Curating a Wearable Bracelet Stack That Won’t Break The Bank


I’ve been wanting to update my bracelet stack for a while now. I love the couple of pieces I have, but they’re looking a bit worn and weren’t thoughtfully put together in the first place. It’s time for a refresh.

And because I’m impatient, after getting all inspired by binging Daphne Oz’s Instagram videos, I want to build a stack all at once instead of having to do it over time. So, unlike her gorgeous fancy stack, this stack I’m creating here is quite reasonably priced.

And while it may sound annoyingly technical to say I have a “formula” for this process, it’s a loose formula at best, friends, and is easily achievable!

My Easy + Pretty Bracelet-Stack Formula: Let’s Get This (Arm) Party Started

I know because of my coloring and preferences I want to stick with gold, but I’m not someone who can just be satisfied with ordering a predetermined set and be done with it. Nope. I’m a designer and a picky-chooser-of-things, haha (Aquarius sun, Taurus rising), and I want to concoct a lovely combo of my own with thoughtful elements.

Texture is the name of the game for me when creating my bracelet combo.

I’m choosing one wider statement bracelet, a few various sizes of beaded bracelets, a chain bracelet for texture variety and then a smaller statement bracelet with a little design element.

This stacked bracelet combo of beads, chains, & various textures + sizes gives me variety without being too busy (the gold ties it all together).

ring | evil eye | similar chain | beaded | watchband

This combo gives me variety without being too busy (the gold ties it all together). The set is also easily wearable with all my outfits.

The basic how-to, broken down? Stick to a unifying factor (same color palette/metal is easiest), and add variety through texture and size.

Et voilà. Bracelet lewk refreshed.

The basic how-to when creating a bracelet stack? Stick to a unifying factor (same color palette/metal is easiest), & add variety through texture + size.

ring | evil eye | similar chain | beaded | watchband

This idea would also be great to put on your own holiday wish list! Here I’ve included the pieces I’m wearing above but with a few more options in each category, so you can make it your own.

For ease of using the “formula,” pick one from the top row, one from the middle row, and one from the bottom row. Obviously, you can go wild and choose as many as you want, making a real party up your arm.

Shop More Pretty Bracelets For Building An Arm Party

Since I loved this arm-party planning and the look that resulted, I do think I’ll slowly replace my pieces over time with special, higher-end finds. But my impatient self adores that I can have the look now! And all of the bracelets are so lovely, honestly, I don’t think anyone can tell the difference.

The formula is meant to be a helpful guide, but if you know us at all around here, you know there are really no rules. It’s your arm party, you can do what you want to!


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Lovely photos by Posy Quarterman Photography.

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