5 Simple Ways I’m Styling This $45 Amazon Tank Set


If you’ve perused any of our socials lately, or peeped my effortless summer outfits article, you’ve seen me in this tank set I recently got. I’m in love with it.

I first glanced it on the lovely @cheesegal on Instagram a few weeks back (she got the pretty earthy orange shade), and I knew I needed it. I don’t always love myself in flowy, wide-leg pants, but something about this particular pair is perfect, and the tank? Forgetaboutit. So good.

I love that I can adjust the elastic waistband, so there’s either no or just a tiny bit of skin showing. AND…yep, the pants have pockets.

I love that I can adjust the elastic waistband of these wide-leg pants from Amazon. AND...yep, they have pockets.

set (M) | similar slides

Fit Notes: The fit on this set is pretty spot-on true to size. I’m wearing a medium, and it fits with just the right flow and room to spare in both the pants and tank. I’m right between a small + medium these days, and I typically go up to a medium and wear a 6/8 in pants and dresses.

I’m In Love W/ This Matching Set From Amazon: 5 Easy Outfit Ideas

The toughest part of buying this cute tank-and-pants set is deciding on the color. It comes in some great options, and I do want them all…but I think stopping at two sets is probably reasonable. For my first foray, I chose this color I’ll call “interesting gray” (just called Grey on Amazon) because let’s face it…not all grays are interesting. And I love it.

This matching set from Amazon (tank top + wide-leg pants) comes in great colors.

Don’t worry about which color you choose though…I think these styling ideas could work for any of them honestly. I just ordered the Apricot (left), after much consideration, and am looking forward to having a light-color set to complement this one.

It dawned on me too that you could get two sets that would mix and match well…like Apricot and Black or Navy Blue and Light Brown…and have a ton of outfit options still for under $100! This would be fabulous to take on vacation. (Just be sure you have some way to get out some wrinkles. It’s a lovely blend of rayon and linen.)

1. Simple + Chic: Taupe Sandals, Gold Jewelry + A Matching Oversized Clutch

This Amazon set goes so well w/ my Born gladiator sandals AND my gold jewelry.

set (M) | sandals | similar bag | similar necklace | bracelets + these

We know I love my Born gladiator sandals here, so I thought I’d put together a little collection of some of my jewelry. I often forget to link it all up somewhere, and I’m loving the combo right now.

2. Coastal Grandmother Vibes: An Oversized Shirtdress

Summer is THE time for breezy shirtdresses — & it's so good paired w/ this matching tank top set from Amazon.

set (M) | shirtdress (M) | weekender bag | sandals

Because summer is THE time for breezy shirtdresses I’ve rounded up a few, including the one from Amazon I’m living in above! I love this schleppy-chic combo (to borrow Em’s term). And if you’re traveling with this matching set, it’s a great way to have three outfit options in one. (You can see the shirtdress as a dress here.)

3. Sporty, Always: Nike Dunks + A Trucker Hat FTW

I've been grabbing my Nike Dunks all the time for a fun graphic pop w/ any outfit.

set (M) | hat | sneakers | green tote

…and because Nike Dunk sneakers are often hard to come by, or sell out completely, I’ve rounded up some great black-and-white sneaker alternatives. I’m grabbing mine all the time right now for a fun graphic pop with any of my outfits honestly.

4. Keeping It Cool: A White Vest + Silver Accessories

A white or ivory vest is my fave summer accessory, & it's fun paired w/ this co-ord set from Amazon to mix it up a bit.

set (M) | vest (M) | similar bag | sandals

A white or ivory vest is my favorite summer accessory, and it’s fun paired with this matching set to mix it up a bit. Because of the gray set, I went with some silver sandals and a metallic bag to also switch from my typical gold everything. A little metallic bling is a great way to take a solid-color outfit up a notch.

Since the vest is my jam, here are a few options in case you need to grab one too! I love popping mine over my tank dresses for a different vibe.

5. Finding A Collar Moment: A Denim Jacket, Ivory Teva Sandals + A Coach Bag To Match

My trick for making my outfits a li'l lighter? White Teva sandals & an ivory Coach bag.

set (M) | Tevas | bag | jacket

I thought I’d round up a few white/ivory sandals (these Tevas are my current faves) and bags that you could pop onto any outfit for a fresh summery feel. That’s often another trick of mine for making any of my pieces feel summer-ized and lighter.

I can’t get over this tank-and-pants set and am excited to wear the lighter color I just ordered. Don’t fret…if it arrives super-wrinkled (mine definitely did), it just needs a steaming or an ironing to make it fabulous.

I’m just washing mine for the first time, and I’ll wash on cold and lay flat to dry, then give it a light tumble on low heat in the dryer (this is what I honestly do with most of my cotton or linen pieces.)

Score! Easy summer outfit level unlocked!



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I'm in love w/ this matching set (a tank top & wide-leg pants) from Amazon, so I'm styling it up 5 ways. Think: sporty w/ Nike Dunks or chic w/ gold jewelry.

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