Style Showdown: Ganni Pants Vs. Athleta Brooklyn Heights


I’ve been thinking about those GANNI pants I have & love, and what makes them ‘worth’ buying. Granted, the whole concept of whether a piece of clothing is “worth it” is so completely personal that it sometimes seems silly to even use those words, but I can’t find a better way to talk about both the usefulness of a piece and the feeling. Clothing purchases are – for me, at least – equal parts functionality and joy.

There is no doubt those GANNI pants I have do bring me joy. They have a really cool, unique look that I’m deeply into. But I find that I style them exactly the same way that I style Athleta’s Brooklyn Heights High-Rise Pleated Pants.

GANNI pants (left) | Athleta pants (right)

Both pants are made from super lightweight, technical material and are great for summer. But the GANNI pants are $345, and the Athleta pants are currently on sale for $65(!!). So if I style them the same way…what could possibly make the GANNI pants “Worth It”??

That’s the idea I want to explore here. Why would I recommend these GANNI pants when one could wear the exact same outfits with the Athleta pants? Obviously budget plays a role here, but I suspect that some of you, after looking at both options, may decide that you, in fact, prefer the look of the Athleta pants! They are a more classic choice, and have a sophisticated simplicity that’s pretty great.

But for those of you who do, in fact, like your outfits with a bit of an edge…the differences in the outfits below might, in fact, help you decide that those GANNI pants (or something similar) might be worth it for you, and your style.

Let’s get into it.

GANNI Wide-Leg Cargo Pants Vs. Athleta’s Brooklyn Heights Wide-Leg Pleated Trousers

For reference, I’m wearing a size 4 in those GANNI pants, and I *did* get them shortened at the tailor!! However, in the Athleta pants I’m wearing a size 6 petite. For reference, I’m 5’3″ and around 120 lbs.

Outfit 1: With An Athleta Workout Top

GANNI pants (left), size 4 | Athleta pants (right), size 6p :: top (m) | bag | flip-flops

This is easily one of my most-worn outfits. Honestly, that Athleta tank is so good – it slides easily into the background of the GANNI pants outfit, yet that peek of skin keeps the Athleta pants outfit from being boring – and this is probably the best example of the differing vibes of the two pants.

Outfit 2: With My Usual Black Hoodie

Outfit with black parachute pants and black GAP hoodie and nude ballet flats from Everlane

GANNI pants (left), size 4 | Athleta pants (right), size 6p :: hoodie (s) | similar bag | flats

Another workhorse, this GAP hoodie (still the best I’ve found), is another most-worn piece, and I love it with both pairs of pants. The GANNI stitching looks seriously so cool with these all-black outfits, and the Athleta pants have great drape.

Outfit 3: With A Boxy Sailor Shirt

GANNI cargo pants and athleta brooklyn pants comparison with sailor top

GANNI pants (left), size 4 | Athleta pants (right), size 6p :: top (s) | bag | similar sandals

With a preppy little top, the stitching of the GANNI pants offsets the sailor vibes nicely, while the Athleta pants lean into that classic look. A striped tee would also work really well here (Kule is my go-to, but I’m also eyeing up this really fresh one).

Outfit 4: With An Oversized Sweater

Black parachute cargo pants with jenni kayne oversized sweater and gold Sezane sandals.

GANNI pants (left), size 4 | Athleta pants (right), size 6p :: sweater (xs) | bag | sandals

On a casual date night, I love grabbing my oversized Jenni Kayne as an outer layer once the sun goes down. This outfit looks especially pretty with gold sandals. Once again, the GANNI pants make the whole look more interesting/edgy…and the Athleta pants go in the direction of quiet luxury.

Outfit 5: With An Oversized Sweatshirt

GANNI cargo pants styled with an oversized sweatshirt and Vans...compared to Athleta brooklyn pants

GANNI pants (left), size 4 | Athleta pants (right), size 6p :: sweatshirt (s) | bag | shoes

While I have definitely worn this exact outfit with the Athleta pants…it’s not my favorite. The longer, baggier sweatshirt really benefits from the extra shape of the GANNI pants, as well as the cool stitching.

Outfit 6: With A Striped Tank & Sneakers

black track pants styled with sneakers, baseball cap, and striped tank

GANNI pants (left), size 4 | Athleta pants (right), size 6p :: tank (s) | hat | bag | shoes

Another outfit I’ve been wearing a bunch. These sneakers are a dream, and both pants work great. The GANNI pants just lend a cooler, sportier vibe to the outfit, while the Athleta pants read more classic.

Outfit 7: With A Silk Cami & Heels

GANNI pants styled with a silk tank and heels, compared to Athleta brooklyn pants

GANNI pants (left), size 4 | Athleta pants (right), size 6p :: cami (s) | shoes | bag

This is the only outfit of the bunch I haven’t actually worn out of the house. Frankly, if I’m dressing up in the summer, I’d rather just wear a dress. But it’s nice to know that either pair of pants can be fancy if needed.

See what I mean? All in all, these are all outfits I love and wear, so it really just comes down to the vibe.



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