My Favorite Seasonal Look: Winter Whites


If there’s one collective clothing style I love turning to when the temps get colder, it’s Winter Whites (cue snowflakes falling, a warm cup of cocoa, and melodic guitar riffs…maybe Zoey Deschanel’s vocals, too).

I find something so magical about matching the many shades of white of the snowy season, even now that I’m in Southern California and no longer actually dwelling in a snowy town. Dressing in all light tones feels polished and chic, no matter if it’s white leather trousers with heels or fuzzy boots with an oversized sweatshirt. 

An All-White Winter Outfit So Easy It’s Worth The Coffee Spill

As someone who’s always on the lookout for effortless outfits, a winter white ensemble is also easy. So much so, that I think it’s worth any possible coffee spill or sticky toddler fingers.

I play by the rule (or lack thereof) that any light neutral works for this concept. In fact, I think adding colors of grey or brown or even black accents to a white/off-white/cream outfit is what makes the look feel beautifully pulled together.

I love to wear white pants in winter. I accessorize with a Madewell leather bag that matches my Uggs dupes.

jeans | sweater | sunnies | boots (similar) | bag (similar)

I don’t stress about the white tones matching. Instead, I find that mixing and matching creamy tones gives a soft, subtle cozy effect. But if putting together an all-light outfit is out of your comfort zone, allow me to help by breaking down my personal process.

Start With Winter-White Trousers

Any white pants will do – denim, vegan leather, linen, snow pants, anything goes!

This full white outfit starts with agolde pinch waist jeans in a cream color.

jeans | sweater | boots (similar) | sunnies | belt

I’ve collected a handful of white denim that I love, but Agolde’s 90s Pinch Waist in Drum is probably the most versatile. In photos with all of that sunshine, they look bright white, but in real life, they are an off-white, creamy shade that is great for winter. The shade also makes it compatible for pairing with just about any white or beige-colored top.

Fit Notes: I’m wearing my true size in the Agolde 90s Pinch Waist, but they run a bit baggy for someone who has a very straight frame. When I purchased this style again more recently and chose to size down.

Find Your Perfect Pair of White Pants

Get Cozy In A Creamy, Drapey Sweater

In my twenties, I navigated towards everything black, especially in tops. At one point, I think dark tones were all that I owned. But if you were to take a peek into my closet now? My tops consist of something like 75% white, beige, and light brown shades!

This cream color of this Jenny Kaye cardigan doesn't match exactly with my winter white pants but it doesn't matter!

jeans | sweater | belt | boots (similar) | sunnies | bag (similar)

While shades of white give off a very confident “I never, ever spill” attitude, in reality, I’m just really good at getting out stains. To me, the cozy, chic outfits are totally worth it. Plus, having a few of these stain removers sprinkled around the house, car, and diaper bag never hurts, either.

I’ve become quite infatuated with Jenni Kayne sweaters, but maybe even more so, in love with finding similar gorgeous (and less expensive) versions. One thing JK gets right — among many things — is the oversized, casual drape of their sweaters. When trying to achieve that same California coastal-inspired style, I look for sweaters with interesting stitching details, loose silhouettes, and creamy, neutral shades.

Shop Drapey Sweaters In Creamy Whites

Add Accessories With Similar Accent Color

Pulling accents for chic winter white outfits is perhaps the best part of this process.

This belt matches my Madewell leather bag, sunnies, & Uggs dupes.

jeans | sweater | belt | sunnies

I love shades of brown for an earthy, softer look, and shades of black if I’m feeling more classic and bold.

Grey tones are also incredible, and when picking boots and a purse in grey, the outfit gives off a relaxed, calm nature (just add a lavender latte).

Shop Tan & Brown Boots

Top It Off With A Statement Coat

I don’t find myself grabbing coats as much in Southern California (especially when wearing a thicker sweater) as I did when in Michigan, but if you live somewhere cold, a winter-white outfit looks exceptionally good topped off with a statement coat.

Southern California weather means I can really enjoy a statement coat with my all white outfit.

jeans | sweater | belt | boots (similar) | sunnies | socks

Whether your winter wardrobe leans athletic and casual or more festive and fancy, there are so many different coats to top off the look. Personally, I like to take risks with coats because I’m less likely to ever be wearing them when a spill or mess happens, so washing isn’t really ever a need.

Choosing a coat that has fuzz and feathers is wildly fun, and now that I live in a milder climate, I even gravitate towards fleece and oversized vests.

To get more wear out of a white coat, I love layering them on top of any color-blocked outfit. Put together an all-black or all-brown outfit and add your white coat on top for a sharp finishing touch!

Shop White Statement Coats


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How to wear a full-white outfit in winter.
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  1. First off I love your outfit, you look amazing in it! So I have a little Jenni Kayne problem you might call it to put it nicely. I’m not sure my cashmere cocoon cardigans fit correctly, I think they had me order a size too small. (I ordered it was huge, I sent them a picture and they said order this size) I have an idea for a winter white outfit in my head and it could be totally horrible. I would love to run it by you but I can’t put pictures here. If you get this and have an idea on how I can do it please let me know! Thanks!!

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