Can My Favorite Workout Dress Go Beyond The Gym & Trail?


According to social media, “That Girl” wakes up at 6 a.m., eats gorgeously arranged bowls of oatmeal, drinks a matcha latte and works out all before 10 a.m. Oh, and she wears workout dresses.

I recently wrote a review of three popular workout dresses, and my favorite is the Outdoor Voices The Exercise Dress. So, all in good fun, I had to put this dress to the test with my own modified version of a That Girl routine.

Put To The Test: Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress Does More Than Workouts

Can this dress go beyond my go-to workouts and hikes? And an even better question, can you actually dress it up? If you’re considering buying this particular workout dress — or just wondering how you would wear a workout dress while not actually working out — read on.

An Exercise Dress For… Having My Morning Coffee

The Outdoor Voices exercise dress is really comfy, & the shorts underneath the skirt have a grippy lining that helps keep them in place.

dress | shoes | hoodie

Nothing could pry the coffee out of my hands, not even the promise of becoming That Girl. Mind you, I actually like matcha flavor, and I don’t mind an iced matcha latte here and there, but the reality is that my mornings must start with a cup of the bitter brew that delights my soul. On mild, sunny days, I love to drink my coffee on the back porch and give my dogs the attention they deserve.

My love of Vuori activewear knows no bounds, and that’s why I’ve slipped the Halo Essential hoodie over my dress to stay warm. I have to say, the dress is really comfortable, and I noticed over my morning coffee that the shorts underneath the skirt have a grippy lining that helps keep them in place — bonus points to the designer who added this thoughtful detail.

An Exercise Dress For… Daily Walks

The strappy top of Outdoor Voices' exercise dress provides freedom of movement in the upper body.

dress | brashoesbagfleece

I may have banished matcha lattes from my That Girl routine, but the Hot Girl walks can stay. To tramp around the trails of my local park, I laced up my beloved Nike Wildhorse 7 Trail Running Shoes, threw my water bottle and phone in my Topo Designs Mountain Sling Bag, and added a fleece jacket for warmth.

I really enjoy wearing this dress on the trail. The strappy top provides a lot of freedom of movement in the upper body, and the mini-skort design keeps you cool if the sun starts to heat up your hike. I definitely recommend wearing a sports bra underneath the dress for support. This longline sports bra is one of my favorites and is very budget-friendly. At the end of my walk, I felt like the workout dress is a win because it layers so well with other pieces, looks cute and is built from a high-performance athletic material.

dress | brashoesbagfleece

An Exercise Dress For… Grabbing Doughnuts

I was worried that the workout dress might not be cute styled with non-workout clothing, but I liked pairing it with lug-sole loafers & a denim button-up shirt.

dresspurse | loafers | similar shirt 

The true test! Can the workout dress go beyond the gym or trail? I switched out my sling bag for my Madewell Transport bag, my trail running shoes for Free People lug-sole loafers, and threw on a Madewell denim button-up shirt. Life is all about balance, so off to the doughnut shop my husband and I went. The local doughnut shop is our Sunday-morning happy place. It’s a treat for us to spend the 25-minute drive to the shop just catching up with each other. Plus, the doughnuts at Arnold’s are on point, and I’m always up for a second cup of coffee. I was initially worried that the workout dress might not be cute styled with non-workout clothing, but I liked this. I can see myself throwing the shirt and shoes in my trunk so I have options after a hike to meet a friend or run errands.

I can see myself throwing the button-up & shoes in my trunk so I have options after a hike in the exercise dress to meet a friend or run errands.

dresspurse | loafers | similar shirt 

An Exercise Dress For… Dressing Up

I paired the Outdoor Voices exercise dress with strappy heels & a mixed-metal necklace to dress up the look.

dresssimilar blazer | necklace | shoes

At this point in my day, I had mainlined enough coffee for sanity, worked out, and spent some quality time with my favorite food and person. There were a long handful of hours post-doughnuts I spent hanging out in my favorite Nike sweatpants, watching “Yellowstone” and petting my dogs. But come dinnertime, I squinted my eyes at my closet, determined to find a way to dress up my workout dress.

I whipped out a longline blazer from my closet and put on a pair of strappy heeled sandals. A mixed-metal necklace tops off the look. I have officially been won over — I felt like a sporty boss in this outfit (and my husband thought so too).

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All in all, I have been pleasantly surprised by the workout-dress trend — and this Outdoor Voices exercise dress in particular.

Have you been won over? Would you wear a workout dress out?


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