The 20 Cutest Baseball Hats Out Right Now


The fun thing about baseball hats is that they don’t have to completely make sense in an outfit, i.e. you don’t have to be at the gym time or dollar hotdog night at the stadium to pull off a baseball cap. They add such a sporty chicness (yes, baseball hats are chic) to every outfit AND hide your unruly hair (if you need them to). It’s the easiest style hack ever – even when you just throw one on before you head out the door, it still reads as yup, this was intentional.

Some of our fave retailers with the best baseball hat selections are Anthropologie for preppy, modern-yet-classic styles, Saks for all of the luxe brand names, and Free People for tons of colorful and fun options. These rival your dad’s/husband’s/boyfriend’s/any friend’s randomly-cool hat collection any day. And that’s saying something.

20 On-Trend Baseball Caps To Help Pull Your Outfit Together

I narrowed down our top picks into four categories: wordless (solid or printed, just blank), branded (with a little tag or wording), location (or team), and quirky (sweet little words or interesting prints). I also added a few more fun ones to each shopping widget because, well, I couldn’t help myself. There were too many good baseball hats out there.

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Shop Plain Baseball Hats

If you want an easier matching situation, go blank (but not boring). It’s fun to grab a textured hat like suede or corduroy to add a little bit of oomph to any outfit (even your sweaty-hair-hiding, post-gym outfit) – or go printed if you’re feelin’ it.

Shop Fashion Baseball Hats

If you’re a die-hard brand loyalist or just like the word “Balenciaga” right above your brows, go for it. I get it. We get it. So fancy, so fashion.

Shop Location-Inspired Baseball Hats

Show some hometown pride! OR just play pretend 😉 We won’t tell.

Shop Quirky Baseball Hats

How freaking fun are these ones? (Worth an entire scroll through.) These are great for when an outfit just isn’t coming together and you need something interesting to make it make sense (or to base it off of). It’s like a whacky, super-fun outfit-glue. Go crazy.

Hats off to you guys!! Haha



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