Style Sesh: Grunge A Pencil Skirt



I love a pencil skirt. I really…love a pencil skirt. Always have. I used to wear them with heels and a cute clutch (pre-kids)…ya know, the days we all could throw on a pair of heels and fit everything we needed into an envelope size bag and just jet out the door (I do regularly curse at my pre-baby self). What was that like? Do you remember at all?…because I’ve started to have memory loss when it comes to the years before babies. I’m like, huh? What is sleep exactly? What is this “running out the door” you speak of? What is a weekend?

haha…ha..ha…but really.

There are things we can’t do, don’t get and things we would still like to wear, but simply cannot anymore. At least, not in the same way as we used to. I don’t know about you, but as a parent, I feel like my life is one endless improvisation after another. It’s like, well…shit! That didn’t work, let’s try this and see if this doesn’t result in a total facking mess tomorrow.

…and how does that have anything to do with clothes, Cams? It has so much to do with it, because us mamas, if we still would like to rock certain articles of clothing while chasing kids around, need to improvise and find new ways to wear them – realistically and comfortably.

So. I’ve been trying out different, more casual ways to wear my dressy-looking pencil skirt, because heck no am I going to be sporting it with heels on the regular (or ever) with my wild son. All I did was grunge it up a bit…

Step 1: Black Eyeliner


I am not a make-up pro…if you all haven’t noticed yet – haa. However, when I want a bit more edge, I apply black eyeliner. The end. I can manage to do that.

Step 2: Simple Tank or Graphic Tee (& a lacey bra doesn’t hurt)


This tank has been a favorite of mine recently, because I’ve been able to throw it on with most everything – jeans, shorts, skirts. Now, I had a strapless bra on with this top, but that’s no fun (and not very comfortable), so I switched it out for a this FP Racerback bralette…and yessss. It gives me no lift…at all, but it’s so comfy and it helped to bring that grunge factor that I was looking for.

I would totally do a  graphic tee with this skirt too, like this F21 Guns N Roses tee…or really any of these graphic tees.

Step 3: Wear Sneakers


…because, heels? Yeh, no. While I will randomly do a lower heel, unless it’s a date night and I get to stroll at a gloriously slow pace, you will more often than nought find me in different styles of flats. Plus- the black Vans are what really made the pencil skirt look more casual and cool.

Ooooo and what about Supergas or Converse? I’m thinking either would totally rock with a pencil skirt.

How I Wore It





Sometimes I wonder how I get out of the house with this little crew and then keeping the boy from running away or into the road…almost impossible. It’s a circus most times. Yehhhh. I’m getting very close to swearing off all heels and only wearing running shoes when I’ve got Anthony in tow (or when Anthony has me in tow, I guess I should say. lol).

The sneakers were a solid choice, because my life be like…


pencil skirt-with-sneakers



top: Trouve Strappy High/Low Tank – like I said, I’ve been throwing this tank on a lot lately…pairs easily with jeans, shorts, skirt. It brings the chic and I bring the…sneakers 😉

bralette: Free People Racerback Gallon Lace Bralette (wearing size S for reference) – as you can very well see, it doesn’t give me any lift, it holds everything in and always makes me feel cute…so it’s a winner. Also, I do think that I’ve heard that ladies with bigger friends up top have been surprised with how well the FP bralettes hold and shape their bust.

skirt: Lavish Alice Lace Pencil Skirt – This was a good purchase. It’s currently the only pencil skirt I own, but surprisingly…I’ve been able to wear it more often than I thought I would. I’ve worn this chambray button-up and blue top with it. I’m currently on the look-out for a top like this one in cream/white to wear with my gladiator sandals or my new loves. aaaaaaaah. *heart eyes* Anyway, sorry! I’m going on and on here. I get excited about stuff. OKAY?! >> be aware that you’ll need to size up. I wear a size 4 and I ordered a size 10.

shoes: Vans Authentic Lo-Pro Sneaker – I had a pair of light purple Vans in high school and I wore them until they had holes in the toes, because I was way too edgy for Keds. haaaa. I’ve been meaning to get another pair since my last, so done. The black is spot-on too.

shades: BP. Langham 49mm Sunglasses – cheap, pretty well-made and hot. I love them. >> BTW, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the very affordable accessories shop at Nordstrom right now. It’s where I have been finding all of my favorites recently.

Grunge it and share it. #myeverydayedit on IG, yo.



photos: Brandon Brown Photography


  1. I don’t have kids (yet) but I am stealing this as style inspiration. (minus the black eyeliner part..eyeliner not my friend) I am all about this grungy-girly look lately. I headed out shopping this morning with by orange bra straps showing and converse on. I felt slightly rebel 😉

    x. Morgan /

  2. I’ve been meaning to ask this question for a bit now, and your honest comments on the non-lift of the bralette has inspired me. Since finishing bf-ing babe #2, I am all nip, no boob. So, are bralettes just not for me? I got one from nordstrom semi-recently and had to return it because, wow, hello inappropriate. What am I missing here?

    • Nicole – you are not alone! I bf two kiddos too. Personally, I think bralettes have a giggle fest when they see me coming. Give me a padded bra any day. My love affair with bralettes will live on though as I pass them silently thinking “I wish I could I wish I could”. I even tried the beautiful Nordstrom bra S wears in her Puerto Rico pics (with the Revolve dress I succumbed to buying loooove!). That bra had to immediately go back. Holy mom boobs! Victoria Secrets has some really beautiful/sexy demi bras that have padding and lace and work great for a low cut top or tank. Just a thought…

      • We should form a support group. Same issue here. My quest has been to find appropriate pajama tops to cover the nips. It’s one thing at home, but if we go to stay with others (inlaws) I’m sick of lounging with my bra and pjs. Ideally, I want a padded shelf bra tank. But I haven’t found one, yet… Anyone?

  3. Julie, I highly recommend the Gilligan & O’Malley bra top tanks from Target! They are sold as sleepwear, but the black, white and gray ones are a regular part of my daytime wardrobe. Just enough padding and super comfy!

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