New Denim Brand To Know: AMO Jeans


In my online travels, I keep running across AMO Denim. It usually stops my scroll simply because the jeans are so unique. The washes, in particular, are perfection, and most pairs boast really cool design details (welder-inspired pockets, cargo jeans, etc.), so I’m deeply curious to see if they are, in fact, worth their $300 price point.


So, I ordered four different pairs to see what’s up with AMO jeans’ fit, fabrication and sizing to find out if they’re as good as they look.

I ordered 4 pairs to see what's up with AMO jeans' fit, fabrication & sizing to find out if they're as good as they look.

High-End Jeans That Feel Like A Dream: AMO Denim Review & Try-On

AMO (pronounced “ah-moh”) is the Latin root word for love, and the brand’s goal is to produce clothing that is well loved. AMO was founded in 2014 and is based out of LA. In fact, it still produces all of its jeans in California. The denim itself, however, is sourced from “the world’s most sustainable denim mills,” according to the website (whatever that means).

This brand does seem to put a priority on creating jeans that feel timeless (almost vintage) yet with artful details. Each pair I tried felt like a pair I had owned for years…yet was 100% cotton. These are shockingly comfortable jeans and very, very cool.

You can find the best selection of AMO jeans at Anthropologie, Shopbop or Evereve, but Shopbop does have a better selection of the full clothing line, including AMO tops and sweaters (I just ordered this tank — it’s great). Or, obviously, just go to the brand website.

Check out the video below for the full try-on and review.

Shop AMO Jeans at Shopbop | Shop AMO Jeans at Anthropologie | Shop AMO Jeans at Evereve | Shop at AMO Denim

Note: shown throughout – white tee (size S)

The AMO Jeans I Tried: Welder, Cargo & Wide-Legs

AMO Welder Jeans: This is my favorite style from my try-on, and it’s almost completely sold out. There are a few sizes left on AMO’s website as well. That said, Anthro has AMO’s Severine Cargo Jeans almost fully stocked — they have a similar vibe.

P.S. I hacked off 1 to 2 inches with scissors.

AMO Welder jeans are my fave style from this try-on. P.S. I hacked off 1-2 inches.

similar sweater | boots | bag

AMO Maya Cargo Jeans (ON SALE!): I’ve been wearing these out to dinner with heels and a tucked-in sweater, and gosh, they’re fun. These cargo pants have a wildly different silhouette and feel really sexy. Also available at Anthropologie (but not currently on sale).

These AMO cargo jeans have a wildly different silhouette & feel really sexy.

similar sweater (S) | similar wedge Sorels | same bag (different colors)

AMO Frida Wide-Leg Jeans: Gahhhh, these are almost completely sold out on Shopbop too! In the spirit of full disclosure, my video review published on YouTube weeks ago, and I’m horribly behind posting this. Well…what I can offer up are the exact same Frida jeans without distressing, OR just go right to the source: does have the Frida jeans fully stocked (and in a ton of wash options).

Are AMO jeans worth it? My latest video dives into the fit & sizing of these cool designer pants (hi, welder & cargo styles). Spoiler: I'm kinda blown away.

similar sweater (S) | similar wedge Sorels

AMO Tricia Wide Straight-Leg Jeans: These were the only AMO Jeans that had a tiny bit of stretch and, like the others, are annoyingly fantastic. I don’t know what the heck happened to my photo in these jeans… I guess you’ll have to watch the video to see them in action.


In summary? AMO jeans are good. This brand is definitely one to watch.



Other pieces featured in the video:

Oh hey, Pinners! This one’s for you…

Are AMO jeans worth it? My latest video dives into the fit & sizing of these cool designer pants (hi, welder & cargo styles). Spoiler: I'm kinda blown away.
Are AMO jeans worth it? My latest video dives into the fit & sizing of these cool designer pants (hi, welder & cargo styles). Spoiler: I'm kinda blown away.


  1. I purchased the Tricia using your link and they are fabulous. New favorite brand. All I can say is THANKS for getting me addicted to this crazy expensive brand 😂 I don’t buy jeans often though so I love the sustainability of this brand and I love how wearable they are. Flattering and comfortable, can be dressed up or down. So glad you put them on my radar. So much more comfortable than Levi’s and AGolde!

    • Depends on the jean style! The Frida Flare jeans (dark blue flares, slightly distressed) were the longest, clocking in at a 33″ inseam. Those should work!

  2. Bought the welders in the smaller of my two sizes and they are relaxed perfection without being sloppy. And SO broken in yummy. Obsessed. AMO is dangerous!

  3. eeee… I’ve watched this video like six times. I’m ready to pull the trigger on the welders! I’ve never bought AMO and am debating between my two usual sizes: 29 & 30. My problem area is my waist, I’m short waisted and also my waist is a little… thick. Hoping you can comment on whether you think the waist on this style is generous or more fitted. Thanks!

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