The Color Combo Of The Winter Season: White, Blue & Cabernet At Athleta


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Do you ever see someone wearing a really cool color combination that you wouldn’t really think to put together and you’re like: That. That’s it. That is genius and new and I need to copy it ASAP. Yes? No? Maybe I’m the only one that thinks that the colors I match can get a little bit tired or unfun, but a fresh and unexpected combination is something I live for, especially in fashion.

That fresh, unexpected color combo? A bright winter white, a light, powdery blue and a rich, cabernet red. It’s wintry perfection if I do say so myself. You may think to wear these colors separately with neutrals to let each one pop on its own, but wearing all three together is just spot-on. It’s not necessarily a color combo that makes sense until you put it on and then WOW. Mhm.

Athleta Workout Wear & Athleisure In Awesome Color Combinations

Who did I see wearing this color palette that blew me away? Oh, just Athleta’s website. They freaking know how to do the most perfect colors for every season (past season’s proof here). I picked my fave pieces in each of these three colors below.

Big bonus? All of these gorgeous winter colors exist as the most deliciously soft, cozy, breathable and well-made clothing — that’s basically Athleta’s ethos. Bigger bonus? It’s Athleta’s Winter Semi-Annual Sale (until 12/26). YUP! This means tons of their joggers, leggings, long-sleeves, and tanks (even new arrivals!) are up to 60% off. It’s the most perfect timing. I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to peel off all the glitz & sequins and slip into soft joggers & big sweaters for the next ~11ish months. Preferably by Athleta. Hehe.

Athleta has given us Winter Colors 2022 with workout wear + athleisure in pretty pale blues, snowy whites & deep cabernet colors.

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The Bright Winter Whites

1. This funnel neck sweatshirt is insulated with Polartec (cozy fleece from recycled bottles) so you’re insulated from chilly breezes when you’re out on your brisk runs (even if those runs are from car to coffee shop).

2. This beanie is made with Merino wool (& nylon) and looks super warm.

3. Winter is cold. Gimme all the lightweight, seamless underlayers.

4. Ooo, the adjustable cinch detail in this long-sleeve top is really interesting and adds a customizable design touch.

5. My fave of the bunch? These: the Cozy Karma Recovery Jogger. There’s just something about this cushy white.

6. These hybrid pants are for being active but have such a sophisticated silhouette that I’d bet you can get away with them at the office.

7. I just love ribbed sweaters.

The Powdery Pale Blues

8. Love love LOVE the length of this puffer & that it covers the butt juuust a little for leggings.

9. This henley works as a ski base layer or a top for extra everyday warmth. The button-up collar adds a bit of fancy, too.

10. A drapey sweatshirt makes post-workout ‘fits really cool, if you ask me.

11. I feel like full-length tanks are hard to find these days, amI right? This one is perfect — because who wants a crop top on a cold winter day?

12. I’m swooning over the way this cropped light blue velvet glistens. Gah. (Forget what I just said about crop tops.)

13. Perfect for ponytails!!! I wear the heck out of these headbands for outdoor workouts.

14. These lined joggers look uber-light & breathable.

15. A little flare never hurt nobody. Especially when it’s a flared pant in Heron Blue Heather.

The Deep Cabernets

16. Dang, look at the back of this sports bra.

17. Another perfect length! This cropped sweatshirt hits at the hip — would look perfect with joggers or sweats and no tucked-in bulge at the waist.

18. The only word that comes to my mind when I see this tank is hot. As in hot yoga or as in hot dang, she’s fine. Or both.

19. I’m a sucker for texture AND this color. So… I’m in velvet-vest heaven.

20. Another seamless layer that could totally double as a fancy-ish top.

21. This sweatshirt is nap-worthy. And like, really really pretty. So that’s nice.

22. Rib + flare = love. These Salutation flares are fab.

Now that holiday dressing is coming to a close, try getting comfy in fresh, new colors like this fun winter combo! It’s time to get cozy.

Xo, Abby

Thank you so much to Athleta for sponsoring this post! Your gorgeous, comfortable, inclusive, high-quality pieces keep us feeling confident and looking great from the couch to the store to Pilates and back, effortlessly. We looove your stuff.

Athleta's new snowy white, powder blues and deep cabernet is the perfect unexpected color combo for the cold months.

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