Just When You Think Vuori Can’t Get Any Softer…Sherpa.


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Fall on the Northern California coast is nothing short of magic. Yes, this time of year Half Moon Bay becomes a bit synonymous with all things pumpkin, but if you spend more than a harried afternoon here, you’d know that there’s oh-so-much more to this part of the Bay Area than pony rides and hay mazes. (Full transparency: I’m a sucker for both of those things.)

I’m almost hesitant to share just how glorious Half Moon Bay can be on a weekday fall morning. Any overnight dampness fizzles off by the time the kiddos are in school, and the trails become a quiet, sun-washed escape for runners, dog walkers, and the lone photographer hired to follow (via Segway, no less) the odd tourist group of horseback riders as they make their way onto the beach.

My hiking friend could vouch that, if you ever were to spot me on these local trails, I'm almost always clad in head-to-toe Vuori performance apparel.

tank (S) | leggings (S)

On the rare morning when I don’t have breakfast dishes to clean up and emails to sort, it’s my favorite place to be, doing some combo of running and walking — or, in the case of these photos, just goofing around and catching up with a friend (who also happens to snap most of the pics I share here).

Vuori’s Fall Must-Haves: Sherpa, Leggings and “Suede,” Oh My!

That same friend could vouch that, if you ever were to spot me on these local trails, I’m almost always clad in head-to-toe Vuori. I’ve yet to find a performance-apparel brand that makes me feel as put together and shamelessly comfortable as Vuori — two qualities that should fly in the face of one another and yet, thanks to some major Vuori design-team magic…don’t. It’s incredible.

left: tank (S) | leggings (S) right: sports bra (S) | leggings (S)

The newest pieces in my growing Vuori wardrobe (Vuordrobe?), of course, are no exception. Both matching sets are indescribably comfortable (I’ll enumerate the specific features of each below, because they’re worth the deep dive) — and the colors? Swoon.

Between the baby-blue Oxford hue and the Luna Heather, it feels like this season’s offerings were curated with the exact palette of our late-season beachscapes in mind. (In fact, I’m going to pretend that the Luna Heather, in particular, was inspired by our Half Moon Bay coastline.)

The Cozy Sherpa Jacket ois exactly that — but with a silky-plush softness that only Vuori could produce.

jacket (S) | leggings (S)

And, friends. I don’t think I need to tell you how excited we should all be that Vuori has come out with a nubbly, teddy-bear fleece. It’s called, understandably, the Cozy Sherpa Jacket, and it’s exactly that — but with a silky-plush softness that only Vuori could produce. Perfect timing, because the morning chill on these trail excursions will soon be just a bit more than my beloved Vuori hoodie can handle.

Vuori’s Cozy Sherpa Jacket Is, Unsurprisingly, Soft AF

In true Vuori fashion, the Cozy Sherpa Jacket is a soft fleece material that's plush + almost silky, & the proportions make it feel current + cute.

jacket (S) | leggings (S)

This Vuori Cozy Sherpa Jacket has my heart racing, friends. In this gig, we get to try on a lot of clothing, but I can’t remember the last time I rushed to tear into a package the way I did when this hit my doorstep. It’s essentially everything I want to be wearing this fall.

In true Vuori fashion, it’s an impossibly soft fleece material that’s plush and almost silky, and the proportions make it feel current and cute. It’s both a little roomier and a little more cropped than other fleeces I own, and somehow that makes the difference between it being really good and downright great when paired with leggings. It’s just voluminous enough.

The Vuori Cozy Sherpa Jacket is both a little roomier & cropped than other fleeces I own, & somehow that makes the difference between being really good & downright great when paired w/ leggings.

jacket (S) | tank (S) | leggings (S)

And it’s genuinely warm. I’ve been pulling it on for chilly walks to school, but if we were doing the early morning Saturday-soccer thing, this would be perfect for the sidelines. Note that it did shed a little bitta lint after the first wash-and-dry cycle, but by the second wash it was tumbling clean. Wearing a small.

Baby Blue + Tracksuit Stripes — ‘The 90s Trends I Didn’t Know I Was Missing

Vuori describes the feel of its BreatheInterlock fabric as "peachy to the touch, with smoothing coverage & an airbrushed finish."
The tracksuit striping of the leggings is elongating & a fun departure from the rest of Vuori's offerings. I love the decision to accent these w/ the sportier "V" logo too.
The Vuori Yosemite Bra is supportive without smashing, ideal for mat workouts or jogging.

Vuori Yosemite Bra in Oxford | I love the Vuori Yosemite Bra, so when I saw it was being offered in the new Oxford blue, it was a no-brainer. The straps are just so pretty — sporty and even a little sexy (I love how the back looks peeking out from a tank too) — and the fit is great. It’s supportive without smashing, ideal for mat workouts or jogging. (I usually prefer to wear it without the removable pads, but they’re handy if modesty is your thing.) And as someone who almost always gravitates toward darker colors, the Oxford colorway was a total surprise. It reminds me, in the best way possible, of the very big moment this exact shade of baby blue played in my high school wardrobe, when my tube top matched my skate shoes just so.

Vuori Track Legging in Oxford | Vuori describes the feel of its BreatheInterlock fabric as “peachy to the touch, with smoothing coverage and an airbrushed finish.” And I’d completely call that out as poetic marketing speak if it weren’t for the fact that it’s actually, ummmm, pretty dang spot on.

Never in a million years would I have expected to feel this confident lighter-colored leggings, but holy heck, these are stupid pretty and so freaking flattering on the bod. The tracksuit striping is elongating and a fun departure from the rest of Vuori’s offerings, and I love the decision to accent these with the sportier “V” logo too. They’re also offered in Azure (a dusty navy) and Celadon (kind of a super-saturated mint) that I’d love to add to my collection. Wearing a small.

Vuori’s Elevation Series Is As Soft As Suede + Perfect For Fall

The substantial fabric & fuller coverage of the Vuori Elevation Plyo Tank make it ideal for cooler temps, but it's not so warm that you couldn't use it for the gym.
There's a shelf bra removable liner pads inside the Vuori Elevation Plyo Tank.
The ultra-sueded finish of the Clean Elevation Leggings is substantial than some of Vuori's other 1s, so while they're not necessarily thicker, they feel well-suited to cooling temps.

Elevation Plyo Tank in Luna Heather | I’ve been looking forward to trying Vuori’s Elevation series ever since I read that it’s got an “ultra-sueded handfeel.” If that doesn’t sound like the perfect transitional fall fabric, I don’t know what does. And that’s absolutely the takeaway on this tank. The substantial fabric (with, yes, a sueded handfeel) and fuller coverage make it ideal for cooler temps, but it’s not so warm that you couldn’t use it for the gym. (I’m very optimistically wearing it as we speak, in fact, hoping I can squeeze in a Pilates mat workout this afternoon.) There’s a shelf bra inside too, with removable liner pads. And the Luna Heather color is even more stunning in person. It’s like someone took the eyedropper tool to a teal band of ocean — just the perfect shade of blue-green that somehow manages to read as warm and tropical. Gorgeous. Wearing a small.

Clean Elevation Legging in Luna Heather | I’ve yet to find a pair of Vuori leggings I don’t immediately love, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, these are, indeed, excellent. Just as with the Plyo Tank, the ultra-sueded finish makes them feel just a little more substantial than some of Vuori’s other leggings, so while they’re not necessarily thicker, they feel well-suited to cooling temps. And as with all my Vuori high-waisted leggings, they stay put. Which is some kinda magic, because while the waist is smoothing, it’s definitely not tight. Not questioning how that works exactly, but it does! The hidden zippered pocket at the waist holds a little more than a typical stash pocket too (it fits my phone!); though, on my pair, the unobtrusive zipper is so stealthy that it has to be babied a little to operate. Wearing a small.

If you happen to find yourself strolling a Half Moon Bay trail (or, let’s be real, a pumpkin patch) in the coming months and you spy someone shamelessly bedecked in all things Vuori, there’s a very good chance it’s yours truly. Pop on over and say hello!


Thank you so much to Vuori and ShopStyle Collective for sponsoring this post. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to slip into something comfy in the morning and realize it’s actually flattering enough (and performance-oriented enough!) to wear all day long. I’m absolutely smitten. And thank you, friends, for continuing to spend time here with us on The Mom Edit and for supporting the brand partners that allow us to keep doing our thing. We always appreciate it so much.

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Photography by Carolyn Stockman.

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If you see someone on the hiking trail dressed in all Vuori, it's probably me. A sherpa jacket, leggings & crop tops are taking me from summer to fall in style.
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