Athleta Pants In Pretty Fall Hues – Styled For Work & Weekend


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We love some good multi-use action here (actually, it’s almost like a TME fashion rule at this point). We also love some crisp fall outfitting, especially when it’s comfy, workout-ready, stylish and from Athleta. That’s the kicker.

When considering new wardrobe additions, I need to put together a few outfit possibilities in my head to make sure the piece is worth the cost AND goes with the majority of my closet. There have been way too many times when a piece has gone with nearly nothing or the color was just slightly off, so it could only be worn in one super-particular, way-too-unique way.

Let’s stay away from those types of things.

It’s for the better.

Our Fave Athleisure Just Got A Fall Update, Ft. 4 Versatile Pants

Athleta’s new arrivals are screaming GOOD FALL PANTS (and some super-cool toppers to go with them). I picked out my four favorite pants of the bunch and, after playing around, can vouch for the fact that they go with a ton of tops/jackets/coats/anything. Also, they all just so happened to be really pretty shades of tan/brown.

Hiii, fall.

I styled these four pants for both in and out of the office to serve that amazing multi-use purpose. In the collage below, the tops on the left are meant to take the pants to work (add a pair of cute Chelsea boots, flats or a fancy fashion sneaker), and the tops on the right are meant for a more casual OOO vibe (errands, school pickup, coffee run, dog walk). I seriously love how these pants can do, like, anything.

Oh, heyyy, new Athleta customers! You can enjoy 20% off $150+ until 8/31 with code AUGATHLETA. Think of alllll the fall pants (and everything else) that 20% off makes SO much better. You’re welcome. 😉

We adore good multi-use clothing here. We also love cute fall outfits, especially when they're comfy, perfect for workouts + lounging, & from Athleta.

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1, 2, 3: Smarty Pants

“Smart” as in the British way (i.e., snazzy, sharp). These Trekkie North Joggers come in four really pretty neutral colors to match anything you could pull out of the closet. I love how the fitted style gives off a nice put-together feel instead of skewing too-baggy-for-work. These can definitely be disguised as work-appropriate pants when paired with a longer top (to conceal the drawstring). Then, pair with a pretty half-zip jacket and a raincoat for errands in breezy, damp fall (or year-round — I’m looking at you, Laura) weather.

4, 5, 6: Softly Cargo-Feminine

The bow waist on these Cardiff pants got me immediately, as did the Rustic Beige color. I love how fancy-cool these are in such a non-fancy material (meaning super-cozy and stretchy with ample room to breathe). Click on the pants to see how they’re styled on the model. I looove them with lug-sole boots. Utility but so, so chic. Pair for work with a relaxed button-up (this one is slightly cropped, so the bow at the waist doesn’t get lost), and for evening home activities (homework? hah), dress down with a reeeally soft cardigan. Yeah, I could fall asleep helping with first-grade phonics in this…if I a. were a mom and b. had a first-grader.

7, 8, 9: Vintage Vibes

Ohh, the cargo style of these Vienna pants is super-trendy, and I’m kind of dying for that brown-orange shade. These provide a seriously relaxed feel (straight-leg but cargo, so definitely not restrictive) with a sophisticated, tailored look for the workplace. Pair with a classic button-up for a nod to the ’90s at work or a techy, lightweight sweatshirt to top off a longline bra for chilling at home. I’d wear that in a heartbeat.

10, 11, 12: Coffee, Anyone?

This is a simple outfit combo that anyone could ace: brown pants + a black or white top. Easy enough, right? These mahogany-colored Brooklyn ankle pants can also go with a whole slew of pretty muted colors for fall, but I feel black and/or white would be such a polished combo for the office. I love the slim shape, as well as the bottoms that flare ever so slightly at the ankle in an effort (at least in my opinion) to move away from being too close to leggings. (Although they probably feel just like ’em.) Half tuck in a collared henley sweater for a polished vibe, or throw on a light, zip-up bomber jacket for a walk for those herbs and spices you forgot to pick up for the dinner recipe.

Go get your fall work and play on with Athleta! Oh, and don’t forget about that 20% off $150 promo, new customers (code AUGATHLETA)!

A huge thank you to Athleta and ShopStyle Collective for sponsoring this post! We can’t get enough of your comfy, functional, affordably luxe pieces — any time of year. And, readers, thank you so much for your continued support. It’s very much appreciated!

Xo, Abby

Oh, Pinners…

We adore good multi-use clothing here. We also love cute fall outfits, especially when they're comfy, perfect for workouts + lounging, & from Athleta.
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  1. The Brooklyn ankle pant is AMAZING. They look so good. I am a therapist, I try to dress a certain way and these are SO GOOD for work. I have like 5 of them – all colors. Highly Highly recommend. Comfortable. I am 5/9 – they are not too ‘ankle-y’ for me. I do a 30′ inseam usually. They wash perfectly. High waist / thick waistband. There is nothing not to like

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