What To Buy (And Skip) At Athleta Right Now


I feel like few retailers get it spot-on when designing for the busy mama, professional, boss lady, on-the-go human, but Athleta does.

I never fail to find a really great pair of black pants there to get me through, well, years of wear to a variety of events and destinations.

And the sporty tops and jackets? Forgetaboutit. Also phenomenal. I often rely on Athleta clothing for weekends away too (they’re perfect for travel). And thank you, Athleta, for offering some of the most extensive sizing — many of these items I tried come in plus, petite and tall sizes (I’ve indicated those details below!).

Hits & Misses At Athleta: Comfy Athleisure, Go-To Black Pants & More (Try-On)

If you wanna just get right to the goods, here are the pieces I ordered up from Athleta to try out this time. There are some great color options + fabulous summery pieces right now! Like I mentioned, I typically find some workhorse pants, tanks or jackets there for most seasons, and this time was no different!

Reminder on my sizing info…I’m 45, 34DD, 5’4″ tall, with a straighter/shorter torso and booty. Typically a 28 in jeans, and I prefer a mid-rise.

Want To Jump Ahead? Black Pants | Parachute Pants | The Tops | The Jackets | The Workout Sets

1. The Wear-Everywhere Black Pants

Athleta is one of my go-to retailers for comfy, versatile black pants. They’re typically nice enough to wear to the office but comfy enough that you want to wear them on the weekends. Athleta has this type of pants figured out, friends.

1a. Athleta Brooklyn Heights Pants

Sizes: 0-26, 0-16 Tall + Petite

Athleta's Brooklyn Heights Pants are lightweight yet still have great trouser details that keep them from looking too casual.

top (M) | pants (6P) | sandals (similar) | bag (similar)

First up are the Brooklyn Heights Pants. Wow. I love these things.

They’re so lightweight, yet still have great trouser details that keep them from looking too casual — seams down the front, faux zipper placket, waistband (don’t worry, it’s comfy and elastic!) and back slit pockets.

These can easily go to the office but are light and tech enough for a weekend trip.

These black pants from Athleta can easily go to the office but are light + tech enough for a weekend trip.

shirt (S) | pants (6P) | loafers (similar)

Athleta has it figured out. From sporty 1-shoulder tanks to go-to black pants, I'm trying 'em so you don't have to. The hits & misses (sorry, leggings), inside.

jacket (S) | top (M) | pants (6P) | Nikes (similar)

1b. Athleta Elation Wide-Leg Pants

Sizes: XXS-3X, XS-XL Tall + Petite

The Athleta Elation wide-leg pants are not quite office-friendly (they're more of a thicker legging material), but I'd venture to say everything-else-friendly.

top (M) | pants (SP) | sneakers (similar)

The Athleta Elation wide-leg pants are perhaps not quite office-friendly (they’re more of a thicker legging material), but I’d venture to say everything-else-friendly. They’re SO soft, but not too thin and are super-comfy…especially the nice wide waistband.

These black wide-leg pants from Athleta are SO soft, but not too thin & are super-comfy...especially the nice wide waistband.

top (M) | pants (SP) | bag | sneakers

1c. Athleta Delancey Straight-Leg Pants

Sizes: XXS – 3X, Tall + Petite

These black straight-leg pants from Athleta are just OK. They're heavyweight & too much like leggings. I'd skip.

hoodie (M) | pants (S) | sandals

These black pants arrived later than the other pieces, and they’re just OK. Honestly, unless you want heavier-weight, straight-leg leggings, I’d skip.

I do think the idea of the back slit pocket and back seams are cool, but they’re not quite right somehow, IMO. The rise is also way too high for me. DO opt for the Vuori Hoodie I have on, though…I live in this thing.

2. The Bold Parachute Pants

Sizes: 0-16, Tall + Petite

These Athleta parachute pants fit my shorter torso beautifully!

top (M) | pants (6) | sneakers

Uh, these Athleta Trekkie Parachute Pants get their own section because they’re amazing. I never know what to expect with pull-on pants that seems a bit like a paperbag waist…usually those don’t work for me and my shorter rise. But these somehow fit beautifully!

The color, of course, is super-fun and sporty, and the fabric is that matte kind of windbreaker fabric that isn’t swishy sounding. They have stretch but aren’t as stretchy as all the other pieces I’ve tried. The pocket and waist details as well as the ankle zips are all so good and unique. TTS. Size up for more room in the hips/butt.

These Athleta parachute pants are made from that matte kind of windbreaker fabric but isn't swishy sounding.

top (M) | pants (6) | sneakers

3. The Everyday Tops

Honestly, besides the great pant options, the Athleta tops were the other winning category here. GAH. I’m keeping two of these for sure! And only not keeping the third because I already own something very similar. Let’s get to them!

3a. Athleta Transcend Crop Tee

Sizes: XXS – 3X in black

This Athleta crop top is double layered & more like a workout top than a traditional tee.

top (M) | pants (6P)

This Transcend Crop Tee is one of my favorites of my whole Athleta try-on. It’s so cute and could be worn both for light workouts (i.e., Pilates, yoga, barre) and as a super-adorable everyday top.

It’s double layered and more like a workout top than a traditional tee. I’ll perhaps add some sports-bra cup liners to mine, since they can sit between the layers for a little more coverage. But even without the liners, I love it!

This cropped tee from Athleta could be worn for light workouts (i.e., Pilates, yoga, barre).

top (M) | leggings (S)

3b. Athleta Conscious Crop Bra D-DD

Sizes: XXS-3X + A-C Cup Version

This Athleta sports bra is soft, supportive, & so cute for workouts or everyday wear.

top (M) | pants (SP) | bag

If I didn’t already have the Vuori Plyo Tank that I love, I’d have kept this Conscious Crop Bra. It’s soft, supportive, and so cute for working out or everyday wear. It’s also offered in an A- to C-cup version.

3c. Athleta Aurora Seamless One-Shoulder Tank

Sizes: XXS-XL

I LOVE this 1-shoulder tank top from Athleta, but if you prefer tops w/ lots of support, you might not love this.

top (M) | pants (SP)

I LOVE this one-shoulder tank. I’m not typically a one-shoulder-top gal — sometimes, but it’s not always my first pick — but I can’t wait to wear this when it’s warmer (and perhaps even out that tan line haha.)

I’m going to size down, though, because the medium was too big. IF you prefer tops with lots of support, you might not love this. I’m at the point (aka age 45 and give zero you-know-whats) about my boobs looking perky and perfect all the time. I felt great in this. I’ll wear it for everyday outfits versus workouts. I would worry about mishaps if I was doing yoga in this, but the smaller size might be better.

4. The Coolest Jackets

Athleta makes some of the coolest sporty-but-versatile jackets around. They’re actually one of my favorite things to shop for at Athleta, whether I’m looking for lightweight windbreaker styles or more raincoat, weather-friendly styles. There’s always a great selection to choose from.

4a. Athleta Brooklyn Bomber Jacket

Sizes: XXS-XL, Tall + Petite

This bomber jacket from Athleta is more midweight than summer weight. Size up if between sizes.

jacket (S) | pants (6) | top (M)

Athleta’s Brooklyn Bomber Jacket is super-cute and stylish. It’s a little bit more midweight than summer weight, but would still be a great option for wearing in cold air-conditioned offices or movie theaters. Size up if between sizes. The lower sleeves were a little tight on me.

4b. Athleta Arrival Jacket

Sizes: XXS – XL, Tall + Petite

This Athleta bomber jacket is lightweight in windbreaker fabric. LOVE.

jacket (S) | top (M) | pants (6P)

Sometimes I zone out a bit during these big try-ons, haha, but don’t let that blank look scare you off…this Athleta Arrival Jacket is so great.

While the above bomber is so cute, this jacket has more details that really stood out, and it’s slightly lighter weight in the windbreaker-type fabric. LOVE. TTS. Click through to see it in a purple where you can really see the cool details.

5. The Summery Workout Sets

For me, these workout sets are the outfits to skip.

You might think I’d have had these farther up in an Athleta post, but…I wasn’t blown away with these combos. I love some of the pieces on their own, but not together. I think I always love the idea of a matching set better than the end result.

And this may surprise some, but I do not like Athleta leggings. I’ve tried. And tried. Beyond Yoga will always be my favorite.

5a. Athleta Aurora Seamless One-Shoulder Tank + Salutation Stash Tights

I want to like these Athleta leggings, but they're too constricting & thin, & they roll down.

top (M) | leggings (S)

I think I’d like this outfit in all black rather than brown. The taupe/brown leggings are just a little too light for me (I’m not a fan of lighter-color leggings in general). I do, however, like the individual brown pieces paired with black in the outfits above.

Why don’t I like Athleta leggings? The fabric seems SO soft at first touch, and I want to like them, but they’re too constricting, they roll down on me, and the fabric is somehow too thin. I don’t think the Beyond Yoga leggings I love are that much thicker, but something about the fabric looks and feels better on.

5b. Athleta Transcend Scoop Longline Bra + Colorblock 7/8 Tights

I'm on the fence about matching workout sets, so this is what I'd skip at Athleta.

top (M) | leggings (S)

This Transcend set is super-cute, it’s just not my color, and again, I’m on the fence about matching sets — I keep returning them. But what drew me in initially here was the cool colorblocking.

Check out the side photo below. If it came in another color I might be down? The fit is TTS on both pieces, and they’re very soft. I do much prefer this 7/8 length in the Transcend leggings on my 5’4″ frame.

These Athleta tights fit true to size & are soft, but I'd probably like them more in a different color.

top (M) | leggings (S)

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As is always the goal for me, I hope this is helpful as you look for wearable, sporty summer athleisure! Let me know if you have anything you’re loving at Athleta right now too!



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Athleta has it figured out. From sporty 1-shoulder tanks to go-to black pants, I'm trying 'em so you don't have to. The hits & misses (sorry, leggings), inside.


  1. I love those orange pants but I’m concerned that they’ll get limited wear due to the waistline. Have you tried with any tops that aren’t cropped?
    Thanks for the try on! Appreciate it:)

    • The cap sleeve top isn’t as cropped as the racerback and tucked in nicely! I could see wearing it with my regular tees and tanks just tucked in!

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