fyi Target clothing items are sooooo groceries….They make us YUMMY!

  7. Yeah! I need white tees.
    Have you tried Salomon XC skiing pants? They are slim cut, not too bulking and quite warm. I’ve worn mine to a few coffee shop dates after skating or sledding. I agree I cute hat helps. But mostly people are thinking that mom ROCKS!

  8. Yes! This has totally inspired me to get my s&!t together! I’m a new mama to a 3-month old & am ready to ditch the yoga pants – for at least for a few days & nights of the week.

  9. Too funny. I’m a little behind, I just got onto the skinny jeans and tall boots bandwagon (seriously!) but I’m definitely with you. I have been on the hunt for the elusive white t myself. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  10. I don’t want to figure out short boots!! I love my tall boots…Am I wearing the 2013 version of mom jeans??? Heavens, I hope not.
    But hair I can get on board with, no more knotted up pony, I swear!

  11. Thank GAWD you’re back – I struggled through the post-holiday shopping bonanza! Without your wisdom and guidance I’m sure I’ve purchased a few “no-nos” but did manage to score my first FRYE acquisition… WOW!!! I am SOOO looking forward to your rockin’ inspiration in 2013. I COULD REALLY USE A CLOSET PURGE…

  12. Welcome back!!! SO happy that your time away was filled with family and fun.
    LOVE these resolutions- I want to add a bit more “edge” to my wardrobe. I bought coated denim and have been wearing them EVERY day- total perfection- comfortable, easy to wear with my basics but gives things a bit of an edge- and I get compliments on them all the time. That let me see that I *can* still rock it as a mama.
    I also need to try and get “ahead” of myself- so often I shop for winter clothes in February when they are all gone- or I am hunting for the perfect maxi skirt in August when the stores are stocking up on fall clothes. Closet purging and list making are going to be key for me this year.
    Few questions- the first is- I need the details of your outfit in the picture! We have two trips to Vermont with friends and I have NO winter boots! We will be cross country skiing, tubing, and sledding with the kiddos so I need warm but would love stylish- your boots look like both!
    Second- tall boots and skinny jeans are fabulous for those of us who have wider hips- it balances it all out. I have never been able to rock skinnies with flats. I have one pair of heeled ankle booties but they are date night only. Sooooo when you are on the quest for a shorter boot/shoe for skinnies- will you keep us wider hipped mamas in mind?
    Happy New Year! xo

  13. Don’t tell me I have to go away from my love of tall boots and skinnies! I won’t do it! You can’t make me!!! I am, however, rocking some Frye Engineers today (and have been for several days now) and am loving them. I loved the look and bought them, but was disappointed with their stiffness. Rather than return them (like any rational person would do) I became bound and determined to make them wearable…. and I FINALLY succeeded. They had grape jelly on them earlier and look amazing after cleaning them up. Talk about kid-friendly.
    And I’m with you on the white t-shirts. That elusive beast has been evading me my whole life. I also recently bought everything to try a red lip, but just don’t have the guts to do it. Maybe this year. Maybe…

  14. Definitely need an alternative to tall boots & jeans my business casual office wear is leaning very casual these days! Also very into hair help, even mastering a great pony would be a step in the right direction 😉

  15. Yay! Welcome back!
    Quick comments/questions:
    Make up that stays put all day with the kids?
    Alternative for those of us who look awful in white (and cream)?
    I still love my tall boots! I’m alternating with clogs. Not as on trend, but maybe okay with the clunkiness to balance out skinny pants??

  16. Ooh the white shirt. Needs a nice drape, but not to cling to the pooch. Not too short, not too thin, not too expensive because you know one of the kids is going to get ketchup or marker on it before long.

  17. I’m interested to see what you come up with for #3. I live in Michigan, and I feel like tall boots are one of the only options on a cold/wet/snowy day. I love fall and spring because then I can wear all of my cute flats, but they just don’t cut it in the winter.

  18. Amen – especially on #5 (which I have been trying to adopt for sometime now – it’s hard, though, when you really feel like you need a quick pick-me-up and Target (or even Forever 21, god forbid) can provide that. And on #7, I resort to Size Large V-necks Hanes Mens Tees – But I’m sure I could do better. On #4, I don’t think I’m ever going to be the kind of girl who mixes patterns like that, but I’d love to see you do it….
    – Mad

  19. You. Have. Been.Missed.! Absence does make the heart grow fonder 😉 But as one who lives away from my family I understand wanting to soak up all Quality Time and put away the Laptop for a bit-so good for you! But welcome back 😉
    Also…I am afraid of the ankle boots. I love my tall boots! Not sure I can make the leap!
    And, any tips for short hair shake-ups? I have a slight A-Line bob with straight across bangs.
    Looking forward to your white T-Shirt finds!

  20. So glad to find you back from the holidays! A little late for a few misguided sale purchases at Old Navy….hangs head in shame…but New Year, new rules, right?!?
    If I give credit where due – thank you for the kick in the pants which led me to a gorg not-too-puffy puffer and a sweet start on #2!! – can I join the chorus of beggars and pleaders on #3? How on earth does the less than leggy mama rock anything but the tall boot? Heck, I’ll even volunteer photos if it helps, because this ankle boot business – on my frame – eludes me. SOS!!

  21. Add me to the “I am so happy you had a nice long vacay with the fam but really missed you” list! I think my resolution is that if I find something I love, don’t go looking for the cheaper version (well, within reason and not all the time anyways) because I have been disappointed one too many times and wished that I “invested” in “the” piece in the first place. Gosh, I didn’t know the hunt for the perfect white tee was so profuse! Gap has me to thank for “testing out” all theirs. A few close ones but the kids eventually get to them of course.
    PS I don’t know why I am using so many quotation marks “Happy New Year” 🙂

  22. Oh no, I *finally* got tall boots and skinnies. I am such a late adopter (on all things – I also don’t have any i-devices…), so perhaps my goal for this year is to actually be at the head of a trend!
    Cleaning the closet is a goal of mine as well. Enough worn out pre-kids clothes and (the only new items) pouch-hidding shirts that aren’t otherwise flattering now that the pouch is (mostly) gone.

  23. And this may or may not be creepy but….I’m going to show my hair stylist your friend Becky’s hair when I get my hair cut next. I used to have her haircut and I want it again!

  24. I am SO SO SO glad you are back! I had just found you and was worried I’d lost you! 😉
    Your post was well timed. I was JUST telling my friend I’d found some tall black boots (I have tall brown, why not tall black?)… thwarted just in time!
    Got me some booties instead.
    Thanks S!

  25. looking froward to what you have to combat the skinny jeans/ tall boot trend….I am so over that but don’t know what to do. I also need to get some new jeans, looking for my first pair of designer jeans….now that is behind the times! 🙂

  26. Oh my gosh, Megan B – we just got back from MI, and it was so snowy and slushy the WHOLE TIME that I only wore my SNOW boots. I couldn’t even wear regular boots! True story. In those extreme climates, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

  27. Beth, I’m so in love with coated denim. Makes me feel like a bad@ss. And I updated the post with outfit deets. Lastly, I’m working on an article for you….

  28. No, no. We’re not there yet. You and your tall boots probably have a couple more years before you hit mom jeans category. Don’t worry – I’ll let you know. 🙂

  29. Perfect (good quality cotton) white t-shirt is as rare as a unicorn these days! Good luck in your search. Please post so I may buy one too!

  30. Add me to the list of people who are so glad to see your posts showing up in my feed reader again! I love all your resolutions for this year. After baby #3 was born last June I’ve been struggling to find anything that works to make me not feel like a total bum, and your blog has provided some much-needed inspiration.
    We’re moving to Malaysia this summer, so I figure I’ll pretty much be living in modest summer clothes for the next three years (modest since it’s Muslim, but it’s 90 degrees and humid all year round, yikes!), and a perfect white T-shirt is really high on my list of things I need to find. And on the hair front…yeah, I could use some help. Mine is currently mid-length (just below my shoulders) and my youngest is a hair puller, so most days it’s just in a messy ponytail. Keep the ideas coming!

  31. Ok, help! My hubby is going to buy me a new pair of boots for my birthday. I have only purchased cheap riding-esque boots in the past that fall apart after a year or two 🙁 I want to invest in a pair of nicer boots ($100?) that I will have to wear for several years to come, but that are practical for chasing my preschooler & crawling baby around as well as cute enough for a date night. Are tall boots still in? I just LOVE them but would hate to buy something that will be out of style the moment I swipe my card!!

  32. Ok I am waiting with baited breath for the skinny/boot alternative post!! Purely to provide you with a reference point for us not leggy mamas *cough cough* I ordered those gorg DV booties. I’ll send pics this week when they arrive. If your styling skills lead me to keep them, well, you know….

  33. Maggie, you'll be happy to know that the pieces I needed have come in, and I'm styling them up now.  You won't see the article this week, but it'll come out in either the week after (or the week after that).
    Shana Draugelis, Ain't No Mom Jeans
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    Click here!

  34. Just found this and LOVE! I hear ya on the tall boots thing – I LOVE them because they’re flats, and flats are no longer frumpy…until the day they aren’t. Because pregnancy made my back hate heels. Oh, and I plan to get pregnant again one day and that will obviously be the day that all things flat will go out of style. I hope the fashion gods give us something great!

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